Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things I need to finish or start

I'm currently having 2 weeks off to do my adoption training although that only take 2 days but though what a great opportunity to have some quite time at home with Dazza working evenings.

So what do I want to do - well about 6 months ago a friend of Dazza's came over and helped us with plastering up a wall, the problem being is that he hasn't been back to complete the job. This now brings me to the point of the finishing. How hard can it be? Surely as long as I have directions from the finishing plaster box and the internet I can't go wrong?

I also want to repaint the interior of the house. Again, I've done this before, except the last time I painted I decided to go along with the trend and paint EVERY DAM WALL IN THE HOUSE WITH SUEDE EFFECT, was lovely when first done, everyone complimented me on the job we did. Now that I want to change it, its not that easy, hence why it has taken me so long. We had started to sand down the walls, that's right people, you need to sand it first. Those wonderful people at Dulux didn't think that far ahead! So I have been researching on the internet at the Renovator's Forum and think I have now found a solution and am willing to give it a go.


So, now to just get it started. I will be running off to Bunnings this morning or even just the local Paint Spot to find out about this so called Dulux Ultrasmooth and also find out how much this magic stuff costs. Or I probably should also get some extra tips before starting/finishing the plastering. If anyone has any tips, feel free to comment and let me know the easiest way.

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Kek said...

My tip for plastering: get a plasterer to do it.