Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More from my crap day

So today continued to be crap for me, work wise wasn't bad, made a sale and the sales manager told me he wanted me to stay at Level 3, on his team and not go back to Level 2 which is what I was thinking of doing when my secondment was over on the 19Th June. So that was good.

But on the down side, food was bad because I really didn't get my appetite today, couldn't eat breakfast, ate 10 almonds at 3.10pm and lunch at 4pm of potato with cottage cheese and tuna. I'm home now but when I walked to the door (early I might add) my poor putty cat had a sore paw. So off to the vet we went, of course he had a cat fight today resulting in punctures to the left front arm. Pain killer and antibiotic injections later, got stung with $79 bill. Did I tell you I had a bad nights sleep last night??? because I was worried about money! Dam cats.

So I'll get back to why I'm home early, and those of you with weak stomachs should turn away now. I had an involuntary bowel movement at my desk! WTF? am I like five for Gods sake? How does that happen. I had to go to Coles and buy new underwear. I know TMI, but I can't hardly believe it myself. I hope I'm not the only person to ever have this happen to them out of the blue. I haven't even had kids for Gods sake.

On the GOOD side, Dazza decided to go for another job, even though they didn't have a job for him yet, a company asked him to go in for a weld test. So off he trotted after work, calling me for directions!, and told them, just tell me straight if I'm no good instead of making wait with baited breath for a call. Well he did brillantly, so he has to wait a month of 2 for a position to come up, go for a actual interview, have a police check, and then he will be working on top secret defence stuff. Not good for him cause he can't keep a secret to save his life. But he is really chuffed and I'm really happy for him. Well done my man.

Beginning's of a bad day

Today I woke at about 2.30am and couldn't get back to sleep until about 4am, all I could think about was money and not having enough to do what I needed! Now I'm up and my mood hasn't changed I must say. I think my depression is slipping back in. I can't stay home from work due to finances but how will I make it through the day, being cheerful on the telephone and trying to make sales???? I would normally think, that's OK its only 1 day, I'll catch my targets another day but I felt like this on Monday to and didn't bother with sales. I came home early yesterday so no sales. I'm going to have to try and work some overtime to catch up financially but how can you when you don't want to be there or with people or talking to people. Shit what am I going to do?

I couldn't eat this morning, no appetite, will try again later.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm back

Well got to work this morning to only get a call to tell me that Dazza had hurt his shoulder/neck at work so have ended up back at home to look after him. Been to the doctors and some physio will be needed but should be OK. So lucky I brought all of my food back home and have been eating as if still at work.

I took the dogs for a walk this morning before work. We did a little walk, jog, walk thing to help get my heart up as it was only a 20 minute walk. Lucky I got it in this morning though as it is pouring down with rain now.

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I've only ever been overseas once which was to Bali but wanted to come home early as my 2 niece's which we took with us fought from the moment they got on the plane.

2. I grew up in an alcoholic home

3. My brother is in goal and has been on and off for the past 30 years

4. My cousin is Renate Mokbel (Tony Mokbel's sister in-law, now in goal for 2 years for bailing Tony out before he took off!)

5. I used to go to school with Carl Williams (convicted drug boss and murder)

6. On the week before my engagement to Dazza, I picked up my 3 nephews from drug addict mother and we have never seen her again. Kids were 6mths, 2.5 years and 4 years old, they are now 17years (father of 2), 19 years and 22 years old.

7. Me and m mum are inseparable.

Boy its hard to get 7 people that haven't been tagged already. The people I have tagged, I hope do not mind?????/

Now the 7 people I tag are:
1. Kelly
2. Ali
3. Stacey
4. Catherine
5. Suzikatz
6. Amy
7. Carolyn

Gosh I'm tired

Boy I don't know whats happening, maybe it was the exercise coupled with the later shift yesterday but I am really tired this morning. I hope I can get myself out of this blaaaaaaaa mood. I weighed myself this morning and can see that the hard work is paying off and I'm excited to get to Friday, not only for the weekend but so that I can do my weigh in and see what I've lost.

