Sunday, October 12, 2008

Well here I go

I'm about to take off to the train station to go to the Melbourne Marathon, by now Kristy should be about to start her run, Go Kristy Go! Maybe I'll run into her today sometime.

Anyway, turns out only to be me and friend Daniel from work doing the walk.

As per usual everyone else piked out in the end, but trusty reliable Daniel is coming down by train from Geelong to do the walk with me. How nice is Daniel, even after knowing that everyone piked he still entered even though I tried to let him off the hook, he wouldn't hear of it.

Thanks Daniel.

So will see you on the other side :)


Kek said...

Hope you had a great walk, Sue. The wind was pretty nasty....not the best conditions for the poor runners. :o/

Kristy said...

Can't wait to hear how the walk went Sue. Sadly I got sick with a bad cold on Wednesday so I still came to Melbourne, but couldn't run. I will post soon about it, but I was so exahusted, tired sick I had no energy to do anything :( Sunday luckily I had enough energy to do the markets etc.

Look forward to hearing all about your race.