Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sad realisation of life

Today when i went for a walk to the supermarket cause I was feeling like takeaway instead of chicken I noticed something really sad. I walked past the police station on my way back and noticed a man pull up in a ute with his son. After a quick hug and grabbing his back pack which looked bigger than him, he must have been about 5 years old, they walked across the front of the Police station and then I turned back the man was driving away. The sad realisation is that he needed to drop of his very young son at a Police station to have mum pick him up. It dawned on my that all over the world today at about the same time, many parents are doing kid swaps. I swear if I ever manage to have kids and, God forbid, if Dazza and I split, I will never put my child through that.


On a better note, I did go to the supermarket and brought steak instead and am having steak, potato wedges in the oven (home made) and beans. Dazza of course is having steak and chips, no doudt with 'dead horse'.


Thought I'd add a picture of my version of Chicken Parma - consists of chicken breast, ham, salsa and lite tasty cheese ;-}

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