Wednesday, May 30, 2007

More from my crap day

So today continued to be crap for me, work wise wasn't bad, made a sale and the sales manager told me he wanted me to stay at Level 3, on his team and not go back to Level 2 which is what I was thinking of doing when my secondment was over on the 19Th June. So that was good.

But on the down side, food was bad because I really didn't get my appetite today, couldn't eat breakfast, ate 10 almonds at 3.10pm and lunch at 4pm of potato with cottage cheese and tuna. I'm home now but when I walked to the door (early I might add) my poor putty cat had a sore paw. So off to the vet we went, of course he had a cat fight today resulting in punctures to the left front arm. Pain killer and antibiotic injections later, got stung with $79 bill. Did I tell you I had a bad nights sleep last night??? because I was worried about money! Dam cats.

So I'll get back to why I'm home early, and those of you with weak stomachs should turn away now. I had an involuntary bowel movement at my desk! WTF? am I like five for Gods sake? How does that happen. I had to go to Coles and buy new underwear. I know TMI, but I can't hardly believe it myself. I hope I'm not the only person to ever have this happen to them out of the blue. I haven't even had kids for Gods sake.

On the GOOD side, Dazza decided to go for another job, even though they didn't have a job for him yet, a company asked him to go in for a weld test. So off he trotted after work, calling me for directions!, and told them, just tell me straight if I'm no good instead of making wait with baited breath for a call. Well he did brillantly, so he has to wait a month of 2 for a position to come up, go for a actual interview, have a police check, and then he will be working on top secret defence stuff. Not good for him cause he can't keep a secret to save his life. But he is really chuffed and I'm really happy for him. Well done my man.

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Kek said...

What on EARTH have you been eating? That must have been awful for you...but how practical are you? I'd have just run away home and never EVER come back.

By the way, don't worry about Dazza's ability to keep a secret have to jump through all sorts of hoops to get access to top secret stuff, and very few people have that level of security clearance. More likely he'll be dealing with 'in confidence' stuff. Very boring, trust me.