Friday, June 11, 2010

its been a while

But things have been happening here.

I have found a clinic in the US to do a frozen embryo transfer! So not only do I have to lose weight, I also have to gain funds.

I know what to do but the brain won't switch into gear. I still have my gym membership which I still haven't used yet :

I am getting back into listening to music which makes me move, even if it is just in my chair

I have brought a new recipe book which is a slow cooker recipe book. I know it may not help me with my weight but at least its REAL food, this way I can feel comfort along with the goodness of veggies as well as the meat which will also help getting Dazza to eat it as well.

I've been thinking again of joining weight loss centres which I know is not the answer but I think if the quick dress size drop. One of the young ones at work gets married at the end of the year and she is on the Optislim shakes which makes me roll my eyes but you know if I see a change in her weight it will make me think of using it, even if I think/know its a bad idea. Why is it that I still think that a miracle cure for fatness is just around the corner without me having to do anything? You would think that time would have told me that there is no miracle cure. Dam my brain is THICK.

Beyonce is on my ipod and I feel the urge to dance.... **shaking my ass in my chair**

Sorry back to the blog.

Along with the slow cook book I also brought a cupcake cook book, sorry I know but I just had to, the little cupcakes on the cover was calling me.

Back to my babies in another country by another mother.

I have 10 beautifully frozen embryos. The father, whom of course I do not know except that he was donor #11182, is like 6foot 6, his brothers were something like 6foot 7, all of the family have BA's, the egg donor is like 4foot 11, how interesting this will be, she has a autoimmune disease but there is only 2% that it will be passed onto the embryos but to me that means that they have 98% chance of not having it. Glass half full not half empty. Now why can't I think like that about my weight???

Oh and about my work. Well I am finally in permanent work, I have been successful in also gaining a role with Quality Assurance although haven't done any of it yet, then yesterday was asked to be 1 of 4 in the help desk pool, we will all do 2 hours each per day, this was meant to start sometime in the near future, that was until I arrived at work today to be told I was starting on the help desk today, right then. So I'm feeling pretty comfortable since they obviously think highly of me to be helping all the other staff out on help desk, answering questions on processing.

Mariah's now on the ipod and now I just feel like singing a solo..........

That's it for me, for now anyway :)


Chelle said...

That is awesome news about the frozen embies! I am so excited for you! I can't wait for you to get that show on the road, and get you on your way to being a mother. :)

I bought a slow cooker cook book a couple weeks ago too. Maybe I'll put it to use next week.

Best wishes on the weight loss front. I need to lose quite a few too. boo!

P.S. My word verification is "Storks" Hmmm....

Kristy said...

Hi Sue that is great news about the embryos.

Have you thought about going to see someone about your weight like a psychologist. This could be more the answer about why you eat. You can go to the Dr and get a mental health plan which entitles you to 6 sessions at a discount price and then after that you go back to you doctor and he will decide if you need another 6. This is what I am doing. I have to pay $120 upfront, but get $80 back from medicare. Not sure if they all charge the same rates. I know I can overcome my emotional overeating.

Have a look on and there is a list of practitioners that follow this method for each state. This might help you. You could even see a dietitian. I hope this helps :)