Saturday, October 30, 2010

funny arse!

Well 'the husband' and 'the nephew' went to pick up their new toy/heavy arse equipment the other day. It was placed on the trailer by a forklift. When they got it home I see its in a shipping wooden container. How the f*ck is that coming off the trailer is what I'm thinking, let alone up to the garage?? After about an hour, we have broken the shipping container, almost killed one of the two getting it off the trailer by getting it halfway off and then driving away from it to have it fall off the trailer to the concrete, then try and squeeze 3 rollers under it by levering it up with 2 poles, we roll it slowly but surely up to the garage, with its slight incline, about 50 meters away! Thank God that's over.

Food for me on the DDC has been a challenge for me this week. Its more calories than I'm used to but work has been trying to sabotage me this week. We had a presentation that I had to attend and no real food insight, only pizza and cupcakes! Then yesterday as they do at the last Friday of the month, they have 2 large 'birthday' cakes, this week was orange cake and chocolate mousse cake! So as you can imagine I did go over on my calories yesterday however I was under the day before so not soo bad. I understand the whole x11 concept but 1661 calories for me feel like allot when you mind has been in the school of 1000/1200 calories. I am drinking water, not as much yesterday and paid the price when working out my calories for the non diet coke I drank, do you know that they are 200calories EACH. I had forgotten about that since I had been drinking Pepsi Max for a while but didn't have any at home. Normally we by a slab of both, normal coke for 'the husband' and Pepsi Max for me and one of his diabetic friend. Best I get my arse back to the shop and get some Pepsi Max, or better still, drink more water.

Today we have a wedding, great its a cocktail party so lots of finger food, calorie laden food I'm sure, so will try to eat less throughout the day as I know I will be indulging at the wedding in food and also some drinkies.

I have gone back to listing everything I've eaten and drunk on MyFitnessPal again, its an eye opener and I have adjusted my calories to the DDC. So now there is nothing left but to exercise and clean this freaking house again!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping up

Today I have started with the a water and hope that it will be a pattern throughout my day (coping Allan), its not so easy starting with water when your used to starting with coffee. Although I didn't follow Allan's exact concept of 1 bottle before shower, I forgot that one, just my after shower was water, but must admit was quickly followed by the water.

Yesterday at work I was drinking drinking drinking, this is good you may say, expect for part of my job on 'help line' I am the only one on it, therefore when you have drunk 1.5 litres of water, well you know what I mean, there is allot of dancing. I only just made it through the day yesterday which is lucky for me and my co workers.

Its funny, I am always full of ideas for cooking when not on a 'challenge', cooking up 1 or more healthy things and my co workers drool over the food, but here I sit about to make some lunch and I am blank. I think it may have to be a cheese and lettuce sandwich, some fruit and of course plenty of water, we have chilled filtered water on tap at work so this is good for me. Well better get my but moving or I'll be late, one thing about me, I HATE being late anywhere including work.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double Dog Challenge

  • YOU DRINK 64 OUNCES OF WATER DAILY (1.89 litres)
  • 2 WEEKS, STARTING 10/25/2010
Start weight 200.6

Goal weight 151.0

Therefore I will be eating 151. x 11 = 1661 calories

OK, I got the message late so have started today which is the 27/10/10 for me here in OZ. But that's still OK I think.

I couldn't believe I actually got through the water today, almost peed myself but still managed to drink 1.5 litres while still at work and then another 750ml bottle at home, seemed to become very thirsty tonight.

Food, well I had 300 gms watermelon, 2 eggs, lettuce, 2 white rolls, chicken breast with mayo and of course all that water along with 4 coffees today and a can of pepsi max.

On other news, well its pouring again. 'The husband' along with 'the nephew' decided that they are both going to buy some equipment together and do work from my garage. This was fine, they brought the machinery online for $1209 but didn't realize it had some tax of 15% on top + 10% GST tax, bringing the amount closer to
$1,529.39. Not happy.

Then when I get home from work I drive into the driveway to find the back of 'the husband' Ute smashed in. Yes there was an accident, he is fine but it appears it was his fault, no matter how much he protests and its going to cost us our no claim bonus that was due this year after being in the same policy for 3 years, normally we would receive 10% back on what we have paid over the 3 years. That's gone and instead we get to pay $600 in excess. Thanks overtime!

On sadder news, a friend here in OZ has undergone another IVF cycle which resulted in the largest amount of eggs ever collected from her, 24, however as her husband has to undergo a testicular biopsy to retrieve his sperm, which happened the day before, it resulted in no sperm found. He has undergone this procedure a number of times and it now appears that its over for them. She has placed the eggs on ice for now to work out what to do. They have one gorgeous son from their IVF treatments and would have loved to added to the family, I guess now is do you do donor sperm when you already have a full biological child? Its a huge decision, not to be taken lightly.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Its been boring

over here.

Not much going on. Lots of overtime. Worked 60 hours this week. Probably only work normal week this week of 40 hours, although may do some overtime on Tuesday/Wednesday and maybe Thursday, but not as much as last week.

