Thursday, April 12, 2007

ohhhhhhh what happened????

So after my driving to the pool, doing my exercise as prescribed, I had a very restless night, my stomach goaned and grumbled all night. I awoke in the morning feeling less that productive. Besides from my legs feeling like lead I couldn't get started, the thought of food just wasn't in my brain. I feed my animals as per normal and thought I should sit down with my coffee for half an hour before I got ready for work. Thats when it went to hell. Lets just say, again the toliet was not my friend due to the soreness in my legs and butt but it was over taken from the 'need' to "evacuate" constantly, about 7 times in an hour! Due the visitors in the next room I was really scared of waking them and haveing to entertain at 7am so reluctantly flushed the toliet. Like I had a choice anyway.................... unless I wanted to kill someone with the smell.

So today I have remained again in my pj's on the couch, vomited in the shower and have had diarrhea again, maybe I'll lose some weight that way cause I haven't been able to exercise and food, don't even think about it. I have had 2 pieces on multigrain toast today so that I could take my magic little pill but thats as far as it goes. I have to go to the doctors today so hopefully this will be the end of the misery.

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Kek said...

Hope the bug passes (no pun intended!) soon. Just eat small amounts of what you feel like, but try to make it mostly healthy stuff.

Sip a bottle of Powerade in the meantime - it won't hurt you if you're unable to eat much. I lived on the stuff for days last time I had a gastro bug.