Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One door closes

Well that's what they say isn't it, 1 door closes and another opens.

It was less than 24 hours after we called it quits with the adoption agency and we had a very kind offer of a donor.

I'll be now blogging about trying to import some international embryos and the trials and tribulations that go along with that.

So far I have found out that we can apply in our own state to import them but due to there being a double donor issue my own state and a few others will not allow it to happen. Although this is bad news for me in this state, I haven't given up hope that I will still get them into Australia but just in another state and just travel to that state for treatment, much like Tammy did.

If all else fails there is always the option to travel internationally to do the treatment. Which isn't a huge issue since we were planning on travelling international for another donor.

Once we have an answer as to whether or not they will come to Australia, I'll be able to let you all know what my next step is. I am waiting on a response form Western Australian, Tasmania, Queensland and I haven't contacted Northern Territory as yet.

I am so excited, I have to pinch myself to believe it is true, that someone thought so much of me to donate to me and my husband. Much love and gratitude goes out to that lovely person, she knows who she is.

Until then, pray for us that it works out, but I believe in my heart, these are our babies and we will give them a great loving warm home.


Amanda said...

How wonderful!!! Hoping, wishing and praying things fall easily into place.

Journey Girl said...

Yay - that is fabulous news, Sue!! Just to let you know, my FS told me that the only state in Aus that you can import embryo's to is Queensland and I believe that Monash do it. Good luck!!

Dora said...

Terrific, Sue! Here from LFCA. I have a beautiful 6 month old daughter from an open embryo donation. Before this situation came along, I was in talks with someone else with embryos to donate. I had a phone consult (at no charge) with a dr at her clinic in San Francisco. He was VERY helpful and caring. The clinic is the Pacific Fertility Center (pacificfertilitycenter.com). I would highly recommend Dr. Herbert. Best of luck!

Dora said...

BTW, as you will see from their website, they are used to people traveling to their clinic and can help with accommodations.

Sassy Gal said...

I went to Fertility and Surgical Associates of California. The entire staff is wonderful. I love Dr. Kumar. They have two offices. I went to the one in Thousand Oaks. I know they do FET.

Good luck I hope to see you on the pregnancy announcement boards soon.