Been getting home late, eating and going to bed, which doesn't make for a great diet success. The treadmill hasn't been tread-milling for a while. I haven't had much time to even read blogs let alone comment so I'm sorry.

There has been allot of sickness going around at my work and I have been lucky to have missed it. We have had a stomach bug as well as conjuntivitis, which is probably a result of us all moving desks the other week.

Scales haven't moved much although I probably haven't done much to help that. Gardening and flowers are looking beautiful, the weather is trying be become nicer, one day of 25 degrees and then raining like a (insert bad word). Today its trying to get to 20 degrees with some sun. Will have to do some weeding, maybe go to the gardening store, want to plant some veggies, since only weeds grow happily in the front yard in a corner of the raised garden bed, thinking I might just plant some in there, the sun obviously likes it there with a bit of water, maybe the cucumbers will too.

The baby thing is going really slow for me, waiting to save money and get my but to America. Sometimes it feels like we will never get there but I can't think like that I guess. But sometimes you just feel down, which is probably where I'm at, at the moment. Just need some Vitamin D, from the sun, to make my outlook a little better I guess. So for now I mush leave you, hopefully it will not be another week before we chat again.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You know I started this on Thursday?

Oh My God! I can't believe its Sunday already.

I can't believe the days are getting away from me like this.

Although when you would long days and then stupidly except overtime on a Saturday, they will get away with you I guess.

Not much has happened here in my house however there seems to be stuff has happened around me.

During the week it was my nephews 21st birthday which we celebrated on Saturday night. Because mum's not up to the task yet of organizing anything, I had to finish work on Saturday and run around to pick up the cake, some shopping for her, order the pizza's, dye her hair (she's completely grey and after being so sick it was making her feel old), clean my own house, have to do the ironing today, go and pick up her new stove we placed on lay-by before she got sick, drop it to her house so that she can organize a gas fitter/electrician to fit it, make food for the week and get my general shit together for another week of 11.5 hour work days!

But the good things are, when I got home yesterday, 'the husband' had installed my new wall oven that has been sitting, taking up much space in my kitchen, love that man and my new fan forced oven. Will be cooking marinaded roast chicken tonight to check that baby out.

On Friday night we were advised at work that 'everyone' was changing desk's, not a easy feat for a large call center. I packed up 5 desks ready for the move on Monday, lucky I had overtime on the Saturday so I was able to set up a few things and save the favorites on my computer come Monday morning, it will make my life a little easier.

Also on a good note, I think for now anyway, we as a 'help line' are being moved under a new banner of Learning and Development officially on Monday so no more extra crap from the team leaders who get paid the big money to actually do the extra crap. This way we will be used for what it was intended, an extension of the training not a performance management tool to axe staff.

The shopping fortnightly has somewhat worked OK for me. I still have heaps in the cupboard and only had to go to the shops for mum yesterday were I had to buy oven cleaner (for the new oven) thought I had some already but didn't, shampoo for me and a box of light globes. Not bad really when you think about it, I spent maybe $350 last week, and nearly nothing this week, still don't know if I will have to shop next week big or not, might be able to last another week still after that.

Exercise, well besides from being non stop at home except to write this blog, I haven't done so much of the actual exercise like on the treadmill except for the treadmill of life which I can't wait to settle the hell back down.

Food wise, well that's been pretty good, especially when you consider that there is 'junk' food in the house that normally screams my name from the pantry and its still there after a week.

Made some more nice soup which mum has now got, so have to make a new batch for me for work this week, maybe even some minestrone soup to be made soon...........

Monday, October 11, 2010

Award - oh thanks

Polar's Mom nominated me for an award - thanks very much

As part of this award, I must nominate a few others (it won't be the full 15) and share seven things about myself:

So I here are the seven things...
1. We've been trying to have a baby since 1993 the same year we got married!
2. We have recently had a bloggy friend donate 10 frozen embryos to us in the US
3. I have family ties to the Melbourne underworld
4. I believe in 'the other side' and think John Edwards has the coolest job
5. I wish I could one day meet the dog whisper Ceasar Milan
6. I love the soap The Bold and The Beautiful
7. I am scared to death of the thought of dying

The nominees:
1 Debbi Does Dinner - for all the inspiration
2 Tammy - for keeping me entertained
Sorry for the lame 2 nominees but that's all I could come up with :(

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Darren in Rock n Riot

Sunday morning sleep ins

That's right. I sleep in :) it was blissful

If you read my blog you will see that sleeping in is not a luxury that I have naturally. I just normally can not sleep in but this morning I woke after 9am. It may not be a huge sleep in but it was for me.

Its is a beautiful day again here, its going to be 25 (77f) today and full of sunshine. Great for Vitamin D.

Late night 'the husband' played a gig at my team leaders party, it was there first gig which was nerve racking for all but it worked out really well. Got to have some drinkies which I liked, don't get to drink enough I think :)

Today the scales were nice to me and gave me a 201.9 which I enjoyed seeing, next week we are hoping for some great numbers now that I am back on track from the family thing.

Yesterdays shop was good, busy but good. I managed to spend something ridiculous, 3 supermarkets and the freezer is full. I really do need to invest in a chest or stand alone freezer if I am going to seriously try this shopping fortnightly or monthly. Yesterdays effort was for a fortnight but I am sure I would have been able to buy more had I been prepared.

