Friday, June 11, 2010

New addition - x rated picture beware!

So I'm a 'Great' aunt again ;)
Baby Alyssa was born on Sunday.
5 pounds 15 oz's

On another note, the embryo adoption is going along well.

A fair bit of planning, some overseas travel involved but definately exciting.

I'm still deciding if we should do part of the cycle here in Australia to reduce the transfer fee oversea's however then I think that $2200 isn't that much to pay oversea's plus the medication costs. If we do most of the cycle here we will only need to be in the other country for 3-4 days but if we do the whole cycle overseas we would be away for 3 weeks. My thoughts are that if heaven forbid it fail, at least we would have had a nice long holiday. Otherwise we would have travelled by plane for at least 24 hours there and 24 hours back and seen nothing except the inside of the clinic and a hotel. However if we are there for 3 weeks we can see the sights as well as the inside of a clinic and hotel.

We could maybe, hopefully have the donor come over to were we are for a visit if she would like, I haven't actually met this lovely lady however I have known her for a few years. How weird is that?

Its amazing the people you met in the cyber world.

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Chelle said...

Congrats on the precious baby niece! She is beautiful.

I say go for the trip. Get something out of it for sure.

The blog world IS incredible. I've "met" some really amazing women on here. I wouldn't trade it for the world.