Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh Boy, just for a day off

So last night was fabulous seeing Pink but today is another story. I have already organised a day off for today so thought, excellent, get the exercise done and clean the house. Yeah right. After going to bed at 2am, I had to wake Daz at 5am, once he had left at 5.30am I thought, nice, back to sleep, MandySpice can get herself up at 6am like she told me. Yeah right. 6.20am, still no noise from MandySpice except for her alarm constantly going off. As I am a control freak I get up and tell her to wake up, which she is but now decides at she doesn't have to leave until 6.40am, which I find funny as she needs to get from Craigieburn to Mill Park within 15 minutes to start her shift. Much to my disgust, I hear her get ready for work which didn't entail food or hot drink, I hear her crack a can of COKE! Kids nowadays?? Any ways, she's now gone but within 30 minutes of her leaving she calls to say her car has broken down. Oh my God. Then again 10 minutes later to tell me she has a flat tyre and her boss is picking her up from where she has broken down. Jump back into bed to only continue to get calls from her. So on a few hours sleep I'm up. Get a call again to ask if I can drive to her fathers work in Laverton to pick up money to pay for repairs. It's day off people!


However I can say with pride, exercise is done and not as sore as I was when I tried to do the same workout 2 weeks ago and then stopped. Cause I couldn't walk properly! But day 4 of the plan down. Yeah for me.

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