Thursday, September 25, 2008

Its here

I received, finally my number for Melbourne Marathon
So now you can watch out form me, although I am sure there will be a sea on numbers out there so not quite so easy to spot ;)
I also did get a prescription for Duromine but haven't brought it yet. When I asked the doctor for it he just nodded like, of course you need it. I told him I felt like a criminal asking for it, I think that's Kerryn's fault (not a bad thing Kerryn) because I know that she taught me well and that I know mentally that I am cheating and looking for the easy way out. But I will give them a go, once I can afford them and see where it takes me. Although it won't be before I can buy 8 litres of paint, because if its try that I will not want to sleep I should be able to get the painting completed in a few nights :)


Kristy said...

Great news on the number... I love getting my race packs. Not long now and I will be flying over.

ms_attitude said...

Hi Sue,
When I was about 18 my doctor prescribed me Duromine. I think I was a size 10 at the time - anyhow... these sorts of things do work..but they are a last resort.
They really work on decreasing your appetite and they are basically speed... in a legal form. You zooooooom through the day, have sleepless nights ( I was partying til 5am at the time... as you do at 18!), hardly eating a thing (didn't need to, wasn't hungry). Eventually you have to get back to basics, and stop taking them. Boy.. hello zombie land.
It's as though you have this fog in front of your brain..and you can't quite reach the depths of your brain to think straight.
Then, you have start eating again..

I'm only telling you this, because eventually it all comes back to the same thing... good eating..good exercise = good weight/good health.

Kek said...

See, that's what I've been telling you all along.

We all want the easy way out, that's human nature, but there ain't no such thing. Everything comes with a price.

I'm glad I taught you something. :o)

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!