Monday, April 30, 2007

Yay Tuesday is day off day!

Well I have made it to day 8, well tomorrow anyway. Tomorrow is offically my day off so can splurge and get take away although Dazza goes to school tomorrow night so might have to wait a long time to get some food.

I have now done 7 days straight of exercise, Kerryn will be impressed, and I'm still motivated. Altough this is not my record for motivation, i think it was 4 - 5 weeks with Kerryn training me. I still haven't weighed myself from the last time that I had Dazza remove the battery from the scales and when I asked for him to replace it for a weigh in today, he refused and told me to wait another week or 2. I guess it makes sense because if I haven't lost anything or not enough by my high standards, I will be back in the fridge no doubt.

I do have to work out some nasty but nice treats I can give myself without blowing the diet because if I do have even something small in the cupboard for a special occassion, you can be sure I will eat it until its gone. Something I will definitely have to work on.

I forgot to mention that the other day I received 3 Usana 'Macro Optimizers' in the mail that I had 'won' through the Beach House Roxburgh Park opening. I'm still a bit scared to eat them, with the little happy pills I'm taking and the carbs/sugar & fat content in them, I just don't know. They have a use by date of 10th may so will have to make my mind up sooner or later.

I'm feeling so good at the moment, I don't know if its from the exercise and diet or just from being content. But while I'm on a roll I'm going with it. I can tell you that staying up late just doesn't cut it anymore. Although in a previous post I said I felt about 22 years old, I'm a 'NANA' when it comes to late nights. So on saying that, its very late for me and I have to get my 'beauty' sleep, let me tell you I need heaps. Have to get Dazza up at 5am so nite nite.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sad realisation of life

Today when i went for a walk to the supermarket cause I was feeling like takeaway instead of chicken I noticed something really sad. I walked past the police station on my way back and noticed a man pull up in a ute with his son. After a quick hug and grabbing his back pack which looked bigger than him, he must have been about 5 years old, they walked across the front of the Police station and then I turned back the man was driving away. The sad realisation is that he needed to drop of his very young son at a Police station to have mum pick him up. It dawned on my that all over the world today at about the same time, many parents are doing kid swaps. I swear if I ever manage to have kids and, God forbid, if Dazza and I split, I will never put my child through that.


On a better note, I did go to the supermarket and brought steak instead and am having steak, potato wedges in the oven (home made) and beans. Dazza of course is having steak and chips, no doudt with 'dead horse'.


Thought I'd add a picture of my version of Chicken Parma - consists of chicken breast, ham, salsa and lite tasty cheese ;-}

Saturday, April 28, 2007

A new conclusion in my life

Today whilst on my walk, I had a good chance to think about my life. It feels like for all our married life we have been in debt or trying for a baby through natural, supernatureal and scienctific means. That is what it has come down to. I realised that I am 38 years old but feel 22. So why do I have to have a baby now. Why can't I go back to IVF when I'm 40 or 41 for that matter? I have decided that we will pay off our debts (except the home loan of course, I'm not completely mad) refinance our home and travel a bit. We have never really travelled although we did go to Bali, we also took our 2 neices at the age of 14 with us. So not really travelled together as a couple. And to top it off, I feel that I made the right decision because as soon as I said it to myself a NAB bank car drove past. That I will take as an omen. Call me crazy but I believe in all of those signs.

Before going back to IVF I want to have lost at least 10 kilo's if not all of my unwanted 20 kilo's. I want to appear in photo's and not feel ashamed or selfconcious as soon as I see a camera come out. I realised today that I don't have many photo's of my bother in-law, Jeff, who died at 33, nearly 4 years ago. Then realised that if I died today, dazza and my family would find it very hard to find any photo's of my that aren't at least 5 years old. That to me is a sad realisation.

So I will start a 'things to do' list on the side of this blog and keep a track of the things I want to do and the things I actually accomplish. First is to start to save for a holdiay to the States. I also have to get over the fear of dying in a terrorist attack before I can get on a flight. Pay off my debts and refinance the house. And finally go back to IVF once I have lost this weight to make it easier to conceive.