I cancelled the car yesterday, Dazza's still telling me to go for it but I just can't see the sense in doing it yet.

I don't really have much to report today, I did get a gold star yesterday :-} but I haven't even prepared my food today so will have get a move on to do that. Maybe I feel a bit blaaaaaaa because I have cut my coffee intake as well, yesterday I only had 2 cups and that was first thing in the morning, then herbal tea for the rest of the day. By the time I got home last night after water aerobics, it took the last of my strength just to eat, so only had the rest of my water before bed. Wish I could get a good nights sleep though instead of waking every 2 hours :-{
Anyway, better get my butt into gear for another day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back on track

I've been pretty good with my food and exercise today, thank goodness. I will be back at work from tomorrow so with that comes more structure. Eating at certain times of the day and all, I think it will be easier to stick to my healthy eating. For the first time I am eager to get back. Hate the job but love structure. I need to be more organised. Food, Exercise and Home.

I have started a new blog which is attached to my blogs list, to be able to keep a diary of everything that goes into my mouth and what exercise I am doing and the steps I'm taking to get myseld out of debt and live the life I want and deserve.

I've been thinking that even though I don't like riding my bike, maybe I should get an exercise bike??? I think that it may help me get used to the seat and then I could go to spin class. I think I don't like it only because my butt hurts but I think thats only because I don't do it enough.

I have also told Dazza that I may not get the car, after all one of my goals is to be debt free, how can I justify spending 20grand on a car that I can't afford. I just have to get the courage to call the car yard to tell them to cancel it. Its not like anything has actually been ordered. Truth be told, we generally live week to week. I couldn't even afford to pay my registration this week! Come on Sue be real with yourself. Don't do it. Just because your credit histroy looks better than before, I know that there is a lot that I owe that isn't on my credit history.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Star chart

I have my chart all finished and on the fridge along with the mood guide from WF&H and my before photo. I am up to day 15 so yesterday gave myself a silver star because food was good but no exercise.

Today's Food:

M1: oats, with some splenda, dash of Physical milk. 1 white coffee with splenda
Snack: 2 white coffee's, one with splenda and one with sugar
M2: 1 egg, 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup Physical (scrambled eggs) 1 multi grain toast and 1 tomato grilled 2 cups of herbal tea
M3: Mandarine, 10 almonds
M4: Beef, broccoli, cashew stir fry with hokien noodles, 1 herbal tea
M5: Almonds, bag of microwave popcorn and half a bag of Smith's Chips (I know already!), oops forgot Boost icecream :-{
Today's Steps:
Steps: 7440
Km's: 1.934
Calories burnt: 312.4
House work - vacuuming whole house
Walked dogs and ran around oval


Dazza tells me that he took the dogs for a walk yesterday without me, I do believe him but can't understand why Demolition dog is back......................... more corners of the coffee table GONE! WTF????? I really should have done as Karen advised and put Deep Heat on the corners, it won't hurt dogs but will stop them doing the chew on things you would like to keep 'good', but she had been so good, what happened?????

Friday, May 25, 2007

I've got a plan

Today after reading a few blogs I noticed, like Kristy, some have charts with the number of days and they reward themselves with Gold Stars when being completely good. I have brought a pack of stars that have Gold, Silver, Blue, Red and Green, so I will have a colour for all occassion, good, bad and ugly ;P
I have called the gym to find out about their new Boot Camp classes, only thing is its $149, not bad for the 6 weeks, 3 mornings per week but me being the biggest scab ever.................. well???? So I will for sure go to an Urban Kick class tonight to get me re-introduced to the gym. I think it will be fun because its a dance class and I used to enjoy dancing and have been thinking lately that if I can do a sport/exercise like dancing then I'll be hooked and maybe become a gym junkie............... yeah right! But its exercise so I'll give it a go.

