Saturday, November 22, 2008

its all good

Thanks Tammy for prompting me to update the results from the tests, I'll tell you the way it was told to me, it freaked me out at first then I could have slapped the doctor for getting me worked up, surely they know that patients are anxious to find out results.

Doctor - (normal hello greetings) I don't seem to have your films, ahh we discussed you in our meeting - gets up and walks out

Me - ??? (shit, what does that mean, shit)

Me - (doctor arrives back empty handed) Surely I'm not that interesting to talk about me in your meeting .................... (hoping for some insight)

Doctor - well there is some results isn't there.............

Me - (shit what does that mean???) oh OK (me thinking great I have cancer and I'm here alone)

Doctor - well the mammogram was normal

Me - good (shit why doesn't he say the mammogram and ultrasound were both normal???)

Doctor - and it seems we got all of the fluid when the biopsy was performed, nothing bad in it, so that's it, won't have to see you again.

Me - that is great, no offence but I hope I never see you again, bye

So you can see that I got a bit nervous with the start, I was his first patient of the day and he didn't even have my films! Didn't explain how or why I got a cyst in nearly 40 years of life. I never thought I would ever have to have a mammogram, my breasts just aren't that big for Gods sake.

Either way, I'm glad I'm OK and can go on to live another day. I can't imagine that they would have let us adopt had it been bad news as they wouldn't want to add the stress on us but these powers that be do not know that it would add stress if we couldn't ever think we had the possibility to have a child in our home for our whole life time. That may be selfish but I/we need the love of a child, not to make our relationship to be whole but to enhance what we have and complete our spirit and sole.

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twondra said...

I'm so glad things are okay!! That would've freaked me out, too! Thanks for letting us know!!