Sunday, April 15, 2007


I was thinking back over my week that was, the pain, the misery, the illness and thought, you know what. I behaved myself. Even when we had our surprise visitors from Queensland, when the boys tucked down to pizza, I came home with a chicken salad cause I knew that they would want takeaway. I must admit I didn't eat much at all over those 3 days of illness but I did have a bad thing. On Thursday night I had ................... chicken and chips :-( well the chips anyway. I thought that even if I didn't feel like anything, the trusty old appetite would come back with an old friend, chicken and chips, but not really, she didn't show her head, so didn't manage to eat much at all. So I guess if chips are the most staple part of a 3 day diet, its not done too much to my goal in the end. Yesterday only managed half of a focaccia with roasted veggies that I shared with mum and a same orange juice for lunch and I made chicken burgers (home made with my own hands) for dinner.

Exercise has been definitely down, actually not at all, I haven't felt like I have the strength, when sweeping the floor I got a sweat up so I will have to start back doing something. I haven't really been drinking to much either so water intake is down too. I wouldn't think that I have down much in weight loss this week at all. So bring on next week and hoping for the best.

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