Didn't make it to gym ................ I have a good reason, went to find out about buying a new car:-}, still can't decide what colour though, I liked the sky blue, black, red & silver

Todays Food:
M1: 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites scrambled, 2 white coffee's
M2: Manderine, 2 vita-weat (sandwich size) with cottage cheese and tomato
M3: Manderine, 3 small tringle sandwichs and cup of white tea with equal
M4: mashed potato, peas, chicken schnitzel (dry fried)
M5: 2 vita-weat (sandwich size) with cottage cheese and tomato

I brought one of the trash mag's when buying WF&H and Oxygen and got a free pedometer, this is my results on a standard day, so now I have to better it everyday.
Todays steps:
Steps: 5397
Km's: 1.403
Calories burnt: 226.6

I firstly have to get through a funeral today, my friend Cathy's grandfather passed away on Sunday after a long battle with cancer. I'm sure he would have been met at the pearly gates by his wife, daughter and son. God Bless.

OMG, I've just realised

Well last night when I went to bed I realised something. I may just have to restart this dam 12 weeks again because, stupid me, forgot to keep the front page of the newspaper that I used to take my before photo's!!!!!!! So I will have to find out if I can buy a copy of a paper from 2 weeks ago exactly today from Kerryn's favorite newspaper, 'The Herald Sun', what do you think the chances are of that huh???? I'll let you know once I research it a bit.

Ok stop the press, I have just found out from 'The Herald Sun' that my local newagency can order me a copy of my newspaper. Phew.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

What to do

Today I thought long and hard about protein powders, emailed Kerryn to get some advice. She's a great help I tell you, we should bottle that lady and sell her on Ebay. Only joking Kerryn, wouldn't get enough for you on Ebay, it would have to be Christies of London. LOL

So the only thing holding me back is the $$$$$$ , as I have previously stated, I am the biggest scab I know. Have also looked at Horley's Sculpt, which I have had before and didn't mind, as I'm not the biggest fitness freak, I think the EAS 100% Whey might just be wasted on me. Will have to think about it some more. Also thought about L-Glutamine which was advised to use powders not tablets/capsules but I am a big sook and don't like the taste of the powders. I have Musashi'sBCAA's oral powder form but don't use it as I can't get over the taste. So its all so hard, maybe too hard.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Why is it .............

Why is it so easy to lie? It was always very hard to lie before but I find it the easiest to lie to myself. Wouldn't you think that as 'you' know the truth, that it would be harder to lie to one's self? I break promises to myself that I would never break to a friend or a family member, why is that? Everyday I find that I lie to myself about my health, exercise routine and anything else that I can come up with an excuse about. 'It's OK, its only 1 day, we'll start again tomorrow', however you know darn well tomorrow will never arrive. What is it that I need to be real to myself? I don't find writing myself a contract is anything as no one else knows if I change the date or rip it up ................................ what is it that I need? I sometimes think that if I was hit with an illness I would know what life is all about and fight more to stay healthy, why can't I do that now instead of waiting for the bus to hit me?????????????


Must go to mothers today to paint, I piked it yesterday, was felling a little under the weather, or was I? Mum continued without me until she ran out of paint. Why can't I have her attitude? Just get it done. She is like a work horse. If I am most like her in every other way, why not in the get up and go way? Why do I have to take after my lazy father when it comes to work? I feel guilty for not going to mum's yesterday but I did wake up with a sore throat and felt crap. But my mum has so many illness, I think at the last count about 12 that will not ever go away and she has been living with them for the past 50 years but even though she does complain, she still gets the job done. If it hadn't been for me taking these 2 weeks off and telling her I would help her paint, she wouldn't have even bothered, and then I pike on her. Whats wrong with me?


Must take the dogs for a walk before I go to mum's as Dazza has school tonight so I can't wait for him. Oh well, they love a walk with their mumma.