Boy I have really been thinking deep lately, don't know where thats come from :-}

I am just so amazed

You know I have been doing this plan for only a couple of days but I am amazed that after doing my second day of circuit training in 4 days my legs have recovered and today even when I got up I wasn't sore! That has just amaxed me. I even had the energy to go for a walk today, day 5, at about 5kms per hour. I did 4kms in 45 minutes so happy and not sore. Fantasic.


Today is my mum's birthday.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh Boy, just for a day off

So last night was fabulous seeing Pink but today is another story. I have already organised a day off for today so thought, excellent, get the exercise done and clean the house. Yeah right. After going to bed at 2am, I had to wake Daz at 5am, once he had left at 5.30am I thought, nice, back to sleep, MandySpice can get herself up at 6am like she told me. Yeah right. 6.20am, still no noise from MandySpice except for her alarm constantly going off. As I am a control freak I get up and tell her to wake up, which she is but now decides at she doesn't have to leave until 6.40am, which I find funny as she needs to get from Craigieburn to Mill Park within 15 minutes to start her shift. Much to my disgust, I hear her get ready for work which didn't entail food or hot drink, I hear her crack a can of COKE! Kids nowadays?? Any ways, she's now gone but within 30 minutes of her leaving she calls to say her car has broken down. Oh my God. Then again 10 minutes later to tell me she has a flat tyre and her boss is picking her up from where she has broken down. Jump back into bed to only continue to get calls from her. So on a few hours sleep I'm up. Get a call again to ask if I can drive to her fathers work in Laverton to pick up money to pay for repairs. It's day off people!


However I can say with pride, exercise is done and not as sore as I was when I tried to do the same workout 2 weeks ago and then stopped. Cause I couldn't walk properly! But day 4 of the plan down. Yeah for me.

So much for the not exercising thing tonight

Well it took for ever to get into the city tonight to go to the Pink concert, and then we had to walk from Swanston St car park cause there seemed to be no trams coming! So we walked there and back. Although it didn't seem far, that last stretch seemed like it would never end. We finally got to Rod Laver Area and found a huge line, I thought it must have been people buying tickets, stupid me since they were sold out. The were lining up to go through security before even entering the line to go in the front door! Had to empty my drinks into cups as you couldn't even take in a water bottle for Gods sake. (Yes you would be suprised to know I took water to the concert;-)) However it all seemed to hard. Merchandise was over priced as per normal. The concert booklet was $25, flashing things were $10, key chain things that go around your neck were $15, t-shirts started at $45 and even the single was dearer than the t-shirt at $55, there was a sleeveless hoodie at $75 and a tracksuit type of jacket at $95, needless to say I came home with nothing. I won't even send $20 on a Nike or addidas t-shirt. There were some scaley guys at the end of the concert on the street selling t-shirts for $10 that just said P!NK. But no didn't buy from them either.

So as for the concert. Boy can that girl sign and perform. The things she did hanging from from what looked like curtains but really long and also something that looked like a fishing net, the mind boggles. All in all a good night, she was on stage for about an hour and fourty minutes, which seemed to be over in a blink of an eye. My poor friend Jody, (getting better everyday I hope) didn't make to the concert but I called her from the concert and she got to hear some at least and hopefully my digital camera caught some good clips that I can email to her.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


WoooooHooooooo today is PINK day!!!

I haven't done any exercise today and won't fit it in between now and the concert so I will have to jump about like a school girl to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio today. I sure do believe that going to a concert with my georgous neice MandySpice is better than swimming laps anyway :-)

+ =

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Update on exercise for today

Today is day 2 of my six week plan. I have completed the following exercises:
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Stationary Lunges
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Fit-ball Squats
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Bent-over Barbell Row
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Bicep Curls
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Military Press
3 x 12 reps @ 2.5kg Kickbacks
1 x 12 reps Girl Pushups :-(

Have to work harder on drinkin my water and eating, especially when home as I lose track of time and next thing you know its dinner time and I haven't eaten all day but drank a whole bucket of coffee!

