Friday, May 09, 2008

Never done this before but here goes

You may notice that I have added a 'Make a Donation' button to the side of my blog. Its not something that I feel completely comfortable with but with my age catching up I feel like I am now getting limited to what I can do in relation to making our family a reality.

So if you would like to help us out with the growing medical expenses that go along with IVF we would really appreciate it. After nearly 20 years of trying, it really does take a toll on you mentally, physically, emotionally and monetary, but without it where are we left, with no children which I don't wish on anyone who thinks that in time they would love to bring children into this world. Some would think that we could just adopt but that too is very hard in this country. If we choose to do Infant Adoption, it takes approximately 2 years to be approved and then it is up to the birth parent as to who they choose to be the parent. After the struggle to be approved and are finally chosen, you then can not just go off and be a happy family as with the laws today, the birth parents have the choice of visitation up to 6 times per year.

If we were to choose to do Inter-Country Adoption it can be anywhere up to $30,000 which includes our countries fees plus the adoptive countries fee's, you then need to pay for airfares, accommodation and spend up to 2 weeks in the chosen country. Of course you have to be matched with a child first but with the limits on babies each year from these country the chances of having our file in our chosen country before 2010 is non existent. Therefore in we could possibly be 45-49 before we are bringing home a baby. I am 39 now.

So I hope that you feel you know me a little better now and understand my yearning for a child to call my own.

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Kek said...

Thanks so much for your MDC sponsorship, Sue.... it's not just a good cause, it means a lot to me.