Better go before I find an excuse not to.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm buggered

Today we decided to do a tip run, not too much to be rid of but the aftermath was big. After the tip we went to Kmart so that I could enlarge my before photo for the fridge, got another 2 copies so that I can place them in the house somewhere. Dazza was getting impatient with me because I couldn't decide how big I wanted to make them (I'm the biggest scab I know).

Dazza wanted to go to Mitre 10 to get some wood to make a home for his new pet, it goes like this. You see not that long ago I thought I might buy another 2 puppies so that I could breed them. (stupid I know) But Dazza agreed as long as he could get his new pet................ a 'snake'. WTF. So he has brought some timber to start to make the enclosure. My only stipulation, it is remaining in the garage. No snakes in the house, Thank you! So even though I am not acquiring 2 new dogs, the snake is still coming!

Getting back to why I'm buggered. Once we got back home we decided to clean up the yard. I did my doggy dodo dance to clean up all of the 'waste' and then Dazza mowed the lawn. I also did a cat dodo dance today as the cat next door has started crapping on my garden bed, near the gas and electricity meter. Dam cat, know its not from my cats as we have kitty litter x 2 in the house and they use it. Anyway, diverted a bit again, then we pulled all the weeds along the fence line, fixed the back fence where it is falling down and the neighbour can't afford to go halves in a new one. Cleaned the weeds in the front, got Dazza to mow the nature strip, much to his disgust. Then I made him come with me to walk the dogs and throw Frisbee down the oval for Demolition dog. Took some pictures but it was getting dark so have had to modify them. Its been really good this last week after my visit from Karen my dog trainer, with the continuous walks Demolition dog seems to be settling done. It is so true about exercising your dog.


Back to mum's tomorrow for another round of painting, this time the kitchen. I am truly a good daughter.


Weighed myself today and I'm the same, 84 kilo's, have taken measurements but I know that my food intake this week hasn't been the best, some days I don't feel like eating and then when I do, I make bad choices. Water intake low as well so need to pick up my game. I do think however, even though I am not going to the gym or doing weights, the painting must be going me some sort of workout, right?????

Friday, May 18, 2007

Not another paint brush please

So today I went back to mum's to do more painting, don't know why I thought it was a good idea to volunteer for that one?? Oh that's right, she helped paint my whole house and I am thinking I might like to do some more painting in the future so best help her to have her help me. There is method to my madness. I think it turned out pretty good, we have done the bathroom, toilet and laundry. All we have to do now is the kitchen and the lounge room. Even though these are larger rooms, they will be easier as we won't be in cramped small rooms. I really feel for Kerryn now, we don't have nearly as many paint cans as she has on her blog.

I'd like to say thanks for your kind words on my blog regarding my brother in-law Jeff, Dazza didn't realise yesterday and I only told him when he got home from work. Although he did tell me that he had a crap day yesterday and wondered why? Intuition I guess.

I must also say that it appears that Demolition Dog has settled down with the exercise, thank God, although we didn't walk today due to the RAIN! I know we need it but I'm trying to accomplish something here people. Anyway, tomorrow again is another day.

Oh today I received my free copy of WF&H, actually I received 2 copies since I have restarted the challenge, both the same copies with Debra Messing on the cover. I really like Debra messing actually, I loved Will & Grace, can't get enough.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tough day today

Today I'm having a tough time, don't know why, just am. I haven't really eaten much or drank that much for that matter. I have decided to cook roast pork for dinner so that's going to be bad, I have made the crackling so you know I'm gunna be bad. I have taken the puppies for their walk this morning but really should take them for more of a walk tonight but I just can't be bothered. I've been to mum's to do painting, unfortunately my great niece and nephew hadn't left yet so we have to make sure that they didn't end up covered in paint. Fun.


Actually I think I know why I'm down today................ today is the anniversary of my brother in-law Jeff's death. It makes me so sad because I feel like people don't take the time to mourn him the way I do. I know I can't expect others to feel the same as me and I'm sure that they do feel it in their own way. Poor Dazza may not know that its the anniversary and I'm to worried to remind him. I'm sure he mourns him everyday. I haven't been tot he cemetary today, its something that I normally do on the anniversary but not today. I think I will just say a little prayer at home today. This is the first year that I haven't gone, I think I will end up just punishing myself if I don't go, so will have to make the time to go tomorrow before mum's for more painting.


