Friday, December 31, 2010

Nearly New Years

Well its 10.53pm on New Years Eve, I am here alone at the moment with my terrorised dogs and cats, the fireworks started early tonight, maybe over an hour ago. Its strange to see a large Alaskan Malamute cower like a little puppy and the old girl Becky thinking she can fight them call if she barks loud enough, and where's Miss Molly, under my feet of course. She did try to get under the toilet while I was sitting on it!

'The husband' went swimming with his sister and niece's. I stayed here with his mum, I was going to go but my rear decided to get sick again :( Now his mother has left and I am here, alone with my fur babies.

The cats are doing OK, they were under my car when the fireworks begun, but soon rushed in, the fireworks sounded and looked so close, like they were next door. I hate to imagine how many terrorised animals will be lost by morning.

Its crazy that these people do not think about the bush fires that happened here not that long ago, and not that far from here. Today the temperature got to approx 42 degrees (108 F), very dry and windy, to think that these few moments of fireworks could possibly set off more fires, well it is just unthinkable but likely.

Tomorrow I will upload some of the pictures I took today of the newly finished/semi finished outside area. Still to get our large Buddha water feature, some Merbu screens, also putting in a spa and need to get some sort of cover for both ends of our pergola.

Anyway, it appears a bit quieter now, so might see if I can get the dogs to go to sleep.

See you next year in 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I read too many blogs!

I can't believe how many blogs I have in my blog role! Especially the diet/fitness side.

How can I truly read and digest all of this information when I can hardly write my own blog? I don't know but I just do. I have to have plenty of quiet which is why its soo good to do on a Sunday morning before everyone (meaning dogs, cats and 'the husband') are rousing from their lazy sleep in.

What did I get up to yesterday? Well I decided to paint our side fence, then we decided to buy some stones to go in front of the fence, put some planters in and some screens. So now I am awaiting delivery of the volcanic rock we have ordered, we will put in some pavers we already have to sit the planters on. I'm a bit sun burnt from the painting yesterday but I want to continue down the fence line and get more done. I can't find the camera so can't share photo's, will have to wait until its all finished.

Its going to be hot tomorrow, New Years Eve, finally. We will have a BBQ here with 'the husband's' family then head over to one if his sister's friends places who has a salt water pool to have a quite dip and be home for the puppies before all the craziness of the New Year's fireworks.

Did I tell you that we all got sick at Christmas? Just found out my sister was also sick, the only one who wasn't was my brother? Strange. Dad has been hit hard, he still has it, I went down to see him last night, poor bastard, but its a good weight loss diet I guess if we are looking for an upside :

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm back

Only because I can't visit my mum until tomorrow :(

So what has been happening? Not much really, same old same old, mum has been moved to rehab where she still is not very happy not to be home but its 1 step closer to home.

Work has been work, not all that happy in the new role, but will give it more time before asking to move back to the old role. Most people in my original area would be biting at the bit to get into this role because they don't have to talk on the phone or deal that much with people but I love helping and teaching people new things and interacting with others.

My weight has just about stayed the same which is better than it going up I guess.

Christmas was held at our place again, we had the full spread and everyone had a great day. I gave 'the husband' a leather reclining massage chair and a new mobile phone, he gave me a xBox 360 Kinect, of course to help my weight loss, except everyone except me was using it on Christmas day but we all got a good laugh in.

The day after Christmas a good few of us came down with a stomach bug, all courtesy of a very ill great niece, who threw up on me as she entered the house, so like flies, we dropped, mum in rehab at about 6pm, started throwing up, 'the husband' at 10pm and me following at 4am, I called around to the family members and another 5 had it! Great. So still a little gurgley at the moment but definitely on the mend.

I've emailed Allan again to join the world of the living back on track so hopefully my weight will more further down in the new year and I will be a happy camper.

On a sadder note, 'the husband' doesn't think he will be able to have time off to go to the US with me for our treatment, I'm hoping that will change or we may have to delay a little, I really don't want to be in a another country on my own, conceiving our baby, all by my self and be away for up to a month. Not much fun for either of us, its a country 'the husband' has always wanted to visit since he was a young child, it seems cruel that I would go without him. Fingers crossed it works out.

Anyway, off to wake 'the husband' and get his arse to work now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick catch up

So some surprising things happened today....

I was moved positions in the call centre from consultant and help line to the administration team. Is it a good thing or not? This is yet to be seen. The person who was in the role, I believe was walked out the door just this week. I missed it completely. The call centre manager 'highly' recommended me, the group team leader highly recommended me, do they just want me out? My new team leader, well I have nick named her a long time ago as 'thee who walks in the clouds', she is really tall and doesn't seem to see anyone under her nose. I think she has only spoken to me only once in the tea room when I was with my previous team leader and then only today when she came over to chat about starting in her team tomorrow. I was a little worried about telling others in the call centre, you see they had applied for the roles previously and there was a reason why none of them got the role, this time, I hadn't even applied and I have it!

The other thing that happened today was about finding things out that are plain as the nose on your face, but you just seem to miss them. A really good friend and work colleague today surprised me with the fact that she couldn't afford to get presents for her children this year. I knew that she has financial issues, but I still didn't put 2 and 2 together until she walked back into the call centre teary eyed. It appears another colleague had asked about what she was getting her kids, when she heard, she had a discreet chat with our team leader. What was the result? Our management team decided to purchase Christmas gifts for the children as well as give her vouchers for the supermarket, for the movies and meals for the trip to the movies. It has really renewed my faith in humanity.

