Tuesday, February 26, 2008

X-rays confirm it

I am officially OLD at 39, the x-rays came back with the answer I knew would be there. Osteoarthritis, I am officially old before my time. So I am going to be taking Glucosamine for the rest of my life since my body doesn't want to produce enough or enough where I need it. I will be having the ultrasound on my foot done tomorrow as that is still a niggling problem I have, not as bad as it was when I went to the doctors nearly 2 weeks ago (that's how long it took to get in!) but still there. When did my body decide to go south? Is there a place I can trade in my parts?

I'm also feeling a little sorry for myself as my puppies are sick also because of the contact with the shelter where we are getting our other family member from, its hard to think that we made them sick because we wanted another dog. Molly our Border Collie x has been vomiting all night, think I overdosed her on the Benadryl, I couldn't help it, she kept on spitting it out. She seems fine now and isn't vomiting anymore, thank God, maybe I can get some sleep today to make up for the sleep I have lost over the last 2 days.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Update as requested

Thanks Kek and Kirsty for checking up on me, I haven't really been doing much at all lately.

I am still seeing the osteo about my wrist, he tells me to expect to see him for at least the next 4 months. Still a little scared of the cracking and things, he does something I call the hug of death. He seems to get a chuckle from it when I know its going to happen as I can't stop with the nervous laughter.

We have had a few bad weeks, I had a fall at work as well, but before that an old injury (or I think that is what it is) has flared up, its my left foot, painful to walk but not painful enough to be on crutches or anything. I also have done something to my lower back/right hip, had X-ray's the other day will see what they say on Monday, ultrasound for my foot is on Wednesday. I had been told some years ago that I was getting the start of osteoarthritis, so I guess it could be that. I have been having increasing problems with my sciatica nerve also, which I didn't even think about until my mum mentioned that I have had it at least once per month for the last few months.

dad did everything they could to save him, borrowed money for the operation and all but itOn a sadder note, one of mum's Cocker Spaniels, Jackson, got out on a really wet and windy night, unfortunately they live near a busy road and although it was 2.30am, he was hit by a car, they found him and rushed him to the emergency centre at Essendon Airport and then to Lort Smith Animal hospital. He was there for about 3 weeks and was transported to Southern Referral Clinic on the other side of the city for a spinal cord injury, $4500 later and unfortunately he didn't get use back in his back legs and couldn't urinate. He had also dislocated his front elbow and that was pinned. Some how though one of the pins broke and he ended up with an infection. The end result was that he had to go to sleep to end the suffering. Mum and wouldn't have mattered if they had a million dollars, he couldn't be saved. The sad part was that he was awake, alert and knew everyone around him. It was soo sad for me to be holding mum while she held her baby while they put him to sleep. Channel 9 were filming a special on Lort Smith Animal Hospital so you will eventually see my mum and sweet Jackson at some later date on TV. He is and was a star.

And of course I have been through a woo is me saga which had me adopt another animal since I can't have the baby I want. We haven't named her yet but I will post some pictures.We also brought that new car, a 5 door Hyundai Getz, auto, silver and windows tinted.