Got my course stuff in the mail yesterday, a little disappointed in it but I've paid now so going to get my monies worth. Was going to complete another 4-5 courses throgh them but not sure now. They sent me a video, whats with that, a video, don't they know that people use DVD's now. I will have to buy a video player just to watch it or have it transferred onto a DVD!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My saviour is on her way

So I got a call from my friend Karen the super dog trainer last night ans she is coming over tonight to save my sanity. Not that anyone can really save that along with my viginity I lost it along time ago. But I have no doublt she will help me to get 'demolishion dog' under control. I must say that Molly isn't my only problem when it comes to my dogs as Becky is the noisest dog you have ever heard. As you can see in a lower post, she thinks she is a cat, sitting on top of the couch, so therefore is referred to most commonly as catdog. I tell you she barks at just about every little thing. So this much needed help is long needed. I have decided that it will be easier on me to walk them separately which Karen agrees with, so that will help me also in my exercise quest as I'll need to walk my dogs at least for an hour and a half per day. My plan is to take Becky first for 30 minutes to tire her out before taking Molly for an hour as she is the puppy (12 months) and Becky goes nuts if I take Molly anywhere without her. But my plan is to have her to tired to have to worry that she is at home alone. Go plan huh??? We'll see.

Got my email from Sportz Blitz to tell me my new finish date is 3rd August, so Kirsty you better be on my tail girl! Well better go and start this walking........................ see you in a while


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Not much today

Today I haven't got a great deal to share. I did have an old car removed from my yard which was good to get rid of. Dad even let me keep the 50 bucks which was a bonus. I brought ink refills for printer, actually spent $80 on ink which I was quite proud to admit as its enough to refill our colour and black cartridges about 30 times in total making them about $2.75 each. Better than the standard $30 per pop. Again took the dogs for a walk, once only today, my hands are starting to hurt from the pulling that I'm trying to stop! *frustrating* But I will get there, I'm the 'pack leader', might even buy myself that t-shirt. But probably won't as I'm the biggest scab that there is. Thats why I'm proud to have brought the ink, normally I would just walk away and we would have no ink for months but I could hear Dazza in my ear saying' just buy the dam thing'. Actually I brought a few more things today including a soccer ball to kick around down at the oval. Thought it could double as exercise for me as well as the dogs. I had actually gone tot he store to buy weight gloves as I thought that they could double as gloves when I walk the dogs, but came home with everything except the gloves. Brought more toys for the dogs so that Molly will stop eating my furniture. She has already destructed the double ended tennis ball thing I brought yesterday, chewed right through one of the tennis balls. Lucky it was just $2.50. Tomorrow is another day.

Went to the beauty salon to be pampered today, although it didn't feel pampered at the time since it was all waxing. But tomorrow I'll be happy. For not having much to say I have written quite a bit. Now to have some ice cream. I am on holidays afterall.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today has been............. great

Today is the first day of my 2 weeks of holidays. I have tidied up the house, drank way to much coffee, anyone for another cup??? Moved the microwave, thought about moving the lounge around before Dazza comes home, don't know, (he says the only place I haven't moved it it is the ceiling.......... can I?) vacuumed, done washing, about to do more washing, then the ironing, called to have the old car in the yard removed tomorrow and might even get 50 bucks for her, oh well for my dad anyways.

I have walked my puppies, and now they are asleep at my feet. What a nice picture. Will take them for another walk before Dazza gets home so that I can practice some knew skills I've taught them today. Will have to go to the pet store an buy another choker chain though for Molly as I am using the other on Becky at the moment. I am being strong and making sure she is not walking in front of me. Its really hard because I am used to treating her as my infant baby but I have to learn that she is a ............ shhh D O G shhhhhhhh. I will get control of these 2 Furbies before they do my head in. I must, I must, I can and I will.

