Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oh My

I missed my own blogoversary! How sad is that? Thanks Teena for reminding me :)

So yesterday was 2 years to the day that I started this blog, it would have been more than that for being on the Sportblitz Forum where I originally met allot of the people I now talk to via blog land. Its if funny and sad that I started this blog with such good intentions and now I am at my heaviest instead of lightest which is where most of everyone else has ended up.

Over the years
Kerryn has told me its not lazy, just make 1 change at a time, well Kerryn I don't think its laziness either but a lack of will, not lack of will power but that lack of will to get off my arse and do what needs to be done to get where my imagination tells me to be.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a blog bash of myself but a realisation that I have come to. I was thinking about it last night on the bus home from work. Its not that I lack will power or that I am lazy, after all I'm constantly on the go doing various things but when it comes to having to think to much about what I have to do, it all seems to much so I class that as a lack of will.

Also on my blogoversary, by coincidence only, I happened to commence on the Duromine, 1 per day, they say it keeps you awake, I don't know about that, I went to bed at my normal time of around 8.45pm, slept for a good 2 hours but Dazza left the ducted heating on, so I just about dried out and had to get up to turn it off, went back to sleep but found myself laying there with my eyes shut for a good hour I think before I decided to get up. It was 4am!

So I got up, did the dishes, put on a load of washing, feed the cats and dogs and will wait another 1/2 hour and jump in the shower for work. Now you could think that was the pills but I have had instances like this before without the pills, will see what happens tonight, although I must admit, getting up this early isn't a bad think, when I let my cats out for a run this morning at 5am I noticed it was already light out, now if I hadn't gotten up, I won't have realised that it is now light at 5am ;)


Kristy said...

Sue, I would love to catch up in Melbourne, but I'm not sure if we will have time... I fly in early Saturday morning and leave early Monday morning... If you like we can swap mobile numbers via email and then I can you let you know what is happening... We are going shopping Saturday... :P

Kek said...

I'll be interested to see how you go with them Sue...keep us posted. :o)

I hope it's just what you need to get things started.