Sunday, April 22, 2007

The dogs and cats got to bath me!

Today was a bit of a lazy day so thought I would finally try and groom my cat Angel. Normally I would take her to the ve and they do it while she is up out to sleep for about $110. So Daz said, you can do that, you have the clippers, why not have a go. 'Sure' I say, silently shitting myself. So he holds while I try to shave. I was trying not to have to shave her right back but you try shaving a pussy thats not really into it! So we ended up doing it in stages so that she could have a break. The end results not too bad but she's a bit dodgie. So as if I haven't put her through enough today. I decided to bath all of the precious little darling, (she says with clenched teeth). First was Molly, the super molter, then Becky, then Angel and finally Legend and I didn't even endup bloody and scratched to the wahzoo. However I am a bit wet, which is an understatement.

Now for the grooming and brushing and the cleaning up of hair everywhere.

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