Sunday, March 30, 2008

Funny you should ask................

Its been a bit of a funny week for me, coming to the realisation that I really don't have that much time left for me to continue on my baby making dream. The one thing I do know for sure is that I need to be at my best, health and fitness wise if it is ever to work. I know I hear allot of 'it's OK about being big, I've known heaps for women who are bigger than you that fall pregnant easy', the fact is I am not one of these women. I am the only one in control of my future. I am going to do training for infant adoption but I CAN NOT give up the hope that I can have my own baby. So the plan for me is to do as much exercise that I can possibly manage with the ailments that I have and not create anymore.

So far I have locked the dogs (also known as my babies) from our room at night so that I can get a restful night sleep. It also appears to my Osteo that some of my issue with my wrist may be the way I have been sleeping since I have had to share the bed with the babies and I am vying for room. I am known to sleep with my hands above my head and sometimes under my head. Girls got to put them somewhere and there is nowhere on the actual bed. the osteo believes I could be causing some stress to my wrist by twisting it and putting pressure on it over night. As it is always sore first thing in the morning. So far so good except when you don't except that you have limitations and try to pour 8 kilos of dog food into a container using 1 hand, the sore one! OK may have been stupid and I may have to go back to the Osteo before my 3 week appointment to have the ligaments put back to where they should be but hey, someones got to do it right?

I must admit I had a melt down with Dazza the other week and set up some ground rules for the house and so far my plan is working. I told him that I can not do all this on my own, I need help, so the rules are like this:
  1. If I cook, he washes the dishes - that's every night
  2. I do the washing and ironing, therefore he must sweep, vacuum (3 times a week) and wash the floor (once a week)
  3. He must clean the bathroom sink after using it - I clean the rest of the bathroom
  4. He wanted the new fur baby, he is to feed all the dogs, morning and night
  5. I feed the cats - morning and night
  6. He takes the bins out - when I tell him - otherwise no bins out because he forgets!

This is it so far, but he is letting me add to it all the time. it actually looks Dazza heavy but I don't mind.

I have been going through my 'To Good To Be True' cook books and think that I really need to be making a plan. Money all of a sudden is tight again but I'm not letting it faze me. It's funny my star's advised that 'Credit cards are not free money, you do know this, don't you?' I find it really funny because in the past I used to think of it as free money hence why we have always been in bad debt. At the moment we do not have any credit cards but we are still paying them off.

Dazza is going to go for a new job AGAIN, but this one he thinks he really wants. It will be a supervisor role, they repair Connex trams, but the training is in Germany. He first said that he had found a really good job but I wouldn't let him apply because he would have to go to Germany for training for 2 weeks. I told him I don't know why he would think that I wouldn't let him go, it would be a great chance to visit Germany, a country that we would never go on holidays. So he called the company and they seemed impressed, he was to send over his CV, which I did for him and they are still impressed. He will meet with them later this week so fingers crossed. Oh the only bad news for me is that he has now found out that the training will go for 6-8 weeks in Germany! For those who know me, this is disastrous for me as I can't sleep when he is not here. Last time it was when he worked nights, imagine how I will be with him out of the country!

Anywho, it's off to check on the banana cake in the oven.


Updated post: Banana cake yummy but..............................

I forgot to tell this story that happened yesterday.

I went to the laundromat early to clean my king size doona and on the way back noticed that our church and primary school had crime scene tape around it with 2 white vans backed up into the primary school yard. I thought straight away that someone had maybe topped themselves but later found out in the Tattslotto agency from the young girl working there (her father is fire brigade) that someone had planted a LIVE bomb in the church to go off today Sunday. The 2 white vans where the bomb squad disarming it. She knew because her father was called to the scene as a firey. It is ridiculous as I was considering going back to church this Saturday night. Do you think someone is trying to tell me something? Dazza wants to know who plants a bomb in a Catholic church? Obviously someone who is not Catholic or has a huge grudge against more than 1 person. Thankfully it was disarmed and no one ha heard about it at all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

