Sunday, October 05, 2008

Did I say I like to paint?

I can't remember, but I'm starting to dread it.

Daz as become a painting machine, even when I don't paint, he will get out the paint brush and paint around me. Although he does cost me a fortune in paint. Remember how we have to undercoat the saude effect walls? Well I used 4lts to paint the kitchen, the entry way, the hall way and half the lounge room. Dazza opened a 2lts and has only managed to paint half the lounge room! How does that happen????

Today the lounge room painting will be completed (except for skirting boards which I am dreading, but that's another story for another day)

So after today we will only have to do:
  • undercoat main bedroom
  • undercoat spare room 1 (to be kids room)
  • undercoat spare room 2
  • paint 3 walls in main bedroom
  • paint last wall as feature wall in main bedroom
  • paint spare room 1
  • paint spare room 2
  • paint laundry
  • paint main bathroom
  • paint en suite
  • paint toilet
  • sand all wood work around doors, windows and skirting boards
  • undercoat all wood work around doors and skirting boards
  • paint all work work around doors, windows and skirting boards
  • paint ceilings in every room
  • take out ceiling fans in lounge room and main bedroom
  • bog in holes in ceiling where said ceiling fans once were
  • replace all light fittings throughout the house with energy saving down lights
  • look at cost to replace existing kitchen with brand spanking new one
  • look at new appliances if we look like getting new kitchen
  • order skip
  • pull up all floating floors
  • break all existing floor tiles
  • lay new floor tiles in entry, kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and toilet

I'm sure that there is more that I want to do inside but after this lot, might think about outside Phew

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