Sunday, December 05, 2010

More drama

Of course there can't be too much happiness here!
After 2 blissful early nights at home after mum came home from the hospital I was awoken by the telephone ringing on Friday morning. Checked the mobile number my pillow, 5.35am, what that can't be right.... must be something wrong..... its mum and dad's number on the phone.
Short story, ambulance called, mum collapsed, hemorrhaging from back passage, ambulance work on her for about an hour before taking her to hospital. I beat her there. Have to call work to tell them 'sorry but I'll be late again', after an hour they bring me in, lost allot of blood, 8 units in total, just under 3 litres, blood pressure crap, going to surgery right now to find the bleed, may not in all seriousness make it out of surgery.
They come back out and down the lift with mum? That's strange she is going to ICU on this floor, why the lift? Turns out they can't find the bleed, taking her to have a CAT scan, still can't find the bleed, reversing the blood thinners for the blood clot, to see what they can do about the bleeding, fine line between saving and killing her.
Mum is taken to ICU again in induced coma, she is woken the next day and tube removed. She starts to talk about a plan in the leg where she fell. Wants something for the pain. The do an x-ray, BROKEN LEG. What's a girl to do when all of the organs have something wrong with them? Start on bones! Mum's says that's why I told the ambulance officers I couldn't walk to the vehicle.
Today she is going to surgery again for the leg, unsure if they are pinning it or not, it looks like she has damaged her foot as well, so plaster may bot be an option due to the weight.
God will it ever end??
Stay tuned for the next chapter.........


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness... I hope everything gets better!! This is just too much!!

Chelle said...

Oh Sue! This is just craziness! I just want to say, "GAH!" I wish there was something I could do to help you out. Your poor mum, and poor you! Thank heaven she has you there to help take care of her. Now we just need to find someone to help take care of you. :(

Good luck sweetie. Sending you loads of prayers and love.

Lanie Painie said...

oh, that poor woman! and you poor daughter!

Debstar said...

Thinking of you Sue. Hang in there.