Friday, December 31, 2010

Nearly New Years

Well its 10.53pm on New Years Eve, I am here alone at the moment with my terrorised dogs and cats, the fireworks started early tonight, maybe over an hour ago. Its strange to see a large Alaskan Malamute cower like a little puppy and the old girl Becky thinking she can fight them call if she barks loud enough, and where's Miss Molly, under my feet of course. She did try to get under the toilet while I was sitting on it!

'The husband' went swimming with his sister and niece's. I stayed here with his mum, I was going to go but my rear decided to get sick again :( Now his mother has left and I am here, alone with my fur babies.

The cats are doing OK, they were under my car when the fireworks begun, but soon rushed in, the fireworks sounded and looked so close, like they were next door. I hate to imagine how many terrorised animals will be lost by morning.

Its crazy that these people do not think about the bush fires that happened here not that long ago, and not that far from here. Today the temperature got to approx 42 degrees (108 F), very dry and windy, to think that these few moments of fireworks could possibly set off more fires, well it is just unthinkable but likely.

Tomorrow I will upload some of the pictures I took today of the newly finished/semi finished outside area. Still to get our large Buddha water feature, some Merbu screens, also putting in a spa and need to get some sort of cover for both ends of our pergola.

Anyway, it appears a bit quieter now, so might see if I can get the dogs to go to sleep.

See you next year in 2011


Lanie Painie said...

Poor critters!

I can't wait to see your photos, and the Buddha! Very cool!

Polar's Mom said...

Yes, my big baby is scared of fireworks, too. And thunder since it is similar. But my deaf Dane girl, she is a happy camper. I can only imagine how much louder the fireworks sound to their sensitive ears...

Polar's Mom

Kristy said...

Happy New Year Sue :)