Friday, April 27, 2007

So much for the not exercising thing tonight

Well it took for ever to get into the city tonight to go to the Pink concert, and then we had to walk from Swanston St car park cause there seemed to be no trams coming! So we walked there and back. Although it didn't seem far, that last stretch seemed like it would never end. We finally got to Rod Laver Area and found a huge line, I thought it must have been people buying tickets, stupid me since they were sold out. The were lining up to go through security before even entering the line to go in the front door! Had to empty my drinks into cups as you couldn't even take in a water bottle for Gods sake. (Yes you would be suprised to know I took water to the concert;-)) However it all seemed to hard. Merchandise was over priced as per normal. The concert booklet was $25, flashing things were $10, key chain things that go around your neck were $15, t-shirts started at $45 and even the single was dearer than the t-shirt at $55, there was a sleeveless hoodie at $75 and a tracksuit type of jacket at $95, needless to say I came home with nothing. I won't even send $20 on a Nike or addidas t-shirt. There were some scaley guys at the end of the concert on the street selling t-shirts for $10 that just said P!NK. But no didn't buy from them either.

So as for the concert. Boy can that girl sign and perform. The things she did hanging from from what looked like curtains but really long and also something that looked like a fishing net, the mind boggles. All in all a good night, she was on stage for about an hour and fourty minutes, which seemed to be over in a blink of an eye. My poor friend Jody, (getting better everyday I hope) didn't make to the concert but I called her from the concert and she got to hear some at least and hopefully my digital camera caught some good clips that I can email to her.

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