Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've made my mask for the Ball

Its amazing what you can do with just a few things frm Spotlight, this baby ended costing about $13.25, better than the $40-$100 that could have been spent.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Sometimes I ask myself 'Why me?' or even 'Why not me?' this all relates to the fact that we can't have children and have tried all means, and I mean all means, currently on the adoption roller coaster. When I get a phone call from a 'young' relative, who is too scared to tell me that she is pregnant. I can understand her hesitation to tell me, she was just about brought up by me and know of all of the difficulties that we have faced and am still facing.

Let me fill you in on some background. She is technically 'obese', had been advised recently in the last 12 months that she has PCOS. This is fine as she isn't planning on having kids yet anyways, needs to have a steady boyfriend first but of course being 'young' she has plenty of time. Because of this fact that she isn't planning on having them anytime soon anyways, she has been on the contraceptive injection for about 5 years now. So she has been on her merry way doing what she does. She is living between her dad's sisters place and her own mums lounge room couch, not a home to call her own. Has now found a guy who appears to worship her, after all they have been together for about mmmmmmmmmmm 3 minutes! OK about 3 months but still not long enough to know if its going to stick.

She calls me yesterday to see how I am, all I'm thinking is now what, what is it that I have that you need. Remember I took her to the Pink concert, had to pay for her ticket and dinner to only end up with her crap the next day. Anyhow, she has something to tell me..................................... she does the guessing game, as a young person does.

Her: guess
Me: I don't know
Her: guess
Me: What
Her: guess
Me: I don't know, your pregnant, engaged, getting married
Her: yeap
Me: what engaged?
Her: pregnant 8 weeks 3 days

What can I say??? Are you keeping it? What about the new BF, what did he say? What about his parents? What about your mum? (not that she would care another single mum's pension to be rolled out)

It turns out the BF has said if she keeps it they will get married and get their own place (he lives with his parents, good Maltese boy), if she gets rid of it they will go their separate ways (doesn't sound right to me??) His parents are OK about it NOW, bit at first not to darn happy. They apparently really like her at the start. I don't know who they think will pay for the wedding as her mum can't even pay for dinner at a restaurant, even for herself let alone the whole family. I paid for the deb when she lived with me and I ain't paying for the wedding.

So I am feeling really low and sorry for myself. I even went for drinks after work for a friend who is leaving work at TGI Fridays, you know I had 2 Margaritas and 1 non juice type drink plus chicken quesadilla's (not best choice) to drown my sorrows. We have a ball for work this Friday the 3rd of August and I even think I will go to that. I am having an arm wrestle with myself at the moment and the going is winning against the not going side. I don't know but I could do with the good time and wallowing in self pity cocktails.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

so sick of.......

Today/tonight I came to a realisation about something. After telling Livy she was doing a great job cutting out her coffee and saying I wouldn't be without it, I think I will have to try and cut back. You see I feel like my teeth are always stained. I don't smoke so its not for that, I don't drink tea often so not that, it can only be the coffee. So I think that I will have coffee in the morning before work and before brushing of the teeth and only after I return home at night, that way they will be brushed before bed removing any staining that same night. It will be hard but I think in the end cheaper than going to the dentist for whitening.

I think I did well this week so far with the gym, on Monday I did lower body and I have decided that I have been a pussy about the weights that I am using so increased it a bit, by Tuesday I could feel the muscles. Tuesday night was cardio, treadmill on incline, by Tuesday bed time, I was ceasing up if I sat for too long. Today being Wednesday it was upper body, and if I wimp anywhere it is the upper body weights, I am so weak in the upper body. Tonight however I think I might have made a slight improvement. I continued to fatigue. Yay is me, except tomorrow I will probably be crying when I can't lift my arm over my head :( but the little birdie tells me 'when you break it, it gets bigger and stronger' something I had forgotten until reading it again on Livy's page, some wise lady once told us................

So I went to the supermarket once again tonight and brought my special nightie nite pills, I've taken 2 and am just waiting for them to kick in. I will read a few blogs before that happens.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Things are going OK on my BFL challenge, my friend at work tells me daily what day we are up to. She is so upbeat, the type of optimism that you can only aspire to, you know who you are :)

Tonight I felt like something a little different and probably over eat with my calories but it was nice. I made Asia@home Laksa. I added a chicken breast and coriander and have enough for another meal. I do think the coconut milk was not lite milk :(

My free day also seemed to go a little overboard. I had my Big Mac meal, microwave popcorn, licorice, nearly a whole packet of Tim Tams, coke and I made chili con carne burritos for dinner. I don't think the dinner was all that bad as the meat had nearly no visible fat and there was no other fat added, it was all rolled by in a burrito with lite sour cream and lettuce. I had that for lunch today also.

I haven't missed a day of exercise at all, although I think that I can increase my weights as I am only lifting light weight. Yesterday when doing lower body I increased the hand weights when doing my squats and I can definitely feel my quads today. I did the treadmill tonight for cardio and can still not run on the treadmill due to the fear of falling factor but am increasing the speed and incline. I can feel it in the quads again with the treadmill and after sitting for a while tonight could feel that I was beginning to stiffen up.

I have reverted back to the not much sleep pattern as Dazza is now using the front door to come in from work after the dogs escaped via his entrance route however tried my best not to blame him. Although the trouble for me now is that the front door is at our bedroom window so I hear him no matter what time he comes home and I am a lite sleeper :( I forgot to buy more of the Valerian tonight when at the supermarket so am really kicking myself but think I will be able to cope for another night at least.

Well I am off to read a few of the other brillant ladies that we have here in blog land.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I've been a bad girl I think.................

Last night I got the munchies, I di end up eating things that were not on Bob's list :O like: mountain bread made into chips, rice cakes with Phillie cheese (not thickly spread) with ham, a hand full of chips with my fish from fish n chip shop and a whole heap of almonds. It may not be as bad as I'm thinking and I'm hoping that someone will tell me that I didn't overdo it. I must admit that I didn't eat 6 meals in the day so maybe this is ok and compensates for the less meals? Could this be so???

I definately do not want last night to be my free meal day as I am looking forward to a Big Mac and licorise icecream and I don't know what else yet

Thursday, July 19, 2007

We got a new pet

So last Sunday I saw the most beautiful Rottweiler, little girl at 10 weeks old. I so nearly got her but changed my mind as I was having doubts. After all I can't control Domolition dog let alone a new 50 kilo ball of muscle. So you ask, what pet did we get then???

I think it should be called shovel because if I see it out of its enclosure, thats what I'll be calling for. Dazza told me to keep an eye on it tonight and if I want to take it out of the enclosure, to shut the door first cause it will be hard to catch! Like thats gunna happen. We still don't know its sex but will have it sexed when it gets a bit bigger. Its real name is a Stimson 'childrens' python, its life span is 25-30 years! its only 4 months now. It should only grow to a metre long. It eats frozen 'fuzzies', that would be mice, once per week.

Its offical

I've been to the doctor who has told me that I have Sinusitis. I've had this before a few years ago so thought that this could be it again. He told me to drink more water! How can that be possible, I drink heaps now, but apparently when you have this, at night time you breath through your mouth which loses 20% more fluid making you dehydrated causing the headaches.

So this also explains the cracked dry sore lips that feel like footballs. Drink more water, if it was that simple when you are already drinking over 2 litres a day.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You won't believe it

I ate fish tonight! Thats right real fish, not tuna in a can. Actual fish. I didn't cook it myself but I ate it myself. I went around to the fishn chip shop and brought me a grilled butter fish. No I don't want crumbs or batter, just grilled fish. You probably don't realise, I don't eat fish. Too smelly and it tastes like fish. So I don't eat it. But it was nice, made me some potato wedges in the oven and some salad ...................... next thing you know, its gone.

My throast is still sore, lucky I have tomorrow off too. I still went to the gym to do lower body workout. Its brillant with BFL, everyone is like, 'going already?', that man has the right idea, in and out. Thats all it takes. Tomorrow his cardio again so back to try that darn treadmill. I will not let it beat me.

Also think I will be going into the city again or back to DFO in Essendon as Domolition dog has been at it again, Dazza's new sneakers, brought them about 4 weeks ago, yeap, gone to sneaker heaven or at least into Domo's gut anyway. Men, you just can't tell them to shut the bl**dy door. (are you listening Drea?)

Its happening............

No not the weight loss but I'm coming down with something! Why is that? Every time someone starts a new plan they get sick. What is with that? I know its been cold and possibly is it is just a coincidence, OK more than likely but I don't like have sore throats and sore lips to match. i swear I must look like I have had Botox in my lips, well they feel that big anyway.

I went to the gym last night to do my cardio and have found that I have a new phobia, don't know where it came from but not only can I not run on the treadmill but I am having difficulties just walking on it! I was fine about 2 or so weeks ago, remember I think I said on here that I was able to do intervals of hills and I was on that thing probably for a good hour, now, i can't even get past 3.5ks before I jump to the sides. Whats wrong with me? I love the treadmill. Last night I had to use other cardio equipment like the 'cross trainer', now I am no runner so 6 minutes in I was counting them down. The the gym manager comes over to welcome me back and is there chatting away. I had to tell him to go away or I would possibly start hyperventilating and falling off the darn thing.

I made it through and now with my sore throat and what feels like gigantic lips that are cracked and crap, I don't feel like eating at all. So will have to go and force something down my throat as its 10.30am, I've been up since 6.30am and haven't had anything but 3 coffees. I can hear Kerryn yelling at me already through the computer.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A new beginning of sorts

Yesterday I offically started the BFL! I'm scared and excited all at once, is that possible??

I ate clean yesterday with oats, eggs, mandarins, more eggs, chicken, brown rice and broccoli. I have laminated Bill's food list from the net and if it ain't on the list, its not going past my lips.

Went to get measured at the gym last night so that I could put a body fat measurement on the application form, 34.33% .......................... it may seem high but since my last body fat test over 12 months ago, it has come down, especially upper body.

Tonight I'll head back to the gym on my way home from work to do a quick 20minutes cardio session before coming home to my specially made brown rice and chicken. Last night I got lunch ready and was upset to find the tin of tuna I brought was sandwich tuna, when squeezing out the liquid I found it was oily, so gave it a quick rinse but don't know how much tuna I ended up with in the end. I will have to look closer next time. Anyway, must make a run as I do need to get ready for work, still don't understand why I need to go to work .................................

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Something new

Tonight I decided to make some changes .............................. to my hair!

Yes, once again I decided to make some scary, drastic, could have turned out bad decisions. I decided to lighten it. It was only about 3-4 weeks ago since I made it darker with some copper type highlights and cut it all off and tonight I just decided to buy some hair lightener. It worked but I don't know if I want to go lighter. I'm glad that I didn't just trot off to the shop again and buy more, this is what I would normally have done, but I have waited to this morning to decide if I want to lighten it more. Dazza didn't notice the first lot but that's nothing unusual.

I think now I would call it mousy brown. may still go to the shop and buy some high lighters, you can get them in a pen form now so that you don't have any mixing and carry on, just plain and simple draw a line and let it set.

We also have a new Curves Gym opened in Craigieburn so might go down and have a look at that one, have a free pass for 1 visit so might go and do a 'I spy'. I have a gym membership but I love anything for FREE.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm so over those scales

Today I have modified my 12 week challenge weekly weigh in's because I am sick of getting upset by the ever changing ups and downs. I now vow to only weigh in every 4 weeks. This way it stops me getting depressed and in turn eating because of the 'whats the point' conversation with myself.

I am also going to complete my Cert 3 & 4, so far I have done the theory side through Tafe and due to the nature of call centre's think I will be better off doing it via correspondence or once on a months leave I will do it full time somewhere and get it over and done with. However that's easier said than done because on the 4 weeks that I am planning on having off in October I want to complete a week at a dog grooming school, get ducted heating and cooling installed and fit in the course if I can find one that matches my time off. That's just as bad as going to work! Where is the time off there in this 'holiday' from work?

I think I liked the information from 'Fitnation' as correspondence, so will investigate further. I am sick of going to work in a place that I really don't enjoy when I know what I really want to do........ that's of course sit on my butt at home, I know that it is lazy and I would get bored and that's where the dog grooming and fitness come in. At least I can manage my own time and not be 'allocated' hours to work some someone else.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today started off fine but by thisarvo it turned CRAPOLA. I had trouble with Telstra Mobiles, asked to have lunch 20 minutes earlier than normal so that I could met up with Dazza and go to Telstra to pick up his mobile as I needed to sign for it as it is under my name. Therefore he now has no mobile which freaks me out and I can't contact him over night if I need to. eeek!

I can't get past the idea that my TM didn't even check if I could change my lunch break as normally she would have told me the answer without me waiting until the last minute that I'm expecting to walk out the door :(

I really feel like eating, and its funny because I picked up that feeling as soon as it happened. I haven't resorted to the bad food machine but had to contain my thoughts as I could see that I would get home after 9pm and want to eat everything in sight. I am proud that I have been able to recognise this before it happened :)


OK, my mood has changed, just got a call from a really old friend who happened to call about her account. Isn't it really fun when you realise you know someone, you either can recognise their voice or mannerism or even just there name. We had a really good laugh on the phone for about 30 minutes, will kill the stats but I'm so glad I got her.

Drea - a cross sell is when you get a customer to change to your company from another company, it raises revenue of course so its better for business than a up sell which is just changing a current customers account type.

Keeping a low profile

The 'Work Cover Police' are here......... I'm keeping a low profile. I tell you its just like that too, there are actually 2 here and I thought they were undercover cops. The investigate the claim completely and it could even end up in court. oops, wonder if they think they did something wrong now????


This morning thought I would put the 40/10 plan into action for my cardio workout and ended up changing to the 40/40 plan and when I thought I could do it no longer or I would hurl, it went to the 40/20 plan. All in all I think it went well, works well into my BFL thinking as well as I only did it for 20 minutes but I could definitely feel it. Its funny because I thought yesterday when I have to modify my exercises for my lower body because I did it at home instead of the gym, that I hadn't really worked my hamstrings but they are sore this morning, not overbearing, but I can feel them. That actually makes me feel happy. So tomorrow morning back to the gym to do upper body or I might just do it at home. I also want to go to the beauty/torture parlour tomorrow too, so will see how we go.

So today is another day, hope to continue on my winning streak at work with my sales, 5 cross sales yesterday, not to bad I think although they weren't ones I had to work for really, feel I might have cheated the system a bit there but as my Team Manager says 'you still got them, your too hard on yourself' so I will take them in my stride.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another decision made

Yesterday I decided to do my 'pros & cons' list for my job interview today.

Well the Pros have it! I will be attending today, with a renewed confidence that the position is already mine. Its how I have been feeling since hearing that I had an interview. That's been the most scary part I think, over confidence. I have also heard that there were 8 internal applications and 44 external so I already feel like a bit of a winner, to have even been selected.

After going to the gym yesterday my chest and biceps are feeling it a bit this morning. My tummy feels funny so have distinguished if that is abs or something else going on there. Hopefully its abs from my lat pull downs because I don't want to be sick.

We did some more precision selling techniques on Friday in training and I am excited to give it a go and see if it does indeed help me out with my sales. The only problem being is that I have the interview today so I will be late to work and that's one thing I hate. Being late. I know that its an internal position so they make accommodation for you being late but all I can think about is how late I will be, I just hate it.

I'm back from the interview and it didn't go as planned, I really zoned out after a while, hate all those 'tell me a time when....' type of questions. Why am I doing this again? I like what I'm doing already. I ended up with a splitting headache and am at home. will just roll up on the couch with the panadol.

On another note:
Work cover called today to come out on Wednesday morning to see Dazza. I think his old employer will not know what hit him, and too right to if he is doing the wrong thing by his employees. There is or should only be 1 rule for all.


Been to the gym to do some cardio, very proud that I did the bike, 7.5kms, 20 minutes interval. Left like I could hurl when I came out, let alone walk down the stairs, felt like I was going to crash land on the bottom step. I have made it and am about to dry some clothes as well as iron some. A woman's work is never done.................

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Miracles to happen

When I got up this morning I was totally amazed. No the dishes hadn't been done, or the vacuuming or even the rubbish taken out...................................

After being Dazza had a piece of the Choc-Berry Slices from Kerryn's recipes, he told me 'they were alright', I explained 'even though their healthy', he advises yes, even though. On awaking this morning I find that half the plate is EMPTY! Normally as soon as he hears the words 'healthy' he runs kicking and screaming but lat night he did no such thing. I am so proud of my man. This after feeding him one of my own beef kebabs and he even enjoyed that to. Miracles will never cease.

I jumped on the BFL guest book last night to ask a question about the number of supplements that must be taken to do the BFL challenge and had a look this morning to see if I had been answered. I was amazed to see how many people use this tool and the number of answers flying in. I had to go about 6 pages deep to find my own question to be able to go forwards to find my answer, I'm sure its in my email as well but still just amazed at the amount of info flying around!

Kerryn, I went to the supermarket yesterday as I told you I would and saw that in the sugar isle where the Splenda and they like are, that there is in fact a 'liquid sweetener' there. I didn't buy it as I was sure that you would have seen it in Coles before and as you hadn't mentioned it before, that it must have been crap. But have you seen it before?

Also found out that for adoption they like your BMI to be in the normal range of 18-25, as you can see from my new ticker, it is out of that range, this will help me keep on top of it. So I think I will have to make a new commitment to self and start the BFL Challenge. It will be hard as I don't really have any self discipline but will definitely give it a good go. Don't know what date I will start from but it has to be before 3rd September.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Didn't make it

Today I didn't make it to the gym just as I thought. I did however get to spend a limited time with Dazza before going out with mum, the Great Niece Keira and Great Nephew DJ. Today they weren't even trouble, mum had brought along a double stroller so I didn't have to chase them all over the shopping centre which was novel. Although did have to contend with DJ pulling Keira's hair when we weren't looking. Bloody kid :O

I am actually quite tired tonight, my arms are sore, my body is just tired, has noting to do with the Bourbon and coke I've just had. I did make Kerryn's Berry-Choc slice tonight, its still cooling at the moment so haven't had a slice. I put the berries in frozen so hope it hasn't effected the slice badly but time will tell. Am going to make the slice minus the protein powder for Wednesday's food day at work.

I have a job interview on Monday which I have told you about already, still haven't made up my mind if I want ti or not but I must admit the thought of being able to have Christmas holidays without worrying about the call centre would be good. I would be working along side the Ombudsman office so would think that they would end up running on skeleton staff over the holidays so that would also make it easier. I am yet to do my pros and cons sheet, think I'm putting it off not wanting to know the results but will have to do it tomorrow.

Well that's enough rattle from me tonight, feel like I'm about to fall asleep on every key stroke.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Tonight I had to take back a sports bra as I had brought the wrong size? It appears that it has already started................ the shrinkage factor. Its not fair, its too soon. Its one of the reasons I didn't mind putting on weight, the bustier me.

One the way home we decided to by food for dinner, I had been feeling like pasta and of course Dazza wanted his fav 'pizza'. so I'm sitting here now with my jean button undone typing this post. Its all bad news now. Although it was really yummy was it worth it. Hell yes :P

I've looked at the aerobic timetable and think Body Pump may be the order of the day however it does start at 8.30am, it might be a bit of an ask. After all it will be the first time in a while Dazza and I will be in bed at the same time, a novel idea.

I also will have my great niece and mother over tomorrow, Keira my great niece gives me a run for my money so that is a workout alone. Its little Miss Keira's birthday on Monday, the big 3. Its the first birthday that I won't be at so that's a bit sad, I am working my 1-9pm so will have to make up for it tomorrow. I will also have to get a 3 year old photo, I have attached her 1st birthday and 2nd birthday photo's, obviously with her 2nd birthday photo, she got into food before the photo's started so not the cleanest little girl.

Finally moved the scales

Today I have half heartily weighed myself for my weekly weigh in to find I have actually lost some weight. It appears that my healthy eating has done something. Maybe being on the later shift helps as well because when I get home at 9.30pm I'm only having a lite snack before bed, once I have my main meal break at work, then that's about it for food, except for maybe a piece of fruit, which is catered for at work. So if I can keep this up for the next 4 weeks, I hope that I will be under 80 kilos by the end of the challenge (the one I'm not on........)

I found myself stumped last night on my way home as I knew I had eaten all of the chicken for this weeks meals and had to think of something to make for lunch today, on day shift today, so stopped off at the supermarket and started to think what was healthy in there! Its funny that I deem most things in the supermarket as unhealthy, don't know where that has come from but anyway, back to the lunch menu. What to take, microwave food Yuk, tuna again, no........ , baked beans, urrrr no. I then selected some beef cubes, had Greek spices at home, some mountain bread, tzatziki, some salad from home and Bob's your uncle, this will be the beef kabab that I like and made. Watch the envy at work when they smell the meat heating up to go in my kebab.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm bored and tired

So I am currently at work, awaiting calls to come in, even though I really don't want them to come but I want the time to fly by.

I recently told Dazza that I want a 'breast enlargement', his normal reply is why, you don't need to do that, but this time he asked what size? Then he told his work mates and discussed sizes with them! I think a large C or standard D, (Kerryn you know what I look like so comments please :0). So Dazza also told me that he thinks Liposuction would be good too as if I removed the fat from my bum and thighs it would make my boobs look proportioned! So I think I will have to go and be 'measured and quoted', I did call and was told approximately $11,000. I think that's OK, lipo is added on to that but I really don't like the thought of the long, sharp instrument being jammed into my body. YUK

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Something different in more ways than one

This week I decided to try something new for breakie. I had already been eating Weet-Bix for a couple of mornings for breakie but saw these and thought, healthy = multigrain = :) and to tell you the truth the first few mouth fulls was a little strange but definitely worth a try.

Today I was notified that I have an interview for a internal position at work. I am now in Sales/Service and the new role would be Customer Resolutions, you know the ones that are about to go or are with the Energy Ombudsman. I really don't know if I even want this role, spoke to my team manager about it and have decided to go anyway to get a feel for the people and the role. May even ask if I can spend a morning at the office to see what they do. I work out in the sticks (South Morang) and the new position would be in Melbourne City. As you may remember from my last sint in the city I spent a fortune and was only there for a week, imagine me there forever?????

Dazza tells me to go for it as its more money, he is all about the money but I think about the convenience of working 20 minutes from home verses train trip for an hour each way. I also think about the little time we have together now verses not being on shift work so never seeing each other. Now I can start at 1pm and finish at 9pm so we get to have have the morning together. Won't have that with the new job.............. I'm sure I will be able to find some more good verses bad, but for now I will have to concentrate on whether the role will suit me and my needs.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

An update

Thought I would update you on my latest blood tests for glucose, cholesterol and thyroid tests that I had done for our adoption application. My glucose was 5.0, cholesterol 3.3 (perfect) and my thyroid function 'normal'. Now a little while ago I mentioned that the naturopath at the chemist told me to take what I can only describe as POISON to help with my thyroid as in his opinion I looked like crap, tired, stressed and that one eye protruded more than the other. Well mister, my thyroid function is NORMAL. So if I see this man again, one of his eyes will be protruding more! You might think that its normal because of the sea minerals he suggested but as I've written above, it was like drinking poison so therefore after 3 days it was no longer taken.

I can feel my stomach muscles

So after my trip to the gym yesterday I can actually feel my stomach muscles. Which is quite amazing considering that only about 10 minutes of the class included crunches and the rest step aerobics.

I didn't make it to the gym today but did take Demolition Dog for a walk and a throw of the frisbee. Actually I didn't take the frisbee but found something to improvise with. Not that Molly noticed it wasn't her normal frisbee and enjoyed the 1 on 1 time.

For those following the Dazza saga with his old job, well I had a disagreement with his previous employer today, he claims that Dazza is telling only lies............... mmmm what do we have to gain from that, what do they have to lose???? So I have forwarded the letters as previously advised to Work Cover and AMWU (union), we may not get any funds out of it but at least we have made it better for the employees still there and the one to come in the future.

Monday, July 02, 2007

mmmmmm I'm back again........

Well got myself all worked out for the rest of the week for my meal break at work since I am doing 1-9 this week. I arrived at work a little early so that I could catch up on being off last Thursday and Friday to find that I actually had today off. OK, so I didn't know, I looked a little silly turning up when not needing to :( however I was quite happy to come back home. I still have all of my food prepared for the week and am feeling the effects of getting up early to go to the gym. So may have to lie my head on a pillow soon. First I must take Demolition Dog out to play some frisbee. I really want to take her with me on the bike but scared she will possibly kill me. Tried to talk Dazza into doing it instead but he would prefer to buy a new skate board to take her as he can then jump off if need be.

Thanks Kristy for dropping by and giving me some encouragement.
Also a thank you to Liz and Kerryn for doing the same. Kerryn its funny that I didn't jump straight into my favorite food group, licorice and popcorn but have been behaving myself, for now anyway. I think now that I have done aerobics I should be able to have the licorice today.......

I'm back

OK just back from 'step' aerobics at the gym, its been ages since I have done a class like that. It was funny because I was the only 'newbie' in the class, so couldn't look really 'new' otherwise would be ashamed of myself so I kept up with the best of them. Half hour in someone scurried out, about another 10 minutes, there went another.............. I thought it was so funny that me the new girl could keep up but regulars were running for cover. It seems that today's class was harder than normal. I did find it exhausting but not over bearing. I have come to the conclusion that I am one of those who doesn't sweat easily but go bright red instead. It was funny as I had people asking me how I felt after that 'grueling' class, I guess putting up your hand to say your new to 'this' class equals, never exercised to others. I bet I showed them today though. Anyhow, I'm back now and cooking my 'monster' chicken breasts from Safeway for my diner for the rest of the week. 2 breasts were a kilo! Oh and people reading this blog, tell me do you cook your breasts with skin on and then remove or do you remove before cooking? I always remove before cooking but someone else I know how did BFL tells me he cooks them first? I would be interested to hear your responses.

Today I had my protein shake with a teaspoon of instant coffee and it was nice like ICED COFFEE (Drea), I have been only having it as vanilla, so happy that I tried it with coffee though, thanks for the thought Kerryn.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maybe I don't want it enough

Thanks guys for trying to give me a swift kick up the butt, but I am not one to respond well to criticism, if that's what it was. I know that you are all just trying to help me get to where I want to be. I am now thinking maybe I don't want it enough and this is why I haven't gotten there yet??? I do make allot of excuses, not only in relation to exercise but everything. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, still doing my dog grooming course, along with all of the things required for the international adoption, house renovations, working full time shifts, juggling Dazza so that we can have time together, exercising the dogs so that Molly doesn't turn back into Demolition Dog and breathing and eating.

I did go to the gym today, did mainly cardio on the treadie, found a interval program I like, got out my BFL book again, repaired the BFL book after niece borrowed it and returned it in not such good condition, it wasn't from over use let me tell you. So will have another look at it tonight, have just bathed the dogs and groomed Becky (cat dog), bathed Legend (actual cat) yesterday. I was wondering why my butt was sore today but it was from the up and down in the bath tub with Legend, and I put myself through 2 other dogs today, the gym and the lake with the dogs. I think I got my fair share of exercise today.

Anyways, another loaf of bread needs to be made so best be on my way............