Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the problem is

having a tattoo on my foot means that I can't put on my sneakers for 2 weeks!

Never thought of that before, until yesterday when I had to go looking for track pants or sneakers. I can only were my low cut flat shoes, OK for work but we have a 5 day long weekend here.

I so want to get out and go for a walk but I can't in those flat shoes. Its so boring at home at the moment, there is nothing on television, how many times can you brush the dogs??

Think I might go to the hardware and gardening store, maybe I can get started on my front garden makeover.

Bored bored booorrreeedddd

Sunday, April 24, 2011

So yesterday I went and got my first ever tattoo.

I won't lie, it was painful but well worth it I think.

It is a dragonfly which is symbolism of myself and renewal in attitude and life changing, as well as dream catcher, of course we are always chasing dreams, whether that's, weight loss, the house of your dreams or the holiday you've always wanted, if you aren't dreaming then you might as well give up on living, and lastly the 10 stars, which symbolise the 110 embryos a special family have donated to the husband and I.

The huband also went and got himself a tattoo which is for his brother who died in his arms, it isn't finished yet so won't post a picture as yet until its coloured in.

So there you go, finally we have the tattoo, was thinking about having 'DREAM' and 'BELIEVE' on each wrist. Still thinking about that for now.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the day of pain

Today is the day that I receive my tattoo. I'm getting really nervous at the moment about how painful it will be on my foot and also the fact that it will cover most of my right foot. Is it the right place to have the tattoo? I don't know but I know I want to see it not have it on my back where I can't see it most of the time. But I won't be able to cover it, you will see it with most shoes that I wear, is that a problem? No not really but I am someone that does worry about how people see me. It is now 8.03am and at 10am I will start to receive the tattoo and by 11.30am it will be over. I will then still go and gather up my mother and take her shopping as per usual, don't know how that will go but I must do what I must do.

The Husband will then start to receive his tattoo after me. He is getting his right forearm done in honour of his brother, who died in 'the husbands' arms when they were together riding their motorbikes. Its been about 6 years since then and its taken this time to get the right thing designed and finally move forward.

A big day for us, symbolically.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Yesterday I decided that I think I need to do a detox. I felt really bloated and had pains in my stomach area. I felt like I had increased my inners x 3 all within my 8 hour work day and was so uncomfortable by the end of the day.

So I started looking at the Master Cleanse. I have been looking at others posts on YouTube to see results good and bad, some lose weight with the cleanse, skin is great, no hunger but some get rashes big time. So I have ordered the ebook to give it a good read first. It can't do my any harm (unless I get a rash) to be able to clean out my system of any built up crap in my system. I have watched some strange shows like 'most embarrassing illness' where they do coffee enemas and they pass 'colon plague' by the bucket full. Although they lose weight, its like internal weight, not outer weight. After all it is all but a fluid diet so its not like you are really going to be using it like a diet.

I have seen some on YouTube that have done the cleanse for 40 days, well that's commitment. I don't think I could do it for that long, 10 day minimum will be big for me.

Its just a thought at the moment, not determined. Don't know how I could do the saltwater flush and still be able to get any work done at work, my bathroom at work is not very close to my desk, apparently its a mad rush to 'eliminate' within 2 hours of the saltwater flush.

As you can probably see I have added a countdown ticker for leaving for LA and for the transfer. I am really getting excited now. Sorry for my American friends but the AUD/USD $ is great for our trip at the moment. I just can't wait to pack our bags, although I am scared about flying. I just am not a good flier, something about lack of control and feet not being on the ground, less distance to fall.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

all going great

This week has gone from good to great! Mum has been quiet well for her, she has a sore back but is getting stronger everyday. They have even given in to the fact that they can't do everything and have a guy coming to do the dawns and gardening once a month. That means a happy family because no one will be nagging to have the lawn mowed ;) We received 'The husband' passport in the mail, so the Visa Waivers are done - tick we also received our International Drivers licenses in the mail - tick Travel insurance purchased - tick I did purchase the airline tickets and booked a car from the airport - tick however someone at work mentioned that they thought we were very brave getting a car from the airport since we will be getting off a long haul flight, driving on the wrong side of the road and trying to get out of the airport with inter contenting freeways............... well when you say it like that............... might cancel the car from the airport, will probably get a shuttle from the airport to the hotel then get the hire car. I have chosen the hotels, yes that's right hotels. We have decided to move hotels, not too far from the clinic but enough to make it feel new over the 5 weeks, the last week being very close tot he beach, well on top of the beach. We will do some trips in the spare time, like a trip to Mexico for the day, a 3 day 2 night trip over to Vagas baby with a side trip to the Grand Canon. 'The Husband' isn't that interested in going to Disney Land and as I don't do rides I don't really care but others have told us we should go anyway because its not just about the rides. If anyone can think of something else we can/should do, feel free to comment. I've currently been dieting for our trip, nothing crazy but it has shown some results thus far, Monday I was 91.6 and as of Saturday are 90.0, now I haven't exercised like I should have but still have these results, it can only get better. Although yesterday at woek I won the Easter raffle....... a massive basket of eggs and bunnies, however I had just been sent on a mission to the lollie shop for the mothers barley sugar that I swear she is addicted to more than she was to the smokes, and thought, I should by the easter eggs for everyone, called the mother, she put in a request, after I spent $51 for gifts from me and $58 for gifts from the mother and then I arrive back to work and after spending $6 on raffle tickets (9 tickets in totol) I win the mother load! Lucky I don't really eat chocolate cause we could really be in trouble with the diet. 132 days until we fly to LA!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

