Saturday, May 29, 2010


I just want to say a quick thank you to those who have commented and emailed me your thoughts on clinic's and doctors for me, I really appreciate it and have made contact with some. Until I hear back from them I've got to switch over to another drama in my life at the moment.

A while ago a few who have been reading my blog for a while would know I have talked about my nephews girlfriend and my great niece and nephew. Well all hell has broken loose at their place this last week. That wonderful institution called DHS (insert sarcasm here) has been called in, apparently the housing commission called them. We of course will never know who called them for sure.

The story from the girlfriends goes something like this: She had reported and requested on a number of times that the housing commission come in and fix a few things, well after a few months they have sent contractors to paint the property but they refused because of the smell in the carpet! The girlfriend states that the kitchen window 'fell out' and she had reported it and it still hasn't been fixed. Because of the cold weather and the rain, water has gotten in and under the carpet is now wet and there is allot of mould. The housing commission want the girlfriend to pay for the carpet, she refuses, next thing DHS is on the door step, for 2 days running. Then 2 letters arrive for my nephew who has been living at my parents for a few months, from DHS taking them to court for a child protection order! So of course we scramble. They live about 3 hours from us. I've talked to the woman who was doing our assessment who filled us in on what would happen on the day of the court appearance, and that is that there will be a interim order granted that the children taken and given hopefully to her parents to look after, they live about 20 minutes away. This way my great niece can continue at her school, she's in prep, and my great nephew can still go to creche. All this and the girlfriend is due to deliver another great niece in about 16 days.

I can't believe all of this is over carpet. But I have heard stories from my other nephews about the state of the house but I have never actually been there myself. I just hope this gives her a really good scare if that all it takes to do the right thing.

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