Saturday, November 22, 2008


Results are in, I'll tell you the way it was told to me, it freaked me out at first then I could have slapped the doctor for getting me worked up, surely they know that patients are anxious to find out results.

Doctor - (normal hello greetings) I don't seem to have your films, ahh we discussed you in our meeting - gets up and walks outMe - ??? (shit, what does that mean, shit)

Me - (doctor arrives back empty handed) Surely I'm not that interesting to talk about me in your meeting .................... (hoping for some insight)

Doctor - well there is some results isn't there.............

Me - (shit what does that mean???) oh OK (me thinking great I have cancer and I'm here alone)

Doctor - well the mammogram was normal

Me - good (shit why doesn't he say the mammogram and ultrasound were both normal???)

Doctor - and it seems we got all of the fluid when the biopsy was performed, nothing bad in it, so that's it, won't have to see you again.

Me - that is great, no offence but I hope I never see you again, bye

So you can see that I got a bit nervous with the start, I was his first patient of the day and he didn't even have my films! Didn't explain how or why I got a cyst in nearly 40 years of life. I never thought I would ever have to have a mammogram, my breasts just aren't that big for Gods sake.

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ms_attitude said...

sorry, i would have had to have slapped him, then kickboxed him for good measure..
what a dick
glad you're good :-)