136 days till we fly

We are getting another step closer. Today we received our e-tickets for the flights and 'the husbands' passport is waiting at the post office for him to collect tomorrow. The international drivers licenses should be here Wednesday or Thursday and the car rental has been booked. Next we can apply for our Visa waivers tomorrow night and waiting to book the accommodation because it appears that the Internet doesn't like to book anything more that 25 days. Still have to work out what we are going to do about the pets. We could get someone to come and house sit for the 5 weeks, remembering we have 3 dogs, 2 cats and 4 snakes. I got a quote for a dog kennel and cattery which worked out to be something like $3000. So we have a nephew we can ask to come and stay or a sister in-law to take some of the dogs and someone to come to the house to feed the cats but what to do, what to do? We have 136 days until we fly out, not that I'm counting or anything :) I have started a small diet, not mentioning a great deal about it but hopefully it will make a difference between pregnant or not.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Treatment info

So although we know we are coming to the States for the embryo adoption, I haven't really talked much about the treatment and transfer....

  1. We will be starting with a blood test and ultrasound to check my ovaries and lining (possibly here in Australia or in the States) on the 26th August

  2. then if we aren't already in the States we will fly over and go to the clinic on the 31st August - on this day we have our first shot of Delestrogen injection

  3. on the 3rd Sept next Delestrogen shot

  4. 7th Sept next appointment with the doctor/clinic, another shot of Delestrogen

  5. 10th Sept - Delestrogen shot

  6. 14th Sept - Delestrogen shot

  7. 16th add 1cc Progesterone shot

  8. 17th 2cc Progesterone daily and Delestrogen

  9. 18/19/20th 2cc Progesterone

  10. 21st Delestrogen and TRANSFER -back to hotel and rest for 2 days

  11. 30th Sept first PREGNANCY TEST

  12. 4th Oct second PREGNANCY TEST

Daily I am taking Pregnancy Platinum vitamins and Folic Acid supplements

Our clinics web pages has success rates based on the egg donors age, since our egg donor was under 35 at the time of conception of the embryos, their success rate is 48%. I hoping that this will be a good vibe for us, especially with all that has happened this week with everything falling into place.

I am really excited to receive 'the husbands' passport early this week and then our international drivers licenses, next to apply for our Visa waiver (have to wait for the other passport).

We are on our way babies, only 4 and a bit months left before we fly out to meet you.....

Saturday, April 09, 2011


It is really REAL we are coming to America I have had my annual leave approved, my passport is here (just waiting for the husbands on Monday). Live has been good to us this week, let me explain.... I put in my leave a week or so ago, my Team Leader thought she knew how to process leave without pay, so it sat on her desk for a week until the rostering lady asked when I was going to apply for my leave? I told her I had but since it has to go through her, she was puzzled. I sent the TL a quick email to let her know that I had been asked about the leave, which had her pointed into the right direction. The HR person came to request if I would give her approval to advise the head of the company why I wanted unpaid leave, he must have been racking his brain as to what my 'medical procedure being performed in United States' meant, maybe he thought I would be coming back with a breast enhancement of double E! So with some information relaid, the leave is approved. Great I now have the time now to come up with the money. Low and behold, I get home that night and there is a cheque in the mail for $6330. I now that we would be getting it sooner or later but not sooner. Life is good, could it get better?? I am at work on Friday, after having a crap Thursday at work, when the TL wants to see me again. Geez, if she has 'words' with me about someone else's job again that I am helping out with, I will spit it. I am just breathing, thinking about the 139 days until we leave for America. The kicker, just when you least expect something, BAM, take that. The big bosses at my work place have decided that because of my 'holiday reason' I am no longer having leave WITHOUT pay, they will pay me while I am away! Now I am taking 5 weeks leave, 3 of which were leave without pay. That's going to equal about $2000 bonus. Even if I leave the work place, pregnant or not, I do not owe them the money! What? How is the universe smiling on me so much, not that I am questioning the universe but lets just say, I will be playing the lotto this week. Its a nice change from what the universe had been dishing out. So we are planning on leaving Australia for the US on approx 26th August until end of September. Planning in some day trips, maybe to Mexico and Vagas, maybe some other places. Now it really is REAL.