First walk down

So last night we started taking the dogs for a walk. Dazza actually got his bike out and attempted to take both dogs with him, Molly (aka Demolition Dog) and the new Mr Humphrey B Bear. of course it was never going to happen, 2 dogs at a time, of course it could if you also wanted a trip to the hospital with gravel grazing, so I took Miss Becky and Mrs Humphrey one way and Dazza took Miss Molly another way. All was good until we met up half way and Humphrey wanted to go with Miss Molly, after allot of tugging and changing of the lead, Humphrey was back on his way. As for Dazza and Miss Molly, we have success. A new way to tire out Miss Molly! Will have to get a photo next time.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Need to stop complaining and just DO

I really need to lose some weight because of my continuing back pain, the results of the CT scan showed that I have issues with my L4, L5 and S1.

These are causing me a great deal of pain and I can only imagine how bad it will become if I fall pregnant. So off to the pool for me and walking the streets to get this weight off. I'm not looking forward to the amount of pain I will suffer before it gets any better with the exercise but I feel like I'm in a catch 22. Either do it and lose weight, causing pain or continue to have the pain and do nothing????? What to do???? Well I can tell you I have brought myself a nose clip to hopefully help with my swimming fear of not being able to breath while swimming. Which is funny really as I am going to be wearing it to stop the water coming in up my nose but it stops me from breathing through it too. LOL Anyway, my 13 year old niece told me she can teach me how to swim properly. That should be fun to watch, NOT. Might even be able to get some photo's.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

In hiding

As I write this post, I am in hiding. Hiding from my hubby who is attempting to sweep and mop the floor! I had told him that since my back was playing up and he wanted that dam puppy who makes a lot of mess that he was going to have to help me out. So after waiting until the very last minute, he is attempting to mop. I'm staying well away from him, I have seen him already move the kitchen chairs from the dining room to the lounge, to behind the lounge, next they will be out the front door. But I know better than to lend a hand or offer some support, I will have my head bitten off in a matter of seconds. So I sit here hiding.

I guess this gives me time to update on whats been happening. My osteo thinks that I am making good progress with my wrist, I'm doing some strengthening exercises at the moment. She also thinks I should attend as a private patient to have my back and foot looked at and also gave me good advise as did Kerryn about the critical care plan so that I don't have to pay out of pocket to much. I have my CT scan tomorrow night and am getting very sick of attending the doctors, I even told him that. I hear that weight management helps a lot with this sciatica problem so have started back on the 'healthy' eating, you know more of the veg and chicken, not that I wasn't doing that before but I was probably having too much of it. Exercising is still out at the moment due to the back, the foot and the wrist but at least I can control what goes into my mouth. I had even taken to eating whole family blocks of 'fruit and nut' chocolate, for a girl who doesn't eat chocolate, that's a wake up call. Not to mention the 2 bags of chips for $4 that seems to be the go over here, and I have been taking them up on them to. I buy Dazza the Salt and Vinegar because I don't like them, that is until I finish mine anyway, hence the 90.5kilos that I am at the moment.

Anywho, more pain killers required before bed. Chao

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sciatica, sciatica, sciatica

What a pain in my arse!

So Monday night I will be off to have a CT scan done, I do hope that there is something there that will indicate how to fix this pain. I am such a sook I swear but this pain in my right is ridiculous. I find it really hard to sit for long and when your job is to be on your arse all day hooked to a computer and phone, well forget about it.

I did go for the interview yesterday although had to pump up on pain killers to get there, I don't know how I went, feel like I talked around in circles, had an Asian guy interview me which I could hardly understand. The original receptionist was also there, she had been the receptionist for the past 11 years! She will be moving to be EA, so will still be looking over my shoulder. They tell me that they take 280 calls a day and there is only 1 receptionist! I would have thought that with those volumes of calls there would be need to 2 people on reception especially as they do not have auto queue but 10 incoming lines. Anywho, we will cross that bridge when/if it gets here.

Also received an international job offer which I am considering taking as a Customer Service Rep for an company that is called Optimal Billing Corp, has anyone heard of them? This is part of the second email I received.

