Goals, I've never been very good at setting goals, personally or professionally.

I don't know why I have such problems, although I am thinking its because then I and no one else has anything to measure my failures by.

Most of my goals were around having a family. Everything else came as a poor second.

Until I couldn't have a family, this is where it all falls apart ............

Now I'm on a new journey, one to a healthier me

  1. Eat healthy
  2. Change to organic where possible
  3. Eat as much food in its original state
  4. Create my own source of food
  5. Loose the excess weight = 2lb per week
  6. Be content with what I already have
  7. Stop excess spending
  8. Save $250 per week :|
  9. Take the overtime when you can get it
  10. Work hard to play hard
  11. Head to the United States with the man I love to create our family
  12. Allow our story to continue in what ever direction it takes us


Jennifer Nini said...

Love goal setting myself! As you know I'm living in the country and we're growing our own veggies.. I agree with the whole foods movement and hope more will follow!!

embieadoptmom said...

HOW AWESOME that you are considering embryo adoption! Our EA baby is 8 months old and such a blessing!