Thursday, June 17, 2010

Off to the hospital we go

Well it has finally come, my visit to the hospital to see about this darn fibroid and the fact that no one can see my left tube in a internal ultrasound!

I really can't wait to see what they find (I'll keep you posted) and can't wait to get it fixed. Once its fixed, I'll be closer to traveling to have our donated Frozen Embryo Transfer and hopefully be closer to bring home our babies.

Daz also had his own trip to the hospital yesterday :|

I got a message at what I thought was 4.27pm, just before I finished work, to read:

I'm at hospital I cut my hand pen with angle grinder its NOT BAD MAYBE 5 STITCHES

It turned out that he text me at 2.19pm, oops sorry if you needed me :o So now Daz has ended up off work for a week because of it, all I can say is lucky it happened and work so he will still be paid without it effecting his sick pay. When we went back to his work after 5pm you could see where they had washed all the blood away. YUK

So on the day off for the hospital I had to cram in as much as I could so Miss Angel is off to the vet to become 'Flash Dance', you will now what I mean when I post pictures later and Miss Becky will be going to the groomers for some pampering...

Miss Angel is very unhappy at the moment as she can't be feed as when she becomes Flash Dance they need to place her under the influence of the drugs...

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Chelle said...

Good luck at your appointment! I hope they are able to find everything and clear things up.

Sorry to hear about Daz. I hope he isn't hurting too much. Poor guy. :(

I can't wait to see what Flash Dance means. lol

BTW, I responded to your request. Pictures of Baby Bean have been posted. :)