Thursday, November 13, 2008

I did it and survived

That's right I survived. I rode to and from the station yesterday, the ride home was hard as it was more of the incline but I actually prefer that as I am a little heavy with the brakes going down the decline as I'm scared that I will fall off at a rapid pace.

The funny thing is that when I was leaving I thought "I'll just wear my riding pants under my work skirt and when I get to the station I will take them off". Well when I was ready to leave my neighbour had just come out of her house to walk her dog and she was laughing at me. Now she wasn't laughing at me riding a bike but the fact that I am trying to ride a bike with my work skirt on that of course means I can not even get on the bike as I can't lift my leg without hiking my skirt up to my waist!

Once I am at the station I lock my bike but don't have enough time to take off the bike pants before getting on the train. All is good as I can take them off at work. once back at the station from work, I think, I'll just take off the skirt and wear the riding pants home, embarrassed but at least with ease. No of course not, that would be too easy. Of course at our station the toilets are near the waiting room, which has been closed due to the door having to be fixed on the waiting room. After getting someone from the station's attention, they open it up for me to get changed. How embarrassing to wear ridding pants without something over the top of them, my big fat arse showing to the world.

I'm still riding on the footpath at the moment which I know will have to change but I'm scared that I will be hit by a car as I'm not yet used to looking over my shoulder to check for cars without falling off the bike. The slight incline got me as well but not enough to give up. Although I thought, that's going to hurt in the morning, it really doesn't, my forearms were achy last night which I have to be careful of because of my dicky wrist but after some panadol before bed, they are all fine too.


Kristy said...

Great job Sue and keep up the riding, your body will love it. Low impact, and you will get confidence. I was terrified riding on the road and am still very careful, but love it... I ride on the footpath if cars are in the bike lanes as too scared to ride around cars into traffic...

You could look to see if there are any bike confidence courses as well. I did a free one in Adelaide sponsored by the governemnt

Maybe have a look on this website

And here are a couple of other links that might be of interest

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better I won't ride my bike to the train station because I'm worried about the close proximity to cars and the sidewalk has to many raised slabs. Instead I walk with a flashlight since it gets dark here by 5:30. However, GREAT job on the bike riding!

Kek said...

Ah, stay on the footpath - I do! Drivers are maniacs.

You could get some "shy shorts" if you feel self-conscious in your knicks. Ask at the bike shop, or look at Rebel. They'll cost you some $$, but they look like normal cargo shorts and nobody can tell they have the chamois inside.

Anyway, better a bit of embarrassment than not being able to sit down.