Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Its offical

So today I have received my email from Sportz Blitz to advise that my finish date is the 24th June. Thats quickest I have ever had a response and to think we even had a long weekend in between. So that means no excuse. Must keep up the anti. Went to the gym today to do my swimming to be told, mm sorry you can only swim laps in the times allocated???? WTF!!!! So I pay for a gym membership which includes the pool but because I wanted to swim laps, (or my poor excuse for laps) I can't because its not in the allocated times???? Well this would be a good reason to not go to the gym but no not me, I jumped back into my car and off to the leisure centre I went and paid to get in to do some sorry arse laps. I am really proud of myself cause I could have just given up as per normal thinking that the world is against me but nope not this time love.

On top of that I had a great day at work today and hope that it is a sign of what I should hope to have in the future. Yippeee for me.

I called Dazza to let him know I was going to the gym after work as he is still home on Easter holidays and found that my house was full of men. Friends have arrived from Queensland for a few days and along with them some of their family members have arrived to catch up as well. So they are delegated to the garage to do boy things, smoke, drink coke/coffee/beer, eat pizza and play guitar. I've had my Subway chicken salad bowl and am quite happy, except that they gave me a cookie of which I then ate on the couch infont of the tellie. Opps thats a mini goal dashed, better luck next time.

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