Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sinusitis - WHY?????????

I am so over my sinuses, how many times a year can I get it? Maybe there's a challenge in that to see if I can bet this years record? I'm am now on so strong antibiotics so hopefully it will do the trick and get ride of it once and for all.

I haven't been doing much, have just picked up a new book from the library - The Click Diet - will have a read and see if it's for me. It has a 2 week diet in it but as you all know, I'm not great at following set menu plans.

The house is coming along, just brought our Plasma bracket to put the plasma on the wall, its making my side board bow in the middle so the sooner we get that (I brought it on EBay) the better for my side board.

Dazza wants to start tiling the main bathroom however that room is yet to be painted, best I do that room next huh? What do you think, would a feature wall be OK in the bathroom or should I actually paint it a colour. At the moment I am painting everything in 1 colour Dulux Sago which is the darker of these 2 and sago Quarter for the the trim (lighter one).

I'm taking a little inspiration from Kerryn when I see that she is doing a green in the bathrooms, but I have a creamish tile over the vanity, bath and in the shower which I do not plan on removing so maybe I should just stick to my primary colours.

Anyway, I guess none of this is going to be done sitting on my butt ................

Presenting Toffee Fingers, also a Dulux colour that I have as a feature wall in the lounge in flat, one thought, well I could use the same colour in the laundry and the bathroom only its in flat which isn't very good in wet area's, that is until I had a brain wave - doesn't happen often and when it does, it often causes me more money than its worth - but in having said that, I called the paint shop and then added another litre to my leftover flat paint in semi gloss and there you have it, a feature wall in the bathroom and laundry and it was only for an extra $20 dollars which is great as the original tin of "once" paint cost a fortune and at least it didn't go to waste. I also got them to take some from the tin before hand so I had touch up paint for the lounge flat plant.

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Kek said...

Paint is about the cheapest and easiest thing to change, so sticking to neutral colours for tiles and fittings in the bathrooms and just using colo0ur on the walls is the most economical idea.

We did our ensuite in the old place in white tiles, and kept the honey-coloured floor tiles. That left lots of choices for wall colours and you can add towels and accessories in accent colours as well.

I love decorating - as long as somebody else does the painting and so on. :o)