Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Melbourne Cup - Tuesday - worse than ever

So you would think that by now the antibiotics would have started to work? NO that would be a big fat NO however now I'm starting to think that it may be more than my sinuses, I'm sneezing, nose is drying out (outside only) and the tightness from my nose is travelling to the top of my lips. Could this actually be the flu? Dazza claimed to have the flu last week or so but I chose to not believe him, HELLO, maybe the one time he wanted to stay home for 3 days he really did have the flu? Its hard to tell because when he gets on a roll of staying home, he is hard to get back to work and stays up half the night playing in the garage. How does one get better doing that I ask?

It also doesn't help that one Master Humphrey (Alaskan malamute) keeps on stealing the boxes of tissues off the bench and destroying them like his worst enemy.

Anywho, I'm sick of being sick, although it has been some weeks in between my last sickness, it pisses me off.

I didn't let it stop me from painting Saturday and I ended up with really sore quads for a couple of days, I guess that happens when you are balancing on the side of the bath with a paint tray in your hand, then proceed to put a chair in the shower where you can hardly turn around and nearly fall through the plate glass getting off said chair with paint tray and brushes in your hands so can not hold onto anything.

I was going to take some photo's but I couldn't get my camera to zoom out far enough to see much. Sorry.

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