Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tomorrows a new day

That's right, once again, I will be embarking on the healthy eating plan to get this butt whipped into shape. Tonight ended my 'bad' food which is just fried chips with my dinner and a walk with the dogs, which I haven't done in some time. Silly Becky's collar broke so had to get her home to change into the harness and back out we were to catch up with Daz with the other 2 dogs, Molly and Humphrey. Boy that dog has grown. Humphrey turned 1 with week and slowly but surely I am seeing a change in him, which I am surprised about as they are normally a puppy until the age of 5 for the Alaskan malamutes, or maybe he is just having pity on me ;)

Now with all of the diets/healthy eating plans I have been on you would think I would know what to eat come tomorrow but still I am clueless. I know that I MUST start the day with breakfast but I get me head around good/bad, carb/protein and it all goes out the window. So I will start slow and steady, I have some yummy vanilla and almond stuff which will be nice for breakie, then I will have a boiled egg or 2 plus salad for lunch and then for tea will be meat and veg or salad, depending on the weather.

Even though I had been walking to the train station it didn't make a difference to my waist measurement but will have to continue to do that and see how it goes.

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Kek said...

Throw a potato in there, Sue - just not fried... Or rice, or beans, or sweet potato. You can't live on protein and veggies alone, or your diet will last about 5 minutes.

Something carby for brekky is a good idea - I like a bit extra to get me going for the day. Just not too much sugar.

And how about snacks? Hmm? Got some fruit or yoghurt at least? No starvation plans, luvvie - those never work.

You really do know what to do, you've just had your confidence shaken by too many start/ stop/ starts. Keep it nice and simple - unprocessed and healthy choices for the most part, with a treat or two thrown in each week. Keep portions reasonable and don't get too obsessed by how much protein, crabs, etc - you can work that out later. Eating good food, less food overall and sticking with foods you like is a perfect start.

You know you can always call or email me if you want some specific advice.