Well my dinner has arrives, Dazza went to Subway so off to eat something that Kek would kick my but for, Chicken Parma on a Subway roll. At least the roll is Honey and Oat.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tomorrow is the beginning, well sort of

I have finally finished putting together my plan of attack for exercise, so tomorrow or today with the walking, is the first day of my 6 week exercise plan. I have emailed Sportz Blitz for my starting measurements coz silly me didn't write them down for my own use, duurrr. So at least for the 6 weeks I will have something to compare to. Once I have received the info back, if ever I will make myself accountable and post them on this blog and update weekly. However not my weight as I have had the battery taken from the scales to help me with my complusive disorder of constantly weighing myself. Being the nice person that I am, yes I am too, I have given the same plan to two others at my work. Should be interesting to see how folds and who comes up with the quickest excuse not to do it :-)

Eggs, eggs, everywhere eggs

I have found myself falling back onto an old friend 'The Egg'. I have now been eating 'The Egg' for that past week. Whats with that? Its seems that whenever I am stuck for a protein, my old friend comes out of hiding. Do you think I will get sick of eggs? I definitely do not want eggs to be the staple of my diet. Today I had an egg on toast for breakfast and for dinner, as I'm on the late shift, I will have eggs on a sandwich. What will I have for lunch???? There are no eggs left, boy I'm going to be stumped.
I have at least put on my new sneakers and have been for a 30 minute walk today so can cross off the exercise from my list.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Just don't know what to do with myself

Isn't that a song?
So this week I am on 1pm-9pm, well at least for Monday & Tuesday so I have all of this time in the morning which I end up just wasting, so need to find things other than I guess cleaning and watching tv. Its 10.25am now so I have already wasted 2 hours from when I got up but I have sweep the house, all of it, put washing on the line and another load in the machine, cleared up the lounge, put the rubbish out, made an egg on toast, had 2 coffee's watched some tv and here I am, back on the internet. I really need to be more productive though. You may say that I am doing things but are they the things I want or need to be doing?? The answer is NO. I know this but do you think I will do anything else. The answer again is NO. I should be exercising people. But the thought of putting on my runners and going for a walk, its not making me feel uplifted. I could do the ironing, but I hate that to. Wednesday is a public holiday for Anzac Day and I will do probably the same as today. Thursday is 9am-5pm with the Pink concert in the evening, however just found out the friend Jody that I am going with has ended up in the hospital! Get well fast Jody. So will have to find someone to take her place, if I can and then I'm off again on Friday to relax.

So the point to my post? How am I ever going to change my train of thought and get my butt out there exercising?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The dogs and cats got to bath me!

Today was a bit of a lazy day so thought I would finally try and groom my cat Angel. Normally I would take her to the ve and they do it while she is up out to sleep for about $110. So Daz said, you can do that, you have the clippers, why not have a go. 'Sure' I say, silently shitting myself. So he holds while I try to shave. I was trying not to have to shave her right back but you try shaving a pussy thats not really into it! So we ended up doing it in stages so that she could have a break. The end results not too bad but she's a bit dodgie. So as if I haven't put her through enough today. I decided to bath all of the precious little darling, (she says with clenched teeth). First was Molly, the super molter, then Becky, then Angel and finally Legend and I didn't even endup bloody and scratched to the wahzoo. However I am a bit wet, which is an understatement.

Now for the grooming and brushing and the cleaning up of hair everywhere.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I got some new one's ;-}

So after bitching today about not having any runners I have been able to pick myself up a cheap pair which will do me for a while. Yah for me!

Well there goes the challenge

So I haven't been able to admit yet, or until today anyway, that my challenge appears to be over :-(
On Monday my darling dog Molly decided that runner sandwich was the way to go and there went my LAST pair of runners. You may think 'why has she typed LAST for' well I actually had 2 pairs but she ate my first pair some time back! I know I should have known better than to leave them on the floor, like shoes belong on the floor people, but she had been soo good lately not chewing up peoples shoes that I thought we were finally safe. Or at least I was. I know that I can do weights but then I have no cardio at all until I can afford new runners.

