Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its here

I received, finally my number for Melbourne Marathon
So now you can watch out form me, although I am sure there will be a sea on numbers out there so not quite so easy to spot ;)
I also did get a prescription for Duromine but haven't brought it yet. When I asked the doctor for it he just nodded like, of course you need it. I told him I felt like a criminal asking for it, I think that's Kerryn's fault (not a bad thing Kerryn) because I know that she taught me well and that I know mentally that I am cheating and looking for the easy way out. But I will give them a go, once I can afford them and see where it takes me. Although it won't be before I can buy 8 litres of paint, because if its try that I will not want to sleep I should be able to get the painting completed in a few nights :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thinking about ...........

My niece had me thinking the other day, she is looking at having the 'gastric bypass' thing and before that the duromine tablets. I started to wonder if I could be a candidate for either of those things? I checked my BMI as you can get the op for free if your BMI is over 40 and if you have health issues related to your weight you can qualify if your BMI is over 35. Mine is 32.5! Only 2.5 to go to get gastric bypass. Now that really makes you think. When people are saying, 'oh your not fat' well people, look at that number! I am nearly a candidate. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. On 1 hand it could be a easy solution to lose weight if I had a gastric bypass (although I'm sure there is problems that go along with it) but on the other hand, to think I am THAT fat :O

Even my nephew is looking at having it done, but he is mentally handicapped and doesn't understand the world of dieting, he thinks as long as he can fit the food in, he will just keep on eating.

I can understand my niece wanting it, she is that classic 'your face is so beautiful' kind of girl and her body doesn't match her beauty and her life. She has recently had a baby and it has just gotten well and truly out of hand. (this is the niece I always told you about Kerryn)

So on the other hand I was thinking about the duromine and found out a girl at work is taking them at the moment, I really can't see why her doctor would have prescribed them to her but he did, she is a short girl, aged I think about 23, and must be a size 12 at the moment. Then I think if I walk into a doctors to ask for them, that I'm doing something wrong. What's with my brain? Or is it my conscience realising that I am only being lazy and looking for the easy way out?