All of this walking and training is also giving me some exercise so that is also good.

Oh and almost forgot to tell the sweet story on our way for our walk. Around the corner form our house is a daycare centre. The kids were all out playing when one of the kids calls, can I pat a dog. Sure I say knowing the Molly the scaredie cat isn't going to by anywhere near the fence, I drag Becky over to be pat through the fence by the child, which turns into all of the kids and the attendant at the centre. I start handing out treats for them to feed Becky through the fence. One by one they all get a go before they are all called in for lunch. maybe this is a way I can get Molly used to people and kids, so will walk them past there a few times a day for the next 2 weeks and hope for the best for poor old scaredie cat Molly.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Isn't it funny

Well today whilst Dazza was sleeping in, as per most weekends, I decided I had better get to the milk bar to get the paper and post my new photo's for the 12 week challenge. Much to my amazement, Dazza must have been woken when I went out the front door. When I got back I got the funniest question. Dazza asked "did you go for a run to the shop?" anyone who knows me knows I can't really run to save my own life. I said NO, but he said, "I could have sworn I saw you running." Well it was sort of running, you see I thought I'd give it a go, probably did a few sprints to get me there but I wouldn't class it as running or even jogging. I did however buy some cones today to take to the park to start doing some sprints. Don't know about 100metre sprints but I will try something to start. My neices, Amy and Chloe kept on asking why I was buying them and I had to keep on explaining that it was for exercise, they looked at me puzzled as the only exercise I used to do was with food and bourban, lift and scoff it was called.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The photo's re redone

So I have had Dazza take my photo's once AGAIN and will be sending in the forms tonight to start the 12 week challenge yet again. I am on holidays for 2 weeks so am planning on some good strict exercising. I also plan on doing some dog training so that I can become the 'pack leader' once again instead of having these darn dogs leading me and my decisions in life. We have now locked them out of the bedroom as of last night and my sleep was much better, didn't feel like there were 3 sleeping in a queen bed. Previously we had all 5 animals on the bed ans well as dazza and I tryig to get a good night sleep. All I have to do now is train Molly in some way so that she know that the furniture is not her chew toys as she has started to eat our NEW wooden coffee table. Not impressed let me tell you!

Here she is.............

Yesterday I received my business name registration in the mail. Couldn't believe it would be that quick but I was very excited when I opened it. Now I just need a shiny new frame for her. Isn't she pretty.
*proud mum ;-}*

Friday, May 11, 2007

I've done it

Thursday I signed up for my grooming course and have paid. All I have to do now is wait patiently for my stuff to arrive in the mail. Yippee for me. I just can't wait. Its funny actually because I was so excited I enrolled twice and when they called me back on Thursday to take my credit card details I think they must have thought I was a little crazy :-}

So now all I have to get done on my holidays starting this after 5.30pm today is start and finish painting mum's house before I can start on my course. I also want to get some intensive training on myself as I haven't worked out for a week today. Oops my bad. I also want to give my dogs some intensive training as well so that should be fun.

I think that I will re enter the 12 week challenge as this challenge is all shot to pieces. I feel like I never complete a whole challenge. I either send in my stuff before I'm ready to begin or I end up losing steam a few weeks in. I brought a mini tramp on Wednesday night to stop with the 'its to cold or dark to go and do cardio'. I do think that I may have something wrong with me as I am always tired, even when I haven't worked out. Once I get home from work, I could go to bed at 6.30pm. I don't because that is just ridiculous so I wait to at least 8.30pm but getting up even at 7am, I just find it so hard. I've tired to get up when I wake Dazza sometimes at 5am but I just can't. I know I should be getting plenty of sleep but this is getting ridiculous!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Yeah for me......... we are in business

Today was very exciting for me. I finally got off my butt and registered a business name for my dog and cat grooming venture.