Actually a thought just crossed my mind. Cardio could be at the pool! So maybe its not over yet :-) I will have to check out the water aerobics classes at the to pools cause I can't swim laps tosave my life and with shift work its a bit hard to fit in with swimming lessons.

Ok so not all is lost :-)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Out go the scales

So I have decided not to weigh myself any longer! I will no longer be a slave to the digital.

I seem to be addicted to the bathroom scales but I don't seem to be able to get rid of them. Every week my mother comes over and weighs herself and refuses to take them home with her but expects me to keep them at my house. Would she expect if I was a drunk to keep booze at my house for her to have a drink on a Saturday??? I don't think so. But these scales are my addiction. I tell myself, don't do it today but like a little dirty secret, I jump on them behind closed doors before my shower. I kick myself everyday if I don't see a change.......... imagine my horror when they increase, even by a 100grams.

So I am going to enlist my husband Daz to take the battery out and hide it. Even if I beg and plead, he is not to give it back to me. I know I'm too lazy to buy another one so that should solve my problem............ for now.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I was thinking back over my week that was, the pain, the misery, the illness and thought, you know what. I behaved myself. Even when we had our surprise visitors from Queensland, when the boys tucked down to pizza, I came home with a chicken salad cause I knew that they would want takeaway. I must admit I didn't eat much at all over those 3 days of illness but I did have a bad thing. On Thursday night I had ................... chicken and chips :-( well the chips anyway. I thought that even if I didn't feel like anything, the trusty old appetite would come back with an old friend, chicken and chips, but not really, she didn't show her head, so didn't manage to eat much at all. So I guess if chips are the most staple part of a 3 day diet, its not done too much to my goal in the end. Yesterday only managed half of a focaccia with roasted veggies that I shared with mum and a same orange juice for lunch and I made chicken burgers (home made with my own hands) for dinner.

Exercise has been definitely down, actually not at all, I haven't felt like I have the strength, when sweeping the floor I got a sweat up so I will have to start back doing something. I haven't really been drinking to much either so water intake is down too. I wouldn't think that I have down much in weight loss this week at all. So bring on next week and hoping for the best.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today is a new day

So today I have awoken a new person. I feel like I am about back to normal, the busting to use the loo because of fluid, not to evacuate :-}, I know TMI!

So will start out with a walk I think, seeing as yesterday, just sweeping the floor brought on a sweat. So today is a new day, time to start the washing and the cleaning and the groceries and the ironing and the dishes ............... maybe I'm not as well as I thought cause that all sounds too hard, best I go watch tv first ;-}

Thursday, April 12, 2007

ohhhhhhh what happened????

So after my driving to the pool, doing my exercise as prescribed, I had a very restless night, my stomach goaned and grumbled all night. I awoke in the morning feeling less that productive. Besides from my legs feeling like lead I couldn't get started, the thought of food just wasn't in my brain. I feed my animals as per normal and thought I should sit down with my coffee for half an hour before I got ready for work. Thats when it went to hell. Lets just say, again the toliet was not my friend due to the soreness in my legs and butt but it was over taken from the 'need' to "evacuate" constantly, about 7 times in an hour! Due the visitors in the next room I was really scared of waking them and haveing to entertain at 7am so reluctantly flushed the toliet. Like I had a choice anyway.................... unless I wanted to kill someone with the smell.

So today I have remained again in my pj's on the couch, vomited in the shower and have had diarrhea again, maybe I'll lose some weight that way cause I haven't been able to exercise and food, don't even think about it. I have had 2 pieces on multigrain toast today so that I could take my magic little pill but thats as far as it goes. I have to go to the doctors today so hopefully this will be the end of the misery.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Its offical

So today I have received my email from Sportz Blitz to advise that my finish date is the 24th June. Thats quickest I have ever had a response and to think we even had a long weekend in between. So that means no excuse. Must keep up the anti. Went to the gym today to do my swimming to be told, mm sorry you can only swim laps in the times allocated???? WTF!!!! So I pay for a gym membership which includes the pool but because I wanted to swim laps, (or my poor excuse for laps) I can't because its not in the allocated times???? Well this would be a good reason to not go to the gym but no not me, I jumped back into my car and off to the leisure centre I went and paid to get in to do some sorry arse laps. I am really proud of myself cause I could have just given up as per normal thinking that the world is against me but nope not this time love.

