Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yay I found away

Today I thought I would try and outsmart myself with the Sea Minerals after last night thinkin it would be easier to just take them straight, well that was just wrong! But today, brought myself some cranberry juice, which already quite tart and put it in. You know you can hardly taste the wretched stuff. Thank God.

Today is mother in-laws birthday. Happy Birthday Mumsy ;-}

Brought myself some ugg bootie things today, so will be toastie warm in the mornings now, if only Molly doesn't decide that they are hers for the chewing. Speaking of puppies, I saw 2 very georgous Maltese X puppies today at the shopping centre, just like my Becky. I actually had them out of the glass enclosure and had mum holding one and me with the other. They are both girls and I would love to add them to my family. God knows we will probably only end up with fur babies by the end of our lives anyways. So tomorrow I will take Dazza up to see them and maybe put a deposit on them. :-}}}}}}

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