Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Start of a new way

So today was the start of my Dukan experience, so far so well

Dinner was a thing called Beef Luc Luc which was quite tasty, actually wish I had made more for tomorrow's lunch but that is not to be :(

Start weight was 94 kilos this morning so only time will tell over the next few days how this 'attack' phase of the diet goes.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pic's including Flash Dance

Humphrey going to work

Molly's - you can't see me but I;m toasty warm in here

Miss Angel also known as Flash Dance
Did you know that she is waterproof, I tried to dye her booties pink but they kept coming out DRY!

the before of Miss Angel before going to the vet for a clean up

Saturday, June 26, 2010

its here

Sorry forgot to post when my new treadmill got here. Its in the lounge room and not much room to take a photo, not that I could post it anyway as this sinking computer doesn't have a slot for my memory card and you don't think I know where that dam cable is....

So far I have walked on it along with my dog Miss Becky. Miss Molly and Master Humphrey are sick scared of it which is kinda funny to see. As soon as I turn it on Humphrey starts making funny noises, thought it might have been my choice of music but pretty sure its the treadmill.

I received my copy of the Dukan Diet which I am reading at the moment and after Monday's work dinner will be on it.

Talking about work, boy its been hectic. I will be full time as of Monday so no longer doing the part time thing. I've been placed on help line and Friday before last was approached about looking at my future with the company! So a little talk that night with my TL, I was advised of a few roles coming up, Acting TL and 2IC's, I thought they meant 2IC but in actual fact they did not, that meant Acting TL! Me a TL, I would have to be acting to pull that off LOL. So I have thrown my hat in the ring, they are being really cryptic about it, with wink winks and "secrets" that I'm unsure if it is a sure thing or not, I don't want to get it just because they like me but because I would be best for the job. I was really confused as the head TL which I don't get a buddy buddy vibe with is the one that approached me so I'm kinda confused.

We'll see I'm sure probably by the end of the next week I'll know what's happening or there just might be more wink winks, what ever they mean, maybe she has something wrong with her eye.........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I brought a new toy

I have gone a brought myself a new treadmill!

I'm still waiting for it to arrive, should be delivered on Monday.

Once its here I'll post a nice shiny photo of it for you and maybe one of my actually using it ;)

Lets hope she gets more use than the gym membership I never use.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wasting my time

What's with all of these doctors wasting my time?

Last November I took the day off work, no pay, to go and have my breast examined at the breast clinic at the local hospital after waiting a few months for an appointment since something showed on my ultrasound. Turns out that the doctor was looking at the year before ultrasound! So there was no reason to even go to the hospital that day if the GP had just looked at the date on the results he had.

Thursday, again I took the day off work, no pay, to go and wait at the Women's hospital to get this fibroid and left tube issue looked at. The doctor there explained the results from the ultrasound and states that it doesn't mean anything! The fibroid is just the change in ultrasound sound waves, some being higher pitch than some other spots. The left tube, lets see, let me put it in the way he said it to me.
You see, like me you are carrying a little extra {points to midriff} so they probably just couldn't see it that day as it may have been to the back!
So now he has referred me to a private clinic as it would take too long to get a ultrasound through the hospital with all the waiting periods. The public system, you have got to love them. So after waiting for an hour for a 10 minute consult, I have to see an another doctor in a private clinic costing approx $150 which is OK I guess as this is the same doctor that I will probably use to be out 'technician' (USA's doctors term) for our overseas FET. He should be able to do the ultrasound in his office instead of sending me else where but it means time off again. Lucky I seem to be loved at work at the moment, which leads me onto my news on the work front.

It appears that I will become full time in a matter of about another week or so. In the last 2 weeks I was asked to be 1 of 4 people on the helpline, so when a consultant doesn't know what or how to do something they call on me and I will step then through it. Not bad for being there for under 12 months I thought. This has happened after i have applied for the quality assurance assistant role which I also got but are yet to actually do. Friday morning after my wasting of time at the hospital I was approached again by the head team leader, which went like this

TL - Hi
Me - Hi - nervously - don't feel all that comfortable with her for some reason
TL - I would like you to think about what direction you would like to take in this company
Me - ur, ok
TL - I have noticed over the last week that you have allot of potential
Me - thanks
TL - I have plans for you and I'm going to be really pushing you
Me - mmm ok

OK after that interaction I was a little miffed. In the last week she has seen potential, what about the last 8 months! Anyway after I got over that, felt like it was a backhanded compliment but that's the way I think, I thought I should speak to my team leader as I wasn't sure which direction they were thinking about and if it was going to be something I would be interested in. I had already seen a new position advertised for Learning and Development Training Assistant that I was thinking about applying for. I couldn't get hold of my team leader all day, then in the last 30 minutes of my day I got her. We were going to meet after I finished for a few minutes to talk about it. Then of course the head TL muscled in on my time, so I went and clocked off, went to the bathroom and went back, my team leader motioned for me to come down now and go into the back office to talk about it. Low and behold the head TL was also in there. Dam, I didn't want to talk with her in there, I don't feel like I can express myself properly. Anyway, nothing I could do about that at the time. So the conclusion?

There are going to be changes, they are going to put out expressions for an acting TL and for there to be permanent 2IC's for each team leader. They want me to apply, I asked if she saw me as a 2IC, I haven't been one, seems the next stepping stone right? All the head TL would say is that she wants me to 'aim high', I take that she wants me to apply for acting team leader! Does that sound like it to you too?