On top of that I had a great day at work today and hope that it is a sign of what I should hope to have in the future. Yippeee for me.

I called Dazza to let him know I was going to the gym after work as he is still home on Easter holidays and found that my house was full of men. Friends have arrived from Queensland for a few days and along with them some of their family members have arrived to catch up as well. So they are delegated to the garage to do boy things, smoke, drink coke/coffee/beer, eat pizza and play guitar. I've had my Subway chicken salad bowl and am quite happy, except that they gave me a cookie of which I then ate on the couch infont of the tellie. Opps thats a mini goal dashed, better luck next time.


So I forgot about the pain side of a workout :-( but as Kerryn would say ' a good sort of pain' as if there is anything of the such thing! So the toliet and seats are not my friend today, mental note to self, once sitting, remain sitting. So there is only 3 breaks throughout my working day so will pace myself. Today's exercise is a 35 minute swin non stop so will stop at the gym on my way home to complete that leg of the challenge, lucky I haven't cancelled the membership yet.

Food is always going to be a challenge for my as when I watch tv I always head for the snacks. You might say, don't watch the tv but I love my tv. I actually eat as something to do as well, so when I'm bored I eat, when I'm stressed I eat, you name it I always have something close by. This is the thing I need to stop. It's funny cause I know I'm not hungry. I will even go as far as eating my dinner, know that I am stuffed but 30 minutes later, cause I'm watching tv I reach for something else. Dumb dumb dumb!!!! I know what your comes up alot there but I love my 'week night' tv, could care less on the weekend as there is nothing on I like, however this week we are getting Foxtel so that will be fixed. I guess knowing that I have this 'problem' I will be more aware and set a mini challenge for myself to conquer it.

Mini Goal - no food whilst watching tv for next 2 days.
Mini Goal - drink at least 1 litre of water at work

Monday, April 09, 2007

My day 2

Ok so I know technically its not my day 2 of the challenge but thats how I'm going to be counting it.

Yesterday I started with a 4km walk which took my about 50 minutes, not too bad I think. Today was the circuit of weights for both upper and lower and I must say my legs are a bit wobberly and not just from the blubber but from the work I put into them today. Anyone can atest to the fact when it comes to 'lunges' I'm not the best but I did what I could. I even did push ups, girly ones, but I did them! So proud of myself :-)

We also planted a herb bowl, planted cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket and Dazza has planted a chilli/pepper mix. In no time we will have our own little herb and veggie garden. We are converting our pergola garden bed into a veggie garden which will act as a hot house and we have removed the plastic roofing over the side where the veggie garden will be so that the rain will be able to water it naturally. Next we will have new soil delivered to break up the clay in the earth and we will also plant some berries, ie. blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. We will be soo self sufficent we will make ourselves sick ;-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Lets start again

Ok so I have taken my 'before' photos and am about to start a new 12 week challenge, however my photos were taken a week ago and I haven't had time to have them printed until last night so will have to start with 11 weeks to go. Oh well, thats another challenge but I am not going to give up before I have even started.

So I have pulled out a copy of a program I brought from FitLioness some time ago........... actually about 3 years ago, a '6 weeks body blast' and started to re-work it to fit me. I find that if I don't have it spelt out so I don't have room to move, I just run out of steam so this time its going to be planned. If I run into trouble I will have to call upon old friend and trainer Kerryn to see me through. She was always a great inspiration and always knows what I need even when I don't.

So with my new sense of positivity, onward and upwards from here.
Start date offically is: April 1st

Height: 170 cms
Weight: 86 kilos
Chest: 99 cms
Waist: 97 cms
Calves: 42 cms
Arms: 31.5 cms
Thighs: 71 cms
Hips: 118.5 cms

So bring on week 4 results, can't wait.