Saturday, October 04, 2008

maybe the last

So my friend Cathy called the other day to check our progress with DHS, she was also one of our references, after I told her we had received out letter advising that all of our applications, references and police checks were back so we were officially waiting for a social worker to be assigned to do the assessment, she reminded me that all going to plan, this could be my last birthday coming up as just me, Sue, wife of Darren, daughter of Floss and Les. I could be MOTHER next year. It could also be our last Christmas as a couple, next year we could be FAMILY. Imagine that, all those years of waiting, just waiting, expecting like other couples, that we would be family via the way of nature.

18 long years of waiting, finally could come to an end.

Next year we could be called mummy and daddy, we WILL be called mummy and daddy.

We are determined to be mummy and daddy.


twondra said...

Yes! You will be called Mommy and Daddy! I'm super excited for you!!!

Nothing Fancy said...

Fingers crossed! How exciting! Enjoy your couples time is right around the corner!