Sunday, May 25, 2008

Plastering almost completed

Yes Dave arrived late on Saturday, night on the piss will do that to a fella.

Top coat just about done on the plastering wall, he needs to come back on Monday night to finish it completely off. YAY

Painting, sure that was started, {{cough}}, mmmmm just waiting for another burst of energy.

Tiles collected along with 4 bags of grout from the tile seller. Fine fella.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Well, don't know how it happened but Dazza tells me that his mate Dave will be over on Saturday morning to finish off the plastering. Thanks Kek for your 'tip' by the way :)

I have also just recently found in the Trading Post some tiles for sale, 30 boxes actually, which will do my 35m2 at the bargain price of $300, loving this, now I just have to lay them and yes, this is a task I will be doing once again. I have made a start on the painting today, well I started to do the tops and bottoms in the hall way, its going to be a big job to do by myself but hell it will be worth it in the end. Have to make a start since we have started our adoption training and DHS will be stopping by to check on our home and do our assessment in the near future.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I need to finish or start

I'm currently having 2 weeks off to do my adoption training although that only take 2 days but though what a great opportunity to have some quite time at home with Dazza working evenings.

So what do I want to do - well about 6 months ago a friend of Dazza's came over and helped us with plastering up a wall, the problem being is that he hasn't been back to complete the job. This now brings me to the point of the finishing. How hard can it be? Surely as long as I have directions from the finishing plaster box and the internet I can't go wrong?

I also want to repaint the interior of the house. Again, I've done this before, except the last time I painted I decided to go along with the trend and paint EVERY DAM WALL IN THE HOUSE WITH SUEDE EFFECT, was lovely when first done, everyone complimented me on the job we did. Now that I want to change it, its not that easy, hence why it has taken me so long. We had started to sand down the walls, that's right people, you need to sand it first. Those wonderful people at Dulux didn't think that far ahead! So I have been researching on the internet at the Renovator's Forum and think I have now found a solution and am willing to give it a go.


So, now to just get it started. I will be running off to Bunnings this morning or even just the local Paint Spot to find out about this so called Dulux Ultrasmooth and also find out how much this magic stuff costs. Or I probably should also get some extra tips before starting/finishing the plastering. If anyone has any tips, feel free to comment and let me know the easiest way.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A different way of thinking

Tonight I went for a walk to the fish'n chip shop for dinner, placed my phone order of a Mexican Sovalaki and then walked down to pick it up. I realised that she hadn't finished making it when I arrived. Then to my despair I realised that my savolaki that comes with bacon didn't appear to have bacon! I asked the lady kindly, ummmm is there bacon on that She said yes and then realised that she had left it on the grill. I probably shouldn't have bothered as I then realised that it was the size of ..................... I can't even think of the size it was it was that small. I was really upset that I have been ripped off all this time. After I walked home and fumed about the fact that they are not technically leaving it off the purchased item as advertised, but that she is probably doing me a favour not putting a huge piece on with allot of fat that I would later have to burn off and I still got the desired flavour I was after (however chilli sauce alone would have done that). However I now vow never to return to that fish'n chip shop and have also banned Dazza from using it to. That will teach them to rip me off.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Not much

Josh its been a week since I last posted. I haven't really been doing that much. Dazza's gone back to night shift so I'm all alone at night except of course for my fur babies, 3 dogs and 2 cats. He seems to have gotten away with having to do any chores that we had him doing like feeding the dogs, since I'm the one up in the morning to feed them unless I want them feed at lunch time and of course he's at work when they need to be feed at night! Anyway, won't dwell on that, not since I now have TWO weeks off work. YAY. Not really doing that much but do have finally our Training Days for Infant Adoption. It's only taken about 10 months to come around! I will also be having our back fence replaced and my hot water system repaired. Only had that leak for a bout 2.5 years. It's time to be fixed when you off peak usage is higher than you peak usage on your electricity bill. You would think I would have known to fix that a long time ago since I work for the electricity company but I had better things to spend my money on, like electricity bills. Actually may have to get my fridge door seals fixed to, must make a note to call them.

