Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just want to say a quick thank you to those who have commented and emailed me your thoughts on clinic's and doctors for me, I really appreciate it and have made contact with some. Until I hear back from them I've got to switch over to another drama in my life at the moment.

A while ago a few who have been reading my blog for a while would know I have talked about my nephews girlfriend and my great niece and nephew. Well all hell has broken loose at their place this last week. That wonderful institution called DHS (insert sarcasm here) has been called in, apparently the housing commission called them. We of course will never know who called them for sure.

The story from the girlfriends goes something like this: She had reported and requested on a number of times that the housing commission come in and fix a few things, well after a few months they have sent contractors to paint the property but they refused because of the smell in the carpet! The girlfriend states that the kitchen window 'fell out' and she had reported it and it still hasn't been fixed. Because of the cold weather and the rain, water has gotten in and under the carpet is now wet and there is allot of mould. The housing commission want the girlfriend to pay for the carpet, she refuses, next thing DHS is on the door step, for 2 days running. Then 2 letters arrive for my nephew who has been living at my parents for a few months, from DHS taking them to court for a child protection order! So of course we scramble. They live about 3 hours from us. I've talked to the woman who was doing our assessment who filled us in on what would happen on the day of the court appearance, and that is that there will be a interim order granted that the children taken and given hopefully to her parents to look after, they live about 20 minutes away. This way my great niece can continue at her school, she's in prep, and my great nephew can still go to creche. All this and the girlfriend is due to deliver another great niece in about 16 days.

I can't believe all of this is over carpet. But I have heard stories from my other nephews about the state of the house but I have never actually been there myself. I just hope this gives her a really good scare if that all it takes to do the right thing.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Change in plans, sort of

Well, I can't believe my luck, one door closed and another opened with a surprise offer of donor embryos! They aren't in this country, at the moment, I'm working hard to get them here. But the fact of the matter is that they have been offered and if I can find a way, they will be ours. I am so grateful to the lovely lady who made the offer and can't wait to get them here. I have to pinch myself every now and again to believe that it could be true.

So my sort of plans have changed. I still have to lose some weight to help with implantation but the plan to do IVF here could be different. My mind is still all over the place but I have started to eat more mindfully, if that makes sense at all and am I'm drinking more water to flush the system. So I will keep you posted with my success or failure to succeed to get the embies to Oz.

One door closes

Well that's what they say isn't it, 1 door closes and another opens.

It was less than 24 hours after we called it quits with the adoption agency and we had a very kind offer of a donor.

I'll be now blogging about trying to import some international embryos and the trials and tribulations that go along with that.

So far I have found out that we can apply in our own state to import them but due to there being a double donor issue my own state and a few others will not allow it to happen. Although this is bad news for me in this state, I haven't given up hope that I will still get them into Australia but just in another state and just travel to that state for treatment, much like Tammy did.

If all else fails there is always the option to travel internationally to do the treatment. Which isn't a huge issue since we were planning on travelling international for another donor.

Once we have an answer as to whether or not they will come to Australia, I'll be able to let you all know what my next step is. I am waiting on a response form Western Australian, Tasmania, Queensland and I haven't contacted Northern Territory as yet.

I am so excited, I have to pinch myself to believe it is true, that someone thought so much of me to donate to me and my husband. Much love and gratitude goes out to that lovely person, she knows who she is.

Until then, pray for us that it works out, but I believe in my heart, these are our babies and we will give them a great loving warm home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project: Blast

Ok, its now time to get extremely serious.

I have just shot down any chance of adopting via the adoption agency so my only hope of being a mother is to have a baby. In doing this I will have to go through more IVF either here or oversea.

To help my cause I will have to lose a fair amount of weight to help with conception. This means no more empty promises to myself. I must, I will do it!

the end

After 2 long years of playing games with our adoption board, we have called it quits.

It appeared no end in sight for all the bad things that they wanted us to do and the bad things that they would say about my family. Today they wanted me to have controlled visits with my father as he was once a alcoholic, now I mean once a long time ago, just think I am nearly 42 and the last time my father was drunk was when I was about maybe 9 years old.

I told her that I think that the department that they work for are analysing the wrong group of people. The people who want to be parents, plan and save to become parents, we are not the people that they are being paid to protect and who have the children taken from them because of our life styles.

Daz thinks we could go to panel but we would probably only be turned down at panel as the department boss who already doesn't like smokers (Daz is a smoker) and thinks we are freaks as Daz also has pet snakes would be on said panel.

I am really mad because these people have the goal to judge me not good enough to be a mother.
Just because our reproductive systems do not work does not me an that we are less, that we do not deserve to be parents, just because someone else deems us not good enough.

Today I had to bite my lip and I didn't like it!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Catch up

I live a very boring life. I'm the first to admit it, wish it were more but I think with more comes drama, drama I don't need.

Last week I went to my first Zumba class, however was not what I expected. In the end I realised it was my mistake. Should have realised that Zumba/FB is not one or the other but a combination of the 2 in 1 class : I was a little disappointed in the instructor as there were more than myself that this was the first class we had attended and there was "no show of hands of who has not done the class before" question asked just straight into it. I had taken my niece Mandy with me and I think I've said before she is lets say well over 100kilos, exercise is not something she is used to.

Then after about 45 minutes we were told to get a barbell and put 2.5 kilos on each side, neither of us had used these clips to hold on a weight before and Mandy had one fly off whilst in mid air. They was no showing us how to put these on, no correcting of technique, no asking if there were any injuries, just straight in. I found that less than amusing. I didn't complain to management as you only pay $3.30 per class, this is probably why they wouldn't really care. Although they would still be liable in there gym I guess, maybe I should call.....

So other than that burst of energy, I really haven't been doing much except some yard projects and working. I've become perm part time at my job which is good I guess, Daz has been healthy for the most part, still waiting for a new operation date for his heart, I have to fix up some female bits and pieces. The adoption assessment is still going on. I think they are trying and succeeding in doing my head in.

Well better go and wake Daz up and get ourselves into gear for the mothers day thing.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there.........

Saturday, May 08, 2010

My name is Sue and its been 3 months since my last post.............

Nothing has changed here, still waiting on D*HS to finish there dam report and waiting for panel. Just when I thought it was over I was caught in a white lie about how many times I had seen the hypnotherapist :( Had to go back and see her again and will again in another week but hopefully that will satisfy them although beginning to think that nothing with satisfy them at D*HS.

I have been very close to calling an end to the process many times but am reminded my Daz that we are so close to the end that we might as well continue.

In the mean time we have been working on doing some 'outside' projects in the yard and the front of the house. Once they are complete I will try and post some pictures.