I can't wait to get it off the ground. I have been madly buying equipment and some if it is large and costly so will have to buy on the way or make do with what I have for the mean time. Kerryn gave me some invaluable tips today, thanks Kerryn. Like insurance for any injury that I may cause to someone's animal. (Heaven forbid) but I hadn't actually thought about that. All I was thinking is I love animals and what a great job. So will have to do some more research to cover everything.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Oh NO!

So I have found that I haven't exercised since Friday, for which all of the reasons I have stated in a previous post so won't bore you. However the last 2 days I have found that the shift I'm on is not very conducive to exercise, by the time I wake in the morning and get my chores done before work, there is no time. When I come out of work, its dark and can't walk then. (I'm a scaredie cat who doesn't like to walk alone in the dark :-( ) I know deep down that its all just excuses and I'll never get anywhere if I keep this up. But maybe jumping on the scales on Saturday in Target did end up effecting me. I just knew that if I did it I would get depressed if I couldn't see a change. Even though the result wasn't conclusive due to the scales giving different results, the fact that one said I was the same, has effected my brain. Dam those scales. I feel like I have to start from the beginning again on day 1. (*frustrated look*)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ykes this is the third day without exercise

Ok I have come to the realisation that I have become lazy! Friday I didn't 'find' the time to exercise because I have the Tupperware party pretty much straight after dinner, (however was good food wise at the party, *pat on my own back*). Then Saturday, seemed to fly by and then next thing you know we are on our way to the pizza place for Mumsy's birthday party, (tomato based pasta dish wih 2 bits of garlic bread and water only :-}) and now its the start of the day for Sunday and truely I just couldn't be stuffed!

I am trying to draw on the fact that mumsy told me she could see the difference, don't know if its because I prompted her, but she said she truely could see it from my hips and butt. I'll believe her.

Tried to cheat at Target yesterday as well and jumped on the scales in the scales department but they all gave a different reading so didn't know whether to be happy or sad, so have just moved on. haven't told Dazza about my relapse with the scales, he might ban me from shopping. *look of horror*

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yay I found away

Today I thought I would try and outsmart myself with the Sea Minerals after last night thinkin it would be easier to just take them straight, well that was just wrong! But today, brought myself some cranberry juice, which already quite tart and put it in. You know you can hardly taste the wretched stuff. Thank God.

Today is mother in-laws birthday. Happy Birthday Mumsy ;-}

Brought myself some ugg bootie things today, so will be toastie warm in the mornings now, if only Molly doesn't decide that they are hers for the chewing. Speaking of puppies, I saw 2 very georgous Maltese X puppies today at the shopping centre, just like my Becky. I actually had them out of the glass enclosure and had mum holding one and me with the other. They are both girls and I would love to add them to my family. God knows we will probably only end up with fur babies by the end of our lives anyways. So tomorrow I will take Dazza up to see them and maybe put a deposit on them. :-}}}}}}

Friday, May 04, 2007

Watch out for old friends on the phone????

So Wednesday night I got a call from a friend that I hadn't seen in a while to go to her Tuppaware party, and you already know how that goes. The guilt of having a party. Well I was strong and resisted the party push and have only brought some stuff, well $150 worth actually so not just some although it really is only a few pieces. Quite expensive stuff the Tuppaware, considering I actaully sold some on Ebay not that long ago because I didn't actaully use it. I must say there was a water bottle that my fellow fitness freaks would like, as the bottom was removable so you could put a key for say a locker or car, earings, cash or bandaids for Kek (LOL) so you don't need pockets or anything, however at about $27 for a water bottle I couldn't justify it since I have been carrying around a bottle for a few weeks now and have had no problems. Things I brought tonight......................

I also brought some Jacqui E jeans from Ebay, brand new with tags for $27 (tag started $79.95) and they arrived today. Didn't know if they would fit at they are a size 16 and I'm normally into a 18 in jeans but much to my suprise, the size 16, low riders fit. I could even sit down without cutting myself in half! Can't wait to lose a bit more so that I will be completely comfortable in them and when they start to get too big...........

