Sunday, November 16, 2008

A breast thing

A little while ago I had a problem with my right boobie, it had a funny sensation that I didn't know what it was and it wouldn't go away. There were no lumps to feel but went to the doctor's anyway for another reason so thought I should mention it. The doctor did an exam and he too could not feel anything. He sent me for an ultrasound all the same which came up with a lump/cyst thing. The doctor thought it was nothing but referred me to the breast clinic at the local hospital. After much amendment to the appointment, I finally got in there this week.

1 mammogram (which was my very first and it hurt!) and 1 ultrasound later, she is still there and the same size. So it was off to have a biopsy.

At least it was a fine needle biopsy, they were going to do a core biopsy with a thicker needle {{gulp}} but after the fine needle they didn't have to, now I just have to wait until next Friday to find out the results from pathology.

I can tell you they left a nice bruise on my boob and it is now sore again but I guess its better to be safe than sorry


Kek said...

Hope it turns out to be nothing, Sue - most of those things are usually no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I had a large, rapidly growing lump that was removed about 13 years ago. It was benign. But, you are sure right...BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.

I know what you mean about mammograms! Those are horrible. They flatten your poor breast out between those two plates thinner than I would have thought humanly possible. No fun at all!!!

Hope your results come out fine.

ms_attitude said...

Hope all is okay.
A lot of women have a lot of cysts which are nothing, so fingers crossed.