Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well there goes the challenge

So I haven't been able to admit yet, or until today anyway, that my challenge appears to be over :-(
On Monday my darling dog Molly decided that runner sandwich was the way to go and there went my LAST pair of runners. You may think 'why has she typed LAST for' well I actually had 2 pairs but she ate my first pair some time back! I know I should have known better than to leave them on the floor, like shoes belong on the floor people, but she had been soo good lately not chewing up peoples shoes that I thought we were finally safe. Or at least I was. I know that I can do weights but then I have no cardio at all until I can afford new runners.

Actually a thought just crossed my mind. Cardio could be at the pool! So maybe its not over yet :-) I will have to check out the water aerobics classes at the to pools cause I can't swim laps tosave my life and with shift work its a bit hard to fit in with swimming lessons.

Ok so not all is lost :-)

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