Had a drive by to mum's to drop off her shopping again, will be back there today, we brought her a dishwasher so will have to drop that off today.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Saturday glorious Saturday

Today is going to be a beautiful 21 degrees here (69F) which is lovely in the sun when its been 16-17 degrees (60-62F) here lately with rain thrown in.

Today I think I will have to clean thoroughly the house as it appears some dust storm followed in the pack of wild dogs who demolished the tidiness of my home. I will spare you the photos but maybe I will post the clean ones.

I think along with that I will have to do something about mowing the front lawn and probably the back lawn as well, although I did mow the back a couple of times last week. (yes that's right, a couple of times, it was long in a short period of time so needed to be trimmed before being trimmed some more).

Since I posted on Thursday morning things got slightly crazy for me at work. I didn't end up doing overtime that night. It took all of my strength just to stay there at lunch time after I received a email as to whom the new 'point of contact' would be for my group. Before I left for my leave, I was advised by my team leader it would be me. So when at the hen's night someone told me it was them, I thought that's fine, I'm sure when I get back it will be worked out. No that's not the case but I let it go. Then the person who was named decided that because of family issues she didn't want to be the 'point of contact'. So thought OK, lets see what happens next. To my surprise they name someone else who hasn't even been doing anything like point of contact since she has been there yet I have been doing everything for the team leader i.e. stats, comm's book and the like. I was very pissed off. Even more so when that person then had to come and ask me questions about all of the work and then had to come and tell me about MY stat's.


I needed to get the fuck out of there before I blew a fuse. I sent the head team leader an email to advise of my disappointment and she said she would talk to me later about why but of course as per usual that didn't come about.

So I have decided to look around for work, I'm sick of having smoke blown up my arse sot hat they can get what they want from me and give me nothing in return. Fuck them. I will just have to tell a new employer that I have planned a trip for next year that will take 4-5 weeks, if they want me they will still take me.

Glad I got that rant out. It was bothering me since Thursday but because I had a follower from work I couldn't say anything and this is my blog so I want to say it I will (sorry JoBee I deleted you as a follower, my bad)

Anyway, have to get the first lot of washing out and get the show on the road, so bye for now

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Quick catch up

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days. Going back to work on Monday didn't slow my days down that's for sure but at least help structure my eating habits.

So what has happened since the last Sunday morning post.....

Lets see, went back to work 8.30 to 4.30, thought I had overtime that week, turns out there is none. Thinking this is a blessing in disguise because still running back and forth to mum and dad's place to help them. Turns out that its not, because 'the husband' also returns to work that day to find his boss is going broke so has reduced his hours to HALF. Shit!

Monday night I can't sleep, thinking must make monthly shopping list, buy a chest freezer and a pantry to store this monthly shopping, what do I need on this shopping list??? Dinner, I can't remember that far back?

Tuesday 'the husband' gives away a business opportunity he was keeping for himself to the boss to help keep him in business and 'the husband' and 'the nephew' in a job. The boss doesn't seem to be that interested in the business opportunity but by Wednesday he is on board. 'The husband' finds another business opportunity for the boss and things are starting to look up. Turns out there is now overtime for me at work as well, not as much as usual but still there's some and I grab it for the rest of the week. Go to mum's to do her grocery shopping after work before heading home and also grab her ironing. Dinner tonight is steak and since 'the husband' can't cook my veges, I make 'fake' potato and boil some veg.

Wednesday 'the husband' thinks that he may be back to full time hours by weeks end along with 'the nephew'. I get to do the overtime and then run to mum's after work to take back the ironing but stop at the supermarket on the way to try and get the things I couldn't for mum the day before. Dinner tonight is gnocchi and tomato based sauce I half create.

Now we are at Thursday, overtime tonight, dinner I have no idea, will look to the freezer for answers. But can anyone tell me, you know how you can buy fish in a box already crumbed, what sort of fish is this? I don't mind that fish and would be happy to buy the fish and crumb it myself, this way its still fresh fish.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days but I've been busy with life in the real world.

Mum and dad are back home, this is good news of course, they will probably continue to do to much stuff at home and I will continue to try and help them out as much as possible.

I go back to work tomorrow :( not looking forward to that. Just when the weather has started to be fantastic here as well.

Last night I ventured out to a hen's night, which was a pasta buffet and drag show. Fun was had by all but by 2 bourbon's and 9.30pm rolled around I was ready for bed however I was being driven there and back so couldn't call time on the night. Got home about midnight and up by 8am, then realised daylight savings had started that morning so it was actually 9am. After reading some blogs, got 'the husband' up, wanted to get to the farmers market.

We also headed off to the Australian International Music Expo. Fun was had by 'the husband' while I put on a brave face while he walked around playing many a guitar.

Then back home, for a short stop to eat a toasted sandwich, pick up the gum for mum to help with the stop smoking thing, stop for mum's groceries, back home and ready to fall in a heap.

Now did you get all that, I think I was rambling for most of it but my feet are just so sore and my eyes want to close about NOW