Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A different way of thinking

Tonight I went for a walk to the fish'n chip shop for dinner, placed my phone order of a Mexican Sovalaki and then walked down to pick it up. I realised that she hadn't finished making it when I arrived. Then to my despair I realised that my savolaki that comes with bacon didn't appear to have bacon! I asked the lady kindly, ummmm is there bacon on that She said yes and then realised that she had left it on the grill. I probably shouldn't have bothered as I then realised that it was the size of ..................... I can't even think of the size it was it was that small. I was really upset that I have been ripped off all this time. After I walked home and fumed about the fact that they are not technically leaving it off the purchased item as advertised, but that she is probably doing me a favour not putting a huge piece on with allot of fat that I would later have to burn off and I still got the desired flavour I was after (however chilli sauce alone would have done that). However I now vow never to return to that fish'n chip shop and have also banned Dazza from using it to. That will teach them to rip me off.

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Kek said...

What the hell is a Mexican souvlaki? LOL - I thought souvlaki was Greek!