Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Update on things

Well 1 week down on the pills and she has lost some weight. Today I am back in the 80's that God for that. 89.6 to be exact. Its not a huge number like I have been hearing from others, however I also know that I am probably the one who's doing it properly. Both my co-worker and niece seem to have the same symptoms but I don't???? However on talking to them, they both tell me they feel sick, dizzy and have dry mouth. I don't feel these except for the dry mouth later in the afternoon but I also put that down to working in a call centre in the peak of the day. Now my co-worker and niece have both told me that they could go the whole day and forget to eat! Well I wonder why they would be feeling sick and dizzy??

On the weekend we did indeed do some painting of the lounge room, still have to give some of it a second coat but it looks nice. My feature wall had me freaking out because as I was painting it, it looked like the pigment was coming out of the paint and pooling in spots, but once it dried it was OK.

We still have to do the second coat on the hall way and then start the bedrooms. Oh JOY.

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