Optimal Billing Corp. is the leading service provider of local payment
solutions for international businesses. Our expertise in electronic
payment methods for CNP (Customer Non-Present) businesses such
as internet, mail, telephone order is greatly valued by clients from
a wide range of industries such as travel, ticketing, retail, publishing,
portals, telecommunications, online games and digital content.
Our platform enables the rapid and efficient introduction of new merchants,
distributors, services and products, instantly bringing interactive commerce
services to the entire subscriber base. It also lowers operational costs by
leveraging existing investments in infrastructure, while providing the operator
with an advanced, unified, comprehensive and business-driven infrastructure
capable of delivering all existing and future payments, promotions and
electronic recharging services.
In general, our billing platform represents very flexible Internet payment
system that accepts almost every e-currency and transaction method.
It allows customers and users to perform any kind of transfer from one
money system to another in no time. This system enables our customers
to broaden the variety of accepted payment methods, to reduce the transaction
time and to make the whole payment operation highly secured.
For example, our billing platform allows performing a direct exchange
from PayPal to Western Union or from Western Union to bank account.
Money can now be sent from one system to another in no time. Also it lets
customers to provide the person-to-business transfers for every user, when
other systems provide the person-to-person transfers only.
To learn more about Optimal Billing Corp. and our billing platform,
please visit our web site: WWW.OPTIMALBILLING.COM
Optimal Billing Corp. is located in SWEDEN and needs customer service
representatives worldwide. Today our Australian customers require specialists
to manage our billing platform and to assist users. So CSR will be an official
employee of one of the telecom operator that we serve.
Today our company serves several large telecom operators in Australia (
Austarnet, Telstra
). Optimal Billing Corp. will provide you with the 20 days
training course that would be sufficient to start working in one of these companies.
We guarantee this immediate employability after the training period.
Main responsibility will be to provide assistance with the billing platform
to current telecom operator. CSR's accountability will be to instruct users,
to provide the current statuses of their operations in the system and to be ready
to answer on any general question about the platform.
Candidate will get all necessary knowledge and experience during the training.
NO previous experience with our platform or alternative systems is required.
What do you think? I don't have to send them money, I was a little suspicious that I would be conned but if I'm not sending them money and they are paying me for my training which I do from home for 4 weeks at my leisure ($500 per week for training), and the salary is $36000 for part time and $50000 for full time. Part time is 5 hours her day I believe and would be working for a company here like Telstra. I don't know if I can ring Telstra to find out if they do use this billing system but a girl at my current employer used to work for Telstra and told me she recognises the name. I don't know, as they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

What's up

Well, not much has changed around here, don't have allot of enthusiasm for stuff, as my previous post described, my body feels like it is falling apart, although my hips haven't been as painful in the last few days, good thing. My ankle is still giving me some problems, especially first thing in the mornings. Haven't had a chance to get back to the doctors to find out about the ultrasound however I have a feeling that they didn't find anything. Maybe its part of my osteoarthritis, but I will probably need an x-ray for that.

I am going for a job interview on Tuesday as receptionist, its actually for a company that Dazza used to work at. Hope I get it, its across the road from a gym and only a short drive to Kek's gym also. Maybe then I can get my act together for both training and baby making. We have opened the discussion for going back to IVF, not sure if we will use Dazza or donor. But either way, eating healthy and weight lose will have to be part of it.

We didn't end up adopting the dog from the shelter, a few road blocks thrown in the way but have adopted a 14 week old Alaskan Malamute, his name is Humphrey, as in Humphrey B Bear. He is a big boy. He is almost as tall as our 2 year old Border Collie 'Molly'. They all get along wonderfully except of course Angel our youngest puss isn't too pleased about the new brother.

My new car is wonderful, never have to worry that she's not going to start in the morning, I love her, just wish I got to drive her more, at the moment Dazza's ute is off the road getting a new engine so he drives her the most for work and the like.

Well think that's it for today, will have to keep on blogging just to keep me on the straight and narrow.