Exercise, well none existent, since Dazza is doing the night shift, I get him up to take me to the station (that's the only time I see him in a day) and then as its dark when I get back to my suburb and you know I'm a scaredy cat when it comes to walking in the dark, I take the bus home. So over these next 2 weeks will have to get my butt into gear, at least with getting to the local gym and maybe doing some cardio classes.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Never done this before but here goes

You may notice that I have added a 'Make a Donation' button to the side of my blog. Its not something that I feel completely comfortable with but with my age catching up I feel like I am now getting limited to what I can do in relation to making our family a reality.

So if you would like to help us out with the growing medical expenses that go along with IVF we would really appreciate it. After nearly 20 years of trying, it really does take a toll on you mentally, physically, emotionally and monetary, but without it where are we left, with no children which I don't wish on anyone who thinks that in time they would love to bring children into this world. Some would think that we could just adopt but that too is very hard in this country. If we choose to do Infant Adoption, it takes approximately 2 years to be approved and then it is up to the birth parent as to who they choose to be the parent. After the struggle to be approved and are finally chosen, you then can not just go off and be a happy family as with the laws today, the birth parents have the choice of visitation up to 6 times per year.

If we were to choose to do Inter-Country Adoption it can be anywhere up to $30,000 which includes our countries fees plus the adoptive countries fee's, you then need to pay for airfares, accommodation and spend up to 2 weeks in the chosen country. Of course you have to be matched with a child first but with the limits on babies each year from these country the chances of having our file in our chosen country before 2010 is non existent. Therefore in we could possibly be 45-49 before we are bringing home a baby. I am 39 now.

So I hope that you feel you know me a little better now and understand my yearning for a child to call my own.

Monday, May 05, 2008

What you see when your out (& don't have a gun)

So I went out as usual with mum on the weekend for our shopping but it turned into going to the movies. We went to see Nim's Island which wasn't that great and I ate a whole mid size popcorn to myself. Popcorn is my weakness. Afterwards of course I needed the bathroom, those huge Cokes from the movies are just too big. Well anyway, on the way out of the bathroom, mum wanted to weigh herself. As I have stated before my scales are on the blink so couldn't weigh myself at home. Mum tells me, get on I have change I want to get rid of. Great! Shoes, jumpers and all, what does it tell me. 91.5 kilos and 172 cms tall (hello I am not 172cm but 170cms) Your OVERWEIGHT. Thanks for that insight. Mum jumps on and is 79.5 kilos, oh good she says, I've put on some weight! You see for no reason at all, my has been losing weight steadily for the past couple of months. Not that it would kill her but it is a puzzle, well not really since she doesn't eat that much really. She loves her iced coffee but drinks heaps of water too. Anywho, I really didn't need to know that I weigh 91.5 kilos (my heaviest ever) although I do not know whether to believe this digital scale outside of the ladies toilet. I choose not to believe.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What dogs do

Humphrey is so vain! He saw himself in the glass and had to take a seat just to keep watching himself! I swear he got so close I thought he was going to lick his reflection.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Just when you thought you couldn't do something? Here is a guy to show that with a little effort we can manage anything.

Today I had a weird day, I woke up with really puffy eye, that's right just 1 eye. I woke Daz to find out if he hit me through the night because it was half shut. It has come down some what but will be interesting to see if the same thing happens tomorrow morning.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not much to say

Thanks everyone for your comments, I think its the most I have received since starting my journey on 1 post :O

I am finding it hard to get the jogging in I must at admit as when I come home from work at 5.30pm, I start cooking, eating, sit for a bit and in bed by 8.30pm ready to be up at 5.30am for Dazza and me to leave at 6.50am. But at least I am getting the walking in the morning so it has to have some benefit. I will definitely be doing the dog 6km walk at least twice this weekend, it did us all allot of good last weekend although I must admit my legs were a little sore after both. anywho have to leave for work again.