Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keeping up

Today I have started with the a water and hope that it will be a pattern throughout my day (coping Allan), its not so easy starting with water when your used to starting with coffee. Although I didn't follow Allan's exact concept of 1 bottle before shower, I forgot that one, just my after shower was water, but must admit was quickly followed by the water.

Yesterday at work I was drinking drinking drinking, this is good you may say, expect for part of my job on 'help line' I am the only one on it, therefore when you have drunk 1.5 litres of water, well you know what I mean, there is allot of dancing. I only just made it through the day yesterday which is lucky for me and my co workers.

Its funny, I am always full of ideas for cooking when not on a 'challenge', cooking up 1 or more healthy things and my co workers drool over the food, but here I sit about to make some lunch and I am blank. I think it may have to be a cheese and lettuce sandwich, some fruit and of course plenty of water, we have chilled filtered water on tap at work so this is good for me. Well better get my but moving or I'll be late, one thing about me, I HATE being late anywhere including work.

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Chelle said...

Many years ago I decided to start drinking more water at work. I wasn't a big water drinker before then, but I sure am now. I get to the point where I actually CRAVE water.

Good for you for upping your intake. It will help clean things out.