I asked Dazza last night if I even looked like I had lost some weight, as you know I'm not weighing myself, and I don't know if he was just trying to shut me up, but he said 'maybe'. Great, love the confidence that he instills in me. Will be seeing mother in-law tomorrow and she can always see when I"ve lost weight so will wait for her comment.

Well, best be off, well past my bed time and the mumma will be over tomorrow for her normal Saturday visit and will have to have all of my exercise completed before hand. Need to sleep right NOW.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Well, thats a nice how do you do

So I went to the chemist tonight to speak with the naturopath that they have there on Thursday nights for free to see if having any of the protein drink supplements would harm me with my medication and I had a bit of a rude awakening. Not that he was rude or anything but he did tell me I looked stress! Like how would he know, he doesn't know me or how I would normally look anyways right? So he then went on to tell me I have a slight problem with my thyroid?? What the, I asked how he could tell and he advised, 'from your left eye', it is protruding more then the right! Well thanks very much then. I asked some more questions like, what else would this effect, this thyroid problem? and he really hit the nail on the head, dry, itchy skin, tiredness, memory and the list goes on, of which it appeared most of them I could tick off.

So the solution??? Sea Minerals. I take 5ml a day, preferably with my evening meal. Let me tell you the measurement of 5ml shouldn't fool you. It tastes like crap. Any more and I would be vomiting it back up. This Sea mineral will also help with muscle growth and weight loss. So after paying out $31.95, I'll try the bottle and let you know what effects if any it has on me. Besides from losing all of my taste buds.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm just sooo tired

I can tell you after my free day yeserday, although I did go fot a walk and paid for it later with my poor hip, I can feel the exercise tonight already, as if i haven't exercised in a while. I must admit its been 2 days since doing weights and I have increased the reps a bit but poor by the end tonight I was glad it was over. I have started on splits with week so tonight started with legs & shoulders and also some cardio so I went for a brisk 25 minute walk after my weights. Lucky i didn't do it the other way around because the way I'm feeling I probably wouldn't have gotten to the weights.

Since my car played up yesterday and Dazza had to fix it when he got home from school, which I might add wasn't until 9.45pm, I was a little stressed about getting into my car today to go to work, so therefore it kept me up last night with the stress. This morning I couldn't even think about food as when I'm extrememly tired I feel really sick, so the weat bits came out at 10.40am for morning tea. Even dinner tonight was a chore to eat after my exercise, not to mention I still have to do the dishes and make my lunch with my left over dinner cause I couldn't be bothered eating it. I don't know is it just me or is eating after a work out not your fav thing to do????

Early to bed tonight and then I might get to break up my weights and cardio. Yay

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ahhhhh I'm finally here

Tuesday, also known as free day has arrived and I couldn't wait. I have it planed, take away chinese for dinner, lunch was left overs from dinner last night, breakfast was a egg on multigrain toast. So I was going to splurge but not too badly. Well that was the plan. Although it appeared the Gods had other thoughts for me today. It started off so well, get ready for work, go to the car, ooops can't open the car, try everything to get the door open, try the back door, try the passenger door, lean across front seat and try to pull handle, nothing would get the drivers door open! And to boot, I seem to have injured my hip in trying my hardest to get into the car to go to WORK. looking at the muscles above, I would have to say its my rectus femioris that is giving me the trouble. I thought it felt a bit better this afternoon and although I didn't have to exercise on my free day to day, I needed money for tonight when I ordered the chinese and since I couldn't get into my car, I thought l'd walk. Well by the time I got back home I can tell you I can sure feel him again! I must also admit since it was my free day I thought, why am I being so scabby with my free food, so brought my old fav and food group, 'licorise' and kettle chips. After all I am going to be home alone for most of the night tonight as Dazza has school. Whats a free day without some junk right????

So I'm about to pop some panadol and rub some deep heat on so that I'm right as rain to start again tomorrow.