Mum is still really ill. She has gotten another illness while still in hospital, she is down and really flat. It worries me allot but I understand that I can not make her better myself however I will tell the doctors when I see something that I don't like in her care, after all, I know my mum and they do not know when she is off colour, if her speech isn't quite right, when she is speaking gibberish which indicates to me when she is really ill and possibly should be back in ICU. The count still is 4 blood clots, she has a filter in place now but the fact that she can not walk properly and doesn't look like it is going to improve any time soon. Mum will be released into rehab instead of just going home. Dad, he is being as stubborn as normal, he has his next operation on the 12th of January, hopefully after that he will feel as good as gold.

Christmas shopping for both 'the husband' and I are finished and tonight I finished with mum's Christmas shopping. Now I have to wrap everything, this I am not looking forward to. I will work all next week and then prepare for the 23 visitors we will have to the house of the course of the day, hopefully mum will be home to share it with us. I'm pretty sure that they will allow her home at least for the day. I'm also not looking forward to all of the cooking.

This year we changed our Christmas decorations, 'the husband' thought that silver was the colour this year, so all new deco's had to be brought along with a change in colours of the dinner plates, napkins and the like, its allot of work changing your full colour scheme but it looks like we have succeeded.

Well I think that I am all typed out for now, I'm looking forward to trying to read everyones blog, I apologise for not keeping up and commenting on all your blogs.

Friday, December 10, 2010

its my birthday and I can cry if I want too

I'm sitting here typing in my very first post on my brand new laptop that 'the husband' brought me. It takes some getting used to, that's for sure. I can't believe how thoughtful he was getting this for me. Its got nothing to do with him wanting to use the computer for himself or anything, sure, he does love being on the desktop and now I can stop annoying him and kicking him off when I want to just 'play' on my things. Either way, very happy is me about my new laptop :)

Mum is still in the hospital, I really feel like she is finally getting somewhere, she has now 4 blood clots, one in each leg, one in the lung and one in her right arm. They have put in a 'filter' to stop the blood clots from moving, which is a God send. Not sure if I told you that she also broke her leg when she collapsed, which meant that she had to have her ankle pinned, she is now sporting a boot and is not allowed to put any weight on the leg. They also did a gastroscopy which showed that mum had 2 old cysts in her 'somewhere' and next week they will be getting her to shallow some pill shaped camera's to see if they can finally locate the bleed. She also may not be released to home but to a rehab centre until she can use her arms and legs again, which is a good thing but still scary for mum.

As for me, well it was my 42nd birthday today. As I stated before, 'the husband' brought me this laptop, we went to visit my mum in hospital and then out for dinner. My desk was decorated to the sh*t house, could hardly see my computer screen when I got to work. So as the day ends I'm as happy as I can be, 'the husband' ran off to band practice which means we are both blissfully happy tonight.

Chao for now

Sunday, December 05, 2010

More drama

Of course there can't be too much happiness here!
After 2 blissful early nights at home after mum came home from the hospital I was awoken by the telephone ringing on Friday morning. Checked the mobile number my pillow, 5.35am, what that can't be right.... must be something wrong..... its mum and dad's number on the phone.
Short story, ambulance called, mum collapsed, hemorrhaging from back passage, ambulance work on her for about an hour before taking her to hospital. I beat her there. Have to call work to tell them 'sorry but I'll be late again', after an hour they bring me in, lost allot of blood, 8 units in total, just under 3 litres, blood pressure crap, going to surgery right now to find the bleed, may not in all seriousness make it out of surgery.
They come back out and down the lift with mum? That's strange she is going to ICU on this floor, why the lift? Turns out they can't find the bleed, taking her to have a CAT scan, still can't find the bleed, reversing the blood thinners for the blood clot, to see what they can do about the bleeding, fine line between saving and killing her.
Mum is taken to ICU again in induced coma, she is woken the next day and tube removed. She starts to talk about a plan in the leg where she fell. Wants something for the pain. The do an x-ray, BROKEN LEG. What's a girl to do when all of the organs have something wrong with them? Start on bones! Mum's says that's why I told the ambulance officers I couldn't walk to the vehicle.
Today she is going to surgery again for the leg, unsure if they are pinning it or not, it looks like she has damaged her foot as well, so plaster may bot be an option due to the weight.
God will it ever end??
Stay tuned for the next chapter.........

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thanks Guys

I really needed that buck up.

I have been feeling overwhelmed of late, with everything going on with the parents. With Christmas fast approaching, I am a control freak, I don't know if you have noticed that with the parents.

Yesterday I also got the talk at work. The mental health talk. 'we know you have legitimate reasons for being absent 16 days this year, but we need to know you are looking after yourself" mmm mum's been hospitalised 5 times this year, once with me being told to call the family she may not make it through the night, and another where they placed her into an induced coma, not to mention dad being hospitalised twice, one of those the recent heart attack. Am I stressed? Fuck yeah, but you are making it worse!

Work is stressing me because things feel up in the air, we were meant to move to another team, there is a fight over who can control my little party of 4. We are left in the dark. I also was given an opportunity for Quality Assurance, 8 months ago, and still haven't been trained or even started on. Frustrating me to no end.

I am really just over everyone and everything.

On a good note, I got to come straight home last night from work. I finish at 4.30pm, was home just after 5pm and was able to cook dinner. Yay for me. I haven't been home that early in a few weeks.

I do need to work on the exercise goals while I can, work on a Christmas list and I'm sure other things.