So on Monday they are going to get me to start doing all of the teams stats, walk around and talk to the team members about their individual stats, then on Wednesday start to do the payroll. I have not done any of these things. They have shown others how to do this already, why have they pointed me out now? Surely the one that have been trained would be better choices for team leader or 2IC, it would be less training for them to do. Don't get me wrong, I am flattered and really chuffed that they think I am doing such a good job. I know I can do it but I have done the same job for ever without anyone at all of the other call centres ever thinking I could do this, why now? it probably pays to be in a smaller call centre like where I am now I guess. And to think I was devastated when I was sacked from the other call centre! What would happen if this new job new that I was sacked.....

This has turned into a really long post, sorry :|

Oh and no flash dance pictures at the moment as I can't download onto this computer, its so old that it has no slots for memory cards :{ can you believe it!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Off to the hospital we go

Well it has finally come, my visit to the hospital to see about this darn fibroid and the fact that no one can see my left tube in a internal ultrasound!

I really can't wait to see what they find (I'll keep you posted) and can't wait to get it fixed. Once its fixed, I'll be closer to traveling to have our donated Frozen Embryo Transfer and hopefully be closer to bring home our babies.

Daz also had his own trip to the hospital yesterday :|

I got a message at what I thought was 4.27pm, just before I finished work, to read:

I'm at hospital I cut my hand pen with angle grinder its NOT BAD MAYBE 5 STITCHES

It turned out that he text me at 2.19pm, oops sorry if you needed me :o So now Daz has ended up off work for a week because of it, all I can say is lucky it happened and work so he will still be paid without it effecting his sick pay. When we went back to his work after 5pm you could see where they had washed all the blood away. YUK

So on the day off for the hospital I had to cram in as much as I could so Miss Angel is off to the vet to become 'Flash Dance', you will now what I mean when I post pictures later and Miss Becky will be going to the groomers for some pampering...

Miss Angel is very unhappy at the moment as she can't be feed as when she becomes Flash Dance they need to place her under the influence of the drugs...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Found this tidbit while surfing the net ....

You should be able to click on it to make it larger. Found this on Doug's page, thought it was interesting ...........

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I just realised how good a bargain I got off EBay.

I brought a new copy of The Dukan Diet, much like Atkins but improved for $4.81 pounds (its from the UK) plus $6.50 pounds postage = $19.87 AUD. I went into a bookstore at the Plaza today and they only have customer orders at the moment, price $33.95. Hello BARGAIN

Good intentions

I don't know what it is but my body repels against me when ever I start to think about exercising!

This morning, I woke with a really painful left shoulder. What did I do to it?

I have no freakin idea.

I must have slept on it wrong or something but it is liking to ache about now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

its been a while

But things have been happening here.

I have found a clinic in the US to do a frozen embryo transfer! So not only do I have to lose weight, I also have to gain funds.

I know what to do but the brain won't switch into gear. I still have my gym membership which I still haven't used yet :

I am getting back into listening to music which makes me move, even if it is just in my chair

I have brought a new recipe book which is a slow cooker recipe book. I know it may not help me with my weight but at least its REAL food, this way I can feel comfort along with the goodness of veggies as well as the meat which will also help getting Dazza to eat it as well.

I've been thinking again of joining weight loss centres which I know is not the answer but I think if the quick dress size drop. One of the young ones at work gets married at the end of the year and she is on the Optislim shakes which makes me roll my eyes but you know if I see a change in her weight it will make me think of using it, even if I think/know its a bad idea. Why is it that I still think that a miracle cure for fatness is just around the corner without me having to do anything? You would think that time would have told me that there is no miracle cure. Dam my brain is THICK.

Beyonce is on my ipod and I feel the urge to dance.... **shaking my ass in my chair**

Sorry back to the blog.

Along with the slow cook book I also brought a cupcake cook book, sorry I know but I just had to, the little cupcakes on the cover was calling me.

Back to my babies in another country by another mother.

I have 10 beautifully frozen embryos. The father, whom of course I do not know except that he was donor #11182, is like 6foot 6, his brothers were something like 6foot 7, all of the family have BA's, the egg donor is like 4foot 11, how interesting this will be, she has a autoimmune disease but there is only 2% that it will be passed onto the embryos but to me that means that they have 98% chance of not having it. Glass half full not half empty. Now why can't I think like that about my weight???

Oh and about my work. Well I am finally in permanent work, I have been successful in also gaining a role with Quality Assurance although haven't done any of it yet, then yesterday was asked to be 1 of 4 in the help desk pool, we will all do 2 hours each per day, this was meant to start sometime in the near future, that was until I arrived at work today to be told I was starting on the help desk today, right then. So I'm feeling pretty comfortable since they obviously think highly of me to be helping all the other staff out on help desk, answering questions on processing.

Mariah's now on the ipod and now I just feel like singing a solo..........

That's it for me, for now anyway :)

New addition - x rated picture beware!

So I'm a 'Great' aunt again ;)
Baby Alyssa was born on Sunday.
5 pounds 15 oz's

On another note, the embryo adoption is going along well.

A fair bit of planning, some overseas travel involved but definately exciting.

I'm still deciding if we should do part of the cycle here in Australia to reduce the transfer fee oversea's however then I think that $2200 isn't that much to pay oversea's plus the medication costs. If we do most of the cycle here we will only need to be in the other country for 3-4 days but if we do the whole cycle overseas we would be away for 3 weeks. My thoughts are that if heaven forbid it fail, at least we would have had a nice long holiday. Otherwise we would have travelled by plane for at least 24 hours there and 24 hours back and seen nothing except the inside of the clinic and a hotel. However if we are there for 3 weeks we can see the sights as well as the inside of a clinic and hotel.

We could maybe, hopefully have the donor come over to were we are for a visit if she would like, I haven't actually met this lovely lady however I have known her for a few years. How weird is that?

Its amazing the people you met in the cyber world.