Monday, April 09, 2007

My day 2

Ok so I know technically its not my day 2 of the challenge but thats how I'm going to be counting it.

Yesterday I started with a 4km walk which took my about 50 minutes, not too bad I think. Today was the circuit of weights for both upper and lower and I must say my legs are a bit wobberly and not just from the blubber but from the work I put into them today. Anyone can atest to the fact when it comes to 'lunges' I'm not the best but I did what I could. I even did push ups, girly ones, but I did them! So proud of myself :-)

We also planted a herb bowl, planted cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket and Dazza has planted a chilli/pepper mix. In no time we will have our own little herb and veggie garden. We are converting our pergola garden bed into a veggie garden which will act as a hot house and we have removed the plastic roofing over the side where the veggie garden will be so that the rain will be able to water it naturally. Next we will have new soil delivered to break up the clay in the earth and we will also plant some berries, ie. blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. We will be soo self sufficent we will make ourselves sick ;-)

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