Monday, April 23, 2007

Just don't know what to do with myself

Isn't that a song?
So this week I am on 1pm-9pm, well at least for Monday & Tuesday so I have all of this time in the morning which I end up just wasting, so need to find things other than I guess cleaning and watching tv. Its 10.25am now so I have already wasted 2 hours from when I got up but I have sweep the house, all of it, put washing on the line and another load in the machine, cleared up the lounge, put the rubbish out, made an egg on toast, had 2 coffee's watched some tv and here I am, back on the internet. I really need to be more productive though. You may say that I am doing things but are they the things I want or need to be doing?? The answer is NO. I know this but do you think I will do anything else. The answer again is NO. I should be exercising people. But the thought of putting on my runners and going for a walk, its not making me feel uplifted. I could do the ironing, but I hate that to. Wednesday is a public holiday for Anzac Day and I will do probably the same as today. Thursday is 9am-5pm with the Pink concert in the evening, however just found out the friend Jody that I am going with has ended up in the hospital! Get well fast Jody. So will have to find someone to take her place, if I can and then I'm off again on Friday to relax.

So the point to my post? How am I ever going to change my train of thought and get my butt out there exercising?


Kek said...

Here's an idea: head off to work an hour early, call at my place and come for a walk with ME. I'll make sure you do it!


Sue said...

Hahahaha your funny Kek

Cherub said...

Hi Sue

Wish I was going to a Pink concert. Have fun, hope your friend is better soon.