Sunday, October 01, 2006

Well that's it for week one.

Can't say I've lost any weight but have made it to the gym for 6 days and 1 day off. Food, well foods been mostly good I think but will definitely have to smarten up my act if I am to see any visible differences any time soon. Finished my week off with a Curry Laska that I had been waiting for a while for. I'm a bit scarred of eating things, worried about my diet/food. Will have to relax a bit and enjoy myself as opposed to to be worrying if 'this is good for my diet' and just eat healthy. The trouble is I guess you think that some thing is healthy and it turns out to have more fat than you anticipated, like roasted capsicum, probably used oil to roast them, but must admit better than what I would hace normally have eaten. Have made a batch of protein pancakes for breakfast and will last me for another 2 days, with those and poached eggs or oats my breakfasts are just about taken care of, snacks will be fruit and yoghurt, lunch baked beans and mountain bread with salad, sour cream and a little cheese, dinner will always be lean meat and vegies.

Must remember to keep on track. At least with my morning shifts its not so bad but when those later shifts come around I will have to use